OPN1 to More1 Observations

I figured I would start documenting my experience going from Oticon OPN 1 to Oticon More 1. I recently trialed the Costco Philips HearLink 9030 for a couple of months, but didn’t see that there was enough of an improvement to justify their purchase. I decided to take the plunge and order a pair of Oticon More1. My reasons for wanting a new pair are that my OPN are 5 years old and that I quite frankly like having the latest tech when possible. I’m a DIYer and have been so for 5 years at this point. I have a reverse slope hearing loss (RSHL/low frequency) so my experience might be different than most others.

Observations right off the bat on day 1 while working at home:
-Streaming is more seamless than the OPN. The OPN would typically make a click noise to start off when I’m streaming something. That has not happened with the More.
-Sound is more natural and “open” than the OPN. This natural sound to me is really apparent.
-With a RSHL, I hear high frequencies well. So if I’m talking to someone with the faucet running, all I can normally hear is the faucet running. With the More, I had a flawless conversation with my wife while I washing dishes. I have not had that experience before with the OPN.

Again, this is just day 1 and thus means very little, but I didn’t want to forget some of the things that I experienced today as I continue with wearing the More.


Since you’re a DIY user, it’d be great if you’d share your More Genie 2 settings, like the MoreSound Intelligence settings, the programs you use, etc. once you have it dialed in to the way you like.

Also, the More has the MoreSound Optimizer (the feedback prevention technology), while the OPN only uses the traditional Feedback Shield manager. Did you have any feedback issue on the OPN that you found has been resolved in the More?

Also, not sure where you bought your More 1, but if from an audi, did you have REM done on the More? If yes, was it done via the Genie 2 REM Autofit feature, or was it done with external REM equipments instead of via the Genie 2 REM Autofit interface? Do you have a general understanding of how the REM Autofit works in Genie 2 that you can share?

Is there a way to compare the gain chart between a new program where REM isn’t done and the program that has REM done on it? I’m just curious on how close or far off the original prescription gain curve is from the target gain curve -> how much REM adjustment had to be done on the More 1.


So I took a chance and picked these up new off ebay. If I need warranty service I’ll have to pay a provider to send them in but fingers crossed.

I really can tell the difference in the sense of the feeling and sound almost like I’m not wearing aids at all. I’m finding that I’m wearing them longer than the OPN and Hearlink. The streaming controls are the same as the Philips Hearlink which I do enjoy the ability to tinker with

I have the noise reduction at maximum for everything be then the recommended settings for the noise reduction.
I’ll a post a screenshot of the settings when I get back to my computer.

I’ll keep updating as I encounter more experiences. But very satisfied for now.


Thanks for the update. It makes me excited and want to go out and try out the More as well. I will have been wearing my OPN 1’s for 5 years by the end of this year, although I got brand new warranty replacements for them at the end of 2019 so technical the new pair is only 1.5 years old.

I assume by streaming controls being the same as the HearLink, you mean the Equalizer for streaming in the ON app? Or is it something inside Genie 2? As far as I can tell, the OPN S and More has the Equalizer added to the ON app but that doesn’t apply to the OPN.


Yes, exactly. The ON app has the same equalizer settings that the Philips HearSuite app has. One thing I will need to try out more is the MoreSound Booster. In casual use with it at a few stores, I have not noticed any difference at least yet.

Here is a screenshot of the current noise reduction settings I am using. Since I’ve only had these for a few days, this is just what I started out using so I can’t say this will be what I end up with, but they sounds pretty good with this for now.

@Abarsanti: Thanks for posting your comments! FWIW, I don’t use the MoreSoundBooster very often, but it does work.

Earlier this spring, when i was barely 6 weeks into my BrainHearing retraining, my wife asked me to step onto the porch and see whether I could hear the peepers. I couldn’t, unless I turned the volume of my DSL program up +3 clicks, in its usual omnidirectional mode.

However, when I experimented and turned my volume back to 0, and activated MSB, I was able to distinctly hear the peepers in a very narrow (5-10 degrees of arc) "window ".

The frogs seemed to reside in the soggy ditch behind my neighbour’s shed, which is - logically - where one would expect them to be. I was able to replicate this finding on 4 other occasions.

So, MoreSoundBooster seems to work as an extremely tightly-focused beam former (which has limited practical applications for me).

You might want to try out a similar experiment for yourself. I am interested in reading your findings.

