Oticon Data Logging


I’ve got an iphone as well (actually switched from Android when I got HAs a couple years ago - primarily for the direct streaming capability) … I agree iphone controls are handy … I just think Oticon could do a better job with their app(s) … considering how $$$ the HAs are …


I agree that the app is not must more than useless


I can’t say this for sure, but my gut feeling is that using the ON app will drain your OPN faster than using the iPhone MFI interface. Why do I say this? It’s because every time you open up the ON app, it attempts to make a connection to your OPN. That requires the OPN to communicate and respond back to establish connection. Meanwhile, the MFI interface is already readily connected to the iPhone all the times for direct streaming.

So the ON app is like a pesky side app that keeps bothering the OPN, requiring its extra attention (and battery power) to respond to, all the while when it’s already in communication with the MFI interface by default. So using the ON app is basically forcing the OPN to communicate to another extra interface, when just working through the MFI interface alone should already fully suffice.

Now if you use Android, there’s no MFI interface. So the ON app interface is necessary. But for iPhone users, the ON app is redundant if you only use it for program and volume change.


Interesting… Think I"ll try … how do I shut it down though? Doesn’t it automatically connect to the HAs when you put them on/have them paired with phone?? Do I have to uninstall the app? Wow, this forum told me I had to “wait” one hour to post this… said I had “reached maximum number of replies a new user can make on their first day…” .too chatty I guess …:slight_smile: will this happen every day???


You simply close the ON app to shut it down. You can delete/uninstall it if you want, but it’s not necessary. Just close the app and it’ll break connection to the OPN and get closed off. On the iPhone, just double tap on the Home screen to see all the apps being opened, then slide up on the ON app to close it.

I don’t know what all the rules for being a new forum members, but I guess once you’ve posted enough posts or waited long enough or whatever the requirements are, the restriction will be removed. It won’t be like that everyday.