Noahlink wireless


isignia has learning class embodied unless person complete some time at least 60 hours in old model and new might require more hours in each environment then learning and manual voice and program adjustment determine your success ratio if you change program via connex very frequently all learning will be deleted and you wont succeed.



Connexx 8.3? That’s odd. I believe you may have downloaded the wrong database. You will need the SiFit database for Siemens/Signia. When you download the software scroll down and read the Connexx section/paragraph that explains the various Connexx databases.

I need to go take a nap.



Thanks, i’ve just check, i have the Connexx-

I believe thats the software version you are refering. I hope it works



It should automatically update to a version 8.4. I think you’ll need the 8.4 version to have the nx included in the database. When you’re ready to explore (which I’d suggest doing before you invest in programming device), it would be a good idea to put your Mom’s audiogram in and run a simulation with the Signia nxs. That will give you an idea of how the software works and also give you an idea if you’re really up for this endeavor before you invest.



Oh, I had assumed that you got it from here, where the only 8.3 versions are for RexFit and the one with SiFit is version 8.4. No worries, you can use the update feature to update your copy to version to 8.4.

If you didn’t get Connexx from there, then maybe you have not seen my main thread?

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Yes, your main thread is helpful, I am in the process of studying it. i went to the signia website and i dowloaded from there, I realize now that there is a 8.4 version, i m going to update and enter my mom’s audigram as @MDB has recommended. Thanks so much.



Hmmmmm; that’s interesting. I didn’t know Connexx was available from the manufacturer’s website? Maybe they are hiding it just for the USA? Do you mind sharing a link?

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From the Canada site:



Link to Connexx from Canadian site doesn’t work for me. Work for anybody else?

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No I can even get to “”

I can get to “”
But that looks the same as regular Signia

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Here again:



The second one seems to work for me (although I did not actually do the download) Neat.

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I think that is the one for Phonak. You don’t want Airlink 2.



I’m not quite sure what you are referring to “for Phonak”. But Noahlink Wireless and ReSound’s Airlink 2 are the same device.

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Sorry, I meant ReSound. I was not aware they were the same. Thanks for the info.



Yeah, the Airlink 2 is for programming all the new wireless ReSounds. But then with a Firmware update via SmartFit or via the Updater tool it becomes NoahLink Wireless and has the ability to work with some other manufacturer’s new BLE hearing aids (in addition to wireless ReSounds).

For reference see;
How to choose a programming device to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]



Hi, i have tried to update my 8.3 version of connexx to 8.4 version, i failed. The update tool doesn’t show new version and according to Himsa web, the 8.4 version has realeased at 10.19.17. Can you help me? where can i find the 8.4 version? Thanks



Great, I have it now. I m watching the courses of audiology online web. I can do it. Yes I can!

Thanks :grin:



I am wondering if with Signia’s TeleCare system that if you register with Signia to use it, couldn’t you just do program loads through the smartphone using their myHearing app on your phone as the Bluetooth link?

Maybe a backdoor approach rather than using the NoahLink Wireless. Any thoughts?



I tried to register myself on telecare system but signia reject me as a user :hushed: I don’t know why. I think what you suggest all depends if the telecare tool is strong enough to replace the fitting through connex.