Oticon ON App not updating HearingFitness usage data

I have OTICON ON version 2.0.3 installed on my iPhone, the app has not up dated the Hearing Fitness area. I like app but it has not functioned since March 6, 2020. Has anyone had similar problems?
Update: phoned Oticonat 1.800.326.3921 which is support for the professional customers, but they connected me to end user support. Lady seemed helpful, knew about the application but not about the problem… Took down phone number, email address, escalated to customer support, who will get back to me. Also she gave me -.855.400.9766 for customer support. I have not heard from Oticon support, however, Hearing fitness started working yesterday, not sure what time of day as I had given up checking it. It is interesting the days that it was not working now show the same number of hours 13 hours 43 minutes, except for yesterday. I plan on calling Oticon and keeping this post updated<

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It hasn’t worked since March 5th for me. That was before the update

It does not work for me either. March 5th was also the last time it gathered data.

Thank you, This is the first I have gotten any information.

Hearing fitness not logging time for me either


I have the same issue . Hearing fitness has not updated my info since 3/5/20. Prior to latest release it worked intermittently App only useful for setting listening program-disappointed

I know this thread is over a year old but I am having the same issue as the Hearing Fitness has not updated since 4/3/2021. Can anyone share if they were able to get the app to update the data and if so could you share it with me

It has been hit miss lately.

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@cvkemp: Yes, Chuck … those are the words I’d use: Hit and miss, lately. (versus putting a fixed date on the failure).

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@long.gary: Welcome to the Forum!

My app hasn’t been logging data since yesterday. I don’t have any knowledge/tips for fixing it. Sorry.


My experience is that when it feels like it it will start working again

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@cvkemp: I had a guy who worked for me, once, who was like that! :laughing:

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Still no data saved since the 14th!

Yes I am having the same problem, frustrating. When it is working right your start depending on it to show how long you are connected. Gotten into habit of writing down each morning when I put the hearing aids in.

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Just saw a announcement from Oticon than an update to the ON app is coming soon, maybe the reason that the hearingfitness is down. No real information just that the update is coming soon.


@cvkemp: Where did you see the announcement, Chuck?

On Facebook from Oticon itself.

Ok. I usually stay as far away from SugarTownBoy as I can!

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Facebook is one of the the only ways I have to keep up with some of my military buddies and my grandchildren.

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I understand, Chuck. (… after dealing with foolish character count!)

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