I just bought Hearing Aids for $6000 off the Retail price

All you gotta do is have a little patience, buy one generation back, and program them yourself. Also, I always buy the highest level (in this case the Pro);

$350 out the door;


You’ve got a deal!
I’m happy with my Phonak Sky Q70s I bought for £300 which is about $400 off eBay in 2015.

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Did you buy on-line or from an outlet or ?
I’m in the market for newer HA’s as well. I’d like to make sure my HA’s will work with my current self programming setup.





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miniRITE receivers come in different powers (see below). They also come in different size/lengths (1 to 5). If you look closeup with good eyesight you may see the green, orange, or black color with the number 60, 85, 100 printed inside the color. On the other side when viewing closeup with good eyesight you may see the size/length number (1 to 5). Most people wear size/length 2 or 3.

Also, there are several different Dome styles and sizes.


I just bought today a pair of Phonak Ok! Plus for $60 off eBay. Well worth keeping an eye out on eBay.

Because those are clearly labeled “Oticon Alta Pro” what is your clue that they are actually Alta2’s?

Who said they are Alta2’s?? I don’t want the tinnitus feature anyway.

Hey I’m a Phonak guy. I’m on my second set but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to learn about the others. I note you have had Phonaks in the past. Any particular reason for the switch in devotions?

No not really, the difference in in the platforms. Not in incremental tweaks like tinnitus tunes, which I hate anyway.


The Phonaks were just an inexpensive opportunity to try something else (for her).

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Nice photography, by the way, everytime I look at it I like it.

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Good info. I liked that I could self program them without any software. They’ll be good as a back up pair of HAs.

I’m very impressed with the Phonak OK! Plus hearing aids. I set them to the number 1 and they are serving me very well in quiet and in noise. I personally can’t tell the difference between my Phonak Sky Q70 and my Phonak OK! Plus.

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I’m having some luck with eBay at the moment. Bought a Phonak Roger Pen for $80 and it came today and it turns out it’s a 2017 model. Bargain!