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I am interested on buying a nohalink wireless device in order to program my mom’s signia nx hearing aids. On the website of signia, they advise to use nohalink to set up the new OVP feature. I have looked it on eBay, Amazon, hear store and nothing yet. Cab you help me with this search? Where can I find it?

Thanks a lot

You might ask an online seller in the Online Sellers category, especially if you plan on buying a set of hearing aids from an online seller.

I see from your other posts that you are shooting for the moon (so to speak). Nothing but the best hearing aids, nothing but the best programming device. Thus, your disappointment could be greater if something does not go right, especially since satisfaction will be subject to someone else’s judgement.

For myself, I like to find cheaper ways (like this). But I’m not sure if that would work in your geographic location. So I’m not giving you advice, I’m only offering information.

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A noahlink wireless programmer costs about 600 dollars for the new version. You are better off hiring an audiologist to program the aids.

That’s just what some are asking. It’s not what it costs. Unless you foolishly pay that much.

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The audiologist charges 20% of the hearing aids cost. Around USD 750 for 3 sessions. That’s why I m considering buying the nohalink. Do you know where can I find it?

Where? I don’t see that.

Also NOAHlink and Noahlink Wireless are two different devices.


Well I went looking for curiosity. Under the exact heading you are pointing to in your image here…keep on reading. It says that plain old Hi-Pro (mini-Pro if you like) is also able to program these aids. The OVP isn’t done until the batteries are back in but so what. The software is Connexx too. Seems to me to be all pretty standard Sivantos stuff going on. They appear to have a nifty remote programming capability too that sounds pretty slick. It looks like they could use plain old pill flex strips as well due to using 13 or 312 batteries.

Oh, I see; Change OVP; Can you hear yourself now?, Change OVP again; Can you hear yourself now?

You are creating quite a dilemma for yourself. imo> you are putting too much faith into this particular bell/or whistle. Manufacturers usually heap too much praise on new bells and whistles. I have been trying to avoid getting involved in this particular issue. Truth be told, I think it’s a little silly.

The Noahlink is a older programming device. The Noahlink wireless is a new wireless device. You might have to do a search for easyTek programmer on eBay, Amazon and others. It might be cheaper than a noahlink wireless device.

Its my choice and that’s no the matter of this topic, I am asking if someone knows where I can find a specific device. If other device can do the same, yes maybe, but is my choice to do it in a certain way.

@jvmalca: Yes of course it’s up to you. It’s all your business and all your money. Do whatever you like. Many people here have been where you are now. Many people just want to help.

I think Volusiano touched on it in that other thread. I’ll pipe in here too. My first time hearing my voice immediately after trying the aids on startled me. Then the fitter adjusted things down so that it wasn’t so much.
Afterwards I went away and thought well…actually…I guess…logically my voice IS a part of the sound environment and so of course the aids will pick that up. Also that my hearing isn’t perfect and so really EVERYTHING’S louder.
Now with self-programming I’m dealing with living with, and adjusting to, my voice being there. Remember…the whole point of doing any of this is to hear people talking without being a burden of needing everything repeated all the time or just withdrawing altogether.

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Yes, I appreciate the help, that’s why I am here, but also I notice when someone tries to minimize or unqualified me. I come here with all the good vibe and been humble, I know I am a newbie and i hope to contribute to this forum soon.

You just need to get different cables.

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Noahlink wireless has disappeared from the shelves of many online sellers, and fortunately, they are still visible on three European sites, one of them is:

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I would think the easiest way to obtain a NoahLink wireless would be to purchase from whichever online seller you choose to purchase hearing aids from.
If some of us seem skeptical about hearing aid features I think it’s because hearing aid marketing is rife with pseudoscientific and near magical claims of features. The voice adaption feature of the Signia nx may be helpful and then again, it may not.

I’m hopeful though because it seems like she’s had the most success with the Signia px. I’m guessing a lot of that may be the programming. I think the challenge with your Mom will be giving her enough gain that she finds it useful, but not so much that she finds it unpleasant. It can be a fine line. I suspect she will benefit from the feature available in most hearing aid programming software that gradually increases gain over time.

Good luck! This is quite a task you’re taking on. Do you have the programming software already? That’s a first step that you can do for free.


Thanks for the good thoughts , I have downloaded the connexx 8.3 software and I m getting use it until I have got the hearing aids with me

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Of the devices mentioned here, just make sure you look for the correct device. Hint, the one on the left is legacy, the one on the right cannot use fitting software to program your hearing aids.

Now excuse me while I go take a nap.


Great, I have founded this but your option is a little bit cheaper. I hope they have it on stock. I m going to ask.

Also I was thinking to buy it through buyhear, because I was thinking on buying to them the hearing aids, but they have not answered my mail asking for details, so I don’t know yet.

Always remember that a recommendation is not equal to a requirement. $340US compared to $175US for a HiPro/minipro that’ll do the same job. But hey it’s your money.

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