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Continue to love these aids. A lot of what I’m experiencing is subtle I believe. For example, I’m just less fatigued after an outdoor bbq on Sunday because I wasn’t straining to hear. At the Chinese restaurant picking up dinner last night, I heard the masked employee behind plexiglass clearly call my name to let me know the order was ready. Again I’m finding I’m wearing these much longer than past aids because of how I simply forget about them being in my ears. Will need to test out the MoreSoundBooster more as @SpudGunner mentions.

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I got a pair of Oticon More 1 today, and I already love them. I didn’t know they were turned on at first until the fitter began talking. (I was used to my Starkey Halo 3 from 2014.) My wife and I had assumed that nothing at Cosco was comparable, but she returned from her own hearing visit at Costco today and said that the fitter there said that the Philips Hearlink 9030 was exactly the same as the Oticon More 1. (Kind of a Mercury Sable / Ford Taurus thing.) You’ve tried them both, and you seem to like the More 1 better than the Hearlink 9030. How would you summarize the difference? I have high-end hearing loss, my wife has mid-range loss, and you have low-end loss, so I suppose all of our experiences would be different.

I’m weighing taking these back for the cheaper HearLink 9030, but I got a good price on the More 1 and have experienced the positive things you say here about hearing people clearly. I mean, so far, it’s like having my hearing back. So I’d love to hear how you compare the two if you have a chance.

Thank you,

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@peter3: A search will turn up plenty of information.

viz. Going from Oticon OPNS1 to More1 aids

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SpudGunner, thanks. I’m pretty bad at searching for hearing aid information, I think. I found much about the Oticon More 1 but very little about the Philips Hearlink 9030. I’ve made a table comparing the two, but the Hearlink 9030 column is almost empty.

Please use the Search function and just type in Phillips 9030.

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Okay, I will. I’m new here, and I guess my post was premature. Should I delete it?

The fitter at Costco is either ignorant or lying.

That’s not to say that the HearLink 9030 is not a fine hearing aid in its own right.

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Just for giving you misinformation that the Philips Hearlink 9030 is “exactly” the same as the Oticon More 1, I think you should not choose that Costco fitter to give you support. If they’re ignorant enough to make such an outrageous claim without knowing all the facts, I wonder how good they really are at their job?

That is not to say that you shouldn’t try the HearLink 9030 if you’re curious. If you have plenty of time before you have to return your More 1, and you can get your HearLink 9030 from Costco right away so you can do parallel A/B comparison live, I think it’d be a good idea. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide that for the money, the HearLink 9030 is good enough for you.

Just don’t use that Costco fitter who told you that they’re exactly the same if you can help it. Find a different Costco fitter because you may have a better chance at a more competent fitter who may know better. But Costco fitters do seem to have a tendency to tell people that their HAs are the same as the name brands. I wonder if they’re trained by corporate to say those untrue things. Even the KS10 is not exactly the same as the Phonak Paradise, although they may be close. But the core of the HearLink 9030 and the core of the More are not the same at all even though they’re similar on the peripheral features and look and feel and accessories.

This thread Philips HearLink 9030 observations (new Costco aid by Demant) contains information outlining the differences between the HearLink 9030 and the More. There are other threads as well.


SpudGunner, billgem, and Volusiano, Thank you so much for your help, suggestions, and links. The Philips HearLink 9030 observations thread was particularly helpful. Denouement: the HearLink seems to be great, but the Oticon More 1 has more of what I need, so I’m sticking with them. (These posts also helped my wife decide to switch fitters to my non-Costco gentleman.)

This forum is such a breath of fresh air in what seems to be a medical field operating with an overly strong sales model.

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I’m just an old codger who can’t hear. I’m nowhere even remotely close to the level of technical understanding possessed by @Volusiano, however, I have read the white paper links that have been posted for both devices. I wear Oticon More1 hearing aids.

Even I can clearly understand that More1s OpenSound philosophy is very different from Phillips approach to HA sound processing. So - it’s difficult to understand why the Costco fitter would be less well informed than me.

The fact that Oticon More1s are more different from Phillips 9030 than they are similar doesn’t make one instrument intrinsically superior (or inferior) to the other. They’re just different. You need to try both to determine which of them suits your hearing loss better.

But I’d give the fitter that fed you the original line of BS💩 a W-I-D-E berth.


is comfort cutting speech in noisy place like party crowded office with multiple speaker or road side station?

You’ll find lots more observations in this thread, too.

Going from Oticon OPNS1 to More1 aids

you may try sound booster comfort rather than balanced which will be helpful totalk one to one in more complex environment
but apply this setting to alternate program first…

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Sorry for posting in shuch an old topic but is REM Autofit a poor fit compared to an external REM?