New myPhonak app

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Seems that Phonak will soon release a new version of the myPhonak app for Android and IOS. Interestingly the update is not yet released but the myPhonak information website shows already the updated UI:
Apart from myPhonak App for Android and iOS Devices | Phonak new Health tracking functionalities and support of Audeo Fit/Slim models, are any hearing (aid) releated imptovements/new functionalities expected?


Here’s the link in English.


Excellent. Thanks for letting us know.


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My audiologist told me that there might be some improvements in connection time in the new app.

She didn’t think there’d much more than that…it’s all related to the FIT model’s.

I wonder if that means they drop support for the paradise model. That’s usually how that app works

The rechargeable paradise should still count your steps if you’re into that, it just can’t monitor heart rate.

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As far as the app goes, the past years changes had no effect on the Marvel’s hearing aids. Supposedly it’s because of the lack of memory in them

I doubt that the Paradise will see the same issue because it’s got different chips and memory.

Huh?? The paradise have nothing to do this.

We’ll see. Past history says otherwise

All the current devices as the normal Audeo, Life, Fit and Slim are based on the Paradise plattform having the same Prism chip/CPU and Memory Hardware.

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As I posted, the MARVEL line has a different chip & memory restriction. It can’t pair with 2 devices at the same time.

Whereas the Paradise line has a different chip & much larger memory available. It can pair with multiple devices at the same time. I would guess that the Life lineup is the same as the paradise.

But the Slim models might not have the same chip & memory available due to size restrictions. I haven’t investigated it.

Sorry, you said “it’s all related to the FIT model” and I was unclear–the non-Fit rechargeable paradise devices will still count your steps, which is one of the new app things. It’s the heart rate tracker that’s limited to the Fit. Most of the other new app functions will be active across the platform.

I’m not convinced people really care that much about tracking their steps or their heart rate with their hearing aids, but Phonak seems to think they will.


I just want my Phonak Paradise P90R’s to work as hearing aids…I want to understand what’s said. I want to hear cymbals again. I don’t enjoy music as I used to.

I can and have bought bands to monitor steps and heart rate, and a watch now to monitor blood oxygen levels and heart rate, and provide sleep reports.


I never said the update will have anything to do with paradise. I just wondered if the update will continue t or support the paradise. When the update comes out

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Not quite true. The sticky program feature requested by Paradise users is a right PITA for my Marvel. Mine ‘stuck’ in a Bluetooth program for 2 days and my batteries drained in 12 hours until I twigged and reset to Autosense.

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I know its slightly off topic but Dave do your band/watch sensors work?

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Message sent…hope that’s ok.

Will this new version of the myPhonak app work with the P-90/CROS system?


Has anyone heard when this new update app will arrive? Just “sometime in July”?