Oticon warning about iOS 16 update

My issue with the ON app was that as soon as I set up streaming of the TV using the TV adapter then my iPhone would lose partial connectivity, and it would drain the batteries of the aids faster, and also the iPhone, due to trying to reconnect.
I am hoping that 16 fixes the issue and maybe Oticon developers come up with a better functioning app. The ON app normally updates right after new IOS comes out.

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Dani, I appreciate the information. I am surprised the way various HA makers choose to implement MFi and also how slowly Apple seems to respond to MFi issues. Hopefully it will get better on both sides.

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Just checked on iOS 16 update and it also showed an iOS 15.7…weird.

I just updated to 16 and my Oticon app is functioning correctly again. Also, it seems that the hearing aids connectivity is more stable, I was able to use the TV adapter to stream the TV without issues. Now as my normal I forgot the aids before doing the upgrade.

I believe the 15.7 is a security fix for the ones not ready to go to 16


I agree that removing the aids first makes a smoother upgrade. Will do my update in a few hours. 40th wedding anniversary and I think my wife would wants my “undivided” attention today. BTW…there is a tvOS 16 update out there.


With the WatchOS9 the hearing aids can be controlled in the watch control panel is working again

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Working for me too (iOS 16 / MORE 1 / Oticon ON).

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Read it and weep? Those who have been hacked sometimes don’t know for a long time. I read today of a foreign gov’t that was hacked and didn’t know until their docs showed up for sale.

Apple Warns of macOS Kernel Zero-Day Exploitation

This article talks about the updates today to all Apples products that have updates available, not just macOS.


What AppleWatch do you have? I have the AppleWatch 6 and running WatchOS 9 I am not able to control the More1’s with the native functionality. The Oticon app does still work… Thanks in advance…

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I have watch 5 with OS9

I have the AppleWatch 6 running iOS 9 and Oticon On app works fine. Also works with iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 16 with Oticon More 1.

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Interesting… I dont seem to be able to use the native WatchOS interface to control the HAs… The Oticon widget works fine…

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You are looking at the Watch control panel? Then making sure the ear Icon is added to the control panel. It is working just fine for me with my OPNS1 and More1 aids.

I am… when I click on the ear icon all i see is the word “Done” with the name of the HA device below it… rest of the display is black… Maybe a difference in the AppleWatch model…

Wow it seems they have removed the capability from Watch 6 and maybe beyond. You are at least the second person with the Watch 6 that has this issue.
I am not planning on getting a newer Watch than my watch 5.

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Since I’m a ReSound user my MFi connectivity may be different. But I ran the iOS 16 BETA for a number of weeks before its release and having been running the iOS 16 release since at least sometime last week (I deleted myself from the BETA program and haven’t gotten any updates since then and my phone says I’m running iOS 16.0 now as a non-beta tester).

I don’t have any problem with the Ear (Hearing Devices) widget. It functions ~the same as it always as. This is using it from the Control Center (pull down along the right side of the screen). OTH, I put the equivalent of the Ear widget on my Lock Screen with the new Lock Screen widget capability. There I just see the least charged level of one of my two HA’s (which ever has the lower charge). Touching it doesn’t launch anything. In contrast, when I touch the Fitness app widget from the Lock Screen, it launches the Fitness app.

Since the Ear widget is an iOS Apple widget, I would think it wouldn’t matter what HA MFi OEM was in use.

I have also put the SOC charge widget on my Widgets screen (or whatever the screen you get when you swipe to the right from the main Home Screen). That shows the State of Charge for my iPhone, my Apple Watch, and my two HA’s. If they both have the same 20% charge range, e.g., 60%, only one ear shows a SOC charge just to the right of the Apple Watch icon and % charge. If the two HA’s differ in SOC, a lit icon with % SOC is shown for each HA. So, another test for Oticon users as to whether Hearing Devices functionality is mucked up would be to see how the SOC widget works on the Widgets screen.

In reading the above posts more carefully, I see what’s being referred to is the Hearing Devices app on the Apple Watch. I will check that out and add to this post.

Edit_Update: Maybe the basic problem is that the Apple Watch is not a MFi device. Don’t know how Apple Watch 5 and earlier might have supported HA connectivity through a Hearing Devices app, but perhaps the Watch (6 or higher) having to connect through the HA OEM app to the iPhone to control HA’s is related to that.

In the WatchOS interface on the iPhone, under Settings, Accessibility, down under Hearing Devices, there is the option seemingly to install Hearing Devices as a Complication. If you tap on that, there are two choices, “Program” and “Microphone.” But when I try to edit a Watch Face and add either of those choices as a complication, I can’t find either anywhere in the list of complications (could just be my ignorance of Apple OS’s).

I also looked to see if I could figure out a way to launch Hearing Devices on the Apple Watch by creating a Shortcut on my iPhone that I could then have available through the Shortcut app on the Watch. One can turn on certain specific Accessibility features by creating a Shortcut, e.g., Set Background Sounds, but I don’t see a way to launch the entire Hearing Devices applet via a Shortcut, even on an iPhone itself.

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This whole Oticon fiasco is risible! Doea “My Oticon Team” honestly expect me to not update to a new Apple operating system that promises many fixes and enhancements while the Oticon engineers explore the functionality of their products, within this new Apple cosystem as soon as possible???


Hey man, slightly off-topic, I noticed that your hearing loss is similar to mine. How are Xceed working for you? Have you set the settings to - Linear, Semi-Linear or Preferred Compression? I just ordered Oticon Xceed for myself and I am curious how they’re working for you.

If you selected “Program” under Hearing Devices-Complication you then back out to Settings and scroll further down the watchOS interface on your iPhone it will show what Apps “Installed On Apple Watch” and just below those Apps it will show all the Apps you can Install on your watch. I have the Oticon On app installed on my Watch. When I go to the face I use, Utility, and look at the various Complications the Oticon On app(Program) shows up as a choice. I can then use the Complication to select which of my settings that are programmed for my Oticon HA. Here is a quick link to all the Custom features and complication that are available on each Watch Face in watchOS 9.

Perhaps a difference is the Apple Watch Series? I have an Apple Watch 6.

But if you search the Apple page that you linked, nothing comes up on “hearing,” “microphone,” or “accessibility.” So, what complication on what watch face would you be referring to through which you can add an MFi app as a complication?

I have the ReSound Smart 3D app installed on the watch and it shows up in App View. And I have created a Shortcut on my iPhone to launch the Smart 3D app that can be moved to my Apple Watch. Then in editing complications, I can install the Smart 3D Shortcut as a complication and that launches my Smart 3D app just from touching the associated complication on any watch face that I insert it into.

When I go to Accessibility, Hearing Devices and toggle between “Program” and “Microphone,” then inspect the available complications of several watch faces including Infograph, I don’t see anything related to Program, Smart 3D, or Microphone show up under any of the complications on the several watch faces I looked at. Maybe if you say exactly what watch face and what complication heading is involved, it would help the rest of us check it out. In two weeks or so, I’ll get an Apple Watch Ultra - so it should have all the latest faces and possible complications. Until then, maybe I’m just behind the times with a Series 6!

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