Oticon Data Logging


Does anyone have an idea on what data logging capabilities Oticon HAs have?

I’ve no specific reason for asking this. Just curious. For example, time worn, average environmental dB level and so on.

I know the programs can auto-adjust the default volume as time goes on.


I heard that they came out with the hearing fitness tracker feature recently but I don’t use it so I don’t know what kind of data it collects. @cvkemp may know more since I remember he might have been using it.


The hearing fitness when working shows how many hour you wear the hearing aids. The app shows when the aids connect and disconnected from the app. But they claim to be working on major updates to the hearing fitness for some time this year


Thanks for both your replies.

I initially meant the data logged in the HA unit itself that is rear by a professional.

Mine don’t work with an app. I’d need to buy a streamer to interface with a phone.

I imagine it’s probably just the total hours that are logged as mentioned above?


I am not sure what the hearing aids log that my Audi can view, but I know that he looked at it while I was at my appointment Monday and did make a few adjustments. The app really is only needed for a remote control as for as I am concerned. I use it so I can change programs and volume from my Apple Watch


I never heard of this. Is this data logging a feature of the newer HAs that have some kind of blue tooth connectivity? My HAs are some 6+ years behind the times, it seems.


I have had 5 sets of hearing aids and I know the last 3 have had this capacity. I know my VA Audis have used it to make fine adjustments in the past. I am not sure if all hearing aids have this or not.


With my ReSound Quattros, my audiologist at least knew how long I was wearing them, whether I was changing from program to program, and whether I was changing the volume–because she mentioned those things to me.


Below are the screen shots from Genie 2 for my OPN:

There doesn’t seem to be usage data for the TV Adapter and Phone streaming mode. It’d be nice to have that data as well.


Interesting. Great screenshots!

Mine are NHS issued so no chance of looking myself I’d say.

I wonder if the ‘locked’ NHS Oticon Synergy Spirit mini BTEs can be read by the software but just not modified. For example, if I purchased the OPN online, would it be possible to copy the settings from one to the other.

Might have to ask the audiologist at the hospital whether they’d consider setting up a second set of HAs that I’d purchased myself. Hmmm.


I agree it would be nice to see.
That brings up a question I am always turning down the TV connect volume in the ON app or from the IOS control panel, is there a way to preset that setting?


I’m not sure but, try clicking on the Accessories use button.


Ah, yes! Thank you! I missed that (because I never bother looking at these stats until now). Here are some more screen shots:


Great question. I had the same issue until I went into Genie 2.0 and turned down my TV Adapter volume all the way to the left as seen in the screen shot below.


Where did you get the hardware needed to connect to your computer so you can do it yourself. I am not really interested in making changes just looking at the data logs


I bought the hardware a while ago from buyhear.com before they became defunct and went out of business. I believe they sourced it from China. It’s the mini Pro.

If you go to the DIY section, you’ll see references to where you can buy them from.


Regarding the “hearing fitness” function… hope they do some fixes/upgrades soon… pretty much useless now - tracks how long you’re wearing your HAs - when it wants to… usually logs me out every 2 weeks… and some days it shows me wearing the HAs all day (24 hrs…) for example, today, it shows me wearing them for 11hrs51min so far , and it’s 11:50am …and I did NOT put them in at 12:01 this morning :wink:


oh, and as far as OPN app showing when HAs connect and disconnect … that’s pretty useless - at least for me… it has NEVER worked well, and constantly just keeps showing HAs “connecting” and “disconnecting” all day …


I use an iPhone so I never bother using the ON app. The iPhone MFi controls are a lot more reliable than the ON app. You get to control switching programs and volume just the same as the ON app. It’s always connected by default to the OPNs, so you don’t need to bother with another app like the ON app to connect and disconnect.

I actually prefer to change programs and volume via the hard buttons on the OPN. But my second choice would be on the iPhone MFI interface. I wouldn’t bother with the ON app unless I’m on Android and I need to control program and volume changes via a phone.


My hearing aids don’t have a program change button so I have to use the iPhone control or ON app on my iPhone or watch