Oticon Genie 2017.1 cannot Detect Alta Pros

Started a new thread for this;

@frankarcari I created a new thread for you. pay close attention to HA Battery, orientation-Dot on your Flexstrip, orientation markers on cables/Flexstrips. Flexstrips inserted up to the orientation-Dot and not crooked. Any chance you can post some pictures? You can click the image below to enlarge.

Not an expert.
Sounds like the mini pro is not recognized.
Are there any updates for your mini pro?

Thanks for the replies. Hopefully the pictures will help show what I have. I am not sure how to update the mini pro. The mini pro came with an installation CD version 1.00.00 which I ran before connecting the mini pro to my pc.

There is nothing wrong with your mini Pro. You plug it in and it gets recognized as a (HI-PRO VER 02) device.

  1. You clicked OK at preferences to select that programming device, right?
  2. You have batteries in the hearing aids, right.

Your cables may not be CS44 cables. Can you provide a closeup picture of the rest of this writing?


Cable Pinouts for Hearing Aid Programming.

I normally have the batteries out of the aids during programming, don’t know if that matters. The aids are powered with the HiPro.
If the cables are not hooked up properly or are wrong the cables the left and right lights on the HiPro will not light up. The PCtx/rx light will steadily blink looking for the aids.

Yes it matters for this instance (see the picture from Genie in the OP/Original post). In this instance the hearing aids are powered by the batteries, not the Hi-Pro.

What model Oticon hearing aids are you saying don’t require batteries?

Went back and looked at the Oticon instructions. You are right. That’s an odd connection or I can’t picture it.
My above description of lights could still help the OP.
I have Phonak aids, iPFG and Target software.

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you guys. Life gets in the way…

  1. I did click OK, but the screenshot of the preferences shows the SELECT button is grayed out. Do I need to be able to click the SELECT button to select the HI-PRO VER 02?

  2. Yes, I have batteries in the hearing aids.

I have attached a closeup picture of the writing. The first line says “NOAHlink”. The second line says “Cable #2”. Same writing on both cables.

I have also attached a picture of the bags the cables came in which shows the labels on the bags.

You need to click DETECT

What the heck is this?


Oh, when you do click DETECT tell us about the light activity on your mini Pro.

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  1. The white thing is just a bread tie that is wrapped around the coiled cable. I removed them both, white one on the blue cable, black one on the red cable.

  2. When I click DETECT, the yellow PC light flashes several times, no activity on the L and R lights. While the PC light is flashing, a message comes up saying, “Please wait while Genie detects programming devices. After detection, select a device.” Once the activity stops, the SELECT button is grayed out, however SELECTED is shown to the right of HI-PRO VER 02 at the top, above the serial number. Maybe the SELECT button is grayed out because the device is already selected?

The left and right lights on the mini pro not lighting sure looks like you are not communicating with the aids. Bad connection somewhere maybe.
Let’s see what PVC says.

Your cables are odd?? Do you know how to use a multi-meter? It’s not very difficult. You can get one free or just a couple bucks at Harbor Freight.

Description of three types of Programming Cables

Yes, I have a Fluke meter. I did a continuity check on both cables and the results for both are the same and are listed below.

CS44 pin 1 to Mini DIN pin 2
CS44 pin 2 to Mini DIN pin 1
CS44 pin 3 to Mini DIN pin 3
CS44 pin 4 to Mini DIN pin 4

I believe this matches up to the diagram for the standard CS44 cables shown in your link.
I purchased these CS44 cables and the Flex Strips from The Hearing Club. Is it possible the Flex Strips have an incorrect pin out? I have attached a picture of the box the Flex Strips came in.

Your cable pinout looks good.
The flexstrip is three conductors. Like this;

Flexstrips are not a solid/works-every-time connection. and if you put the hearing aids in your ears with the cables connected you will likely lose your connection if you tug on the cables.

Try slight adjustments to the flexstrip (a little twist to the left or right) but mostly straight into the slot atop the battery door. I recall having to re-seat the flexstrip and close the battery door a few times before it would connect. Try just one hearing aid at-a-time in order to get more rapid results.

I have re-seated the flexstrips many, many times, wiggled left, right, in and out with no success. I did notice, if I unplug the usb cable from the pc and plug it back in, the yellow PC light flashes, then the blue L light flashes, then the red R light flashes. That is the only way the L and R lights will illuminate at all. Is there some way to test the mini pro?

I get plug-in mini Pro lights = (power/L/R)
I get Connect/Detect mini Pro lights = (PC/L/R)
I don’t know of a way to test mini Pro, except to use it.
Too bad you don’t have another for comparison.

Oh, the cable small end is firmly plugged into flexstrip, correct?