New Member trying to connect Genie 2 to Oticon More 3

Hi, I’m a New member here.
I have Genie 2 program, 2020.1 edition. I have a Noahlink Wireless and Oticon More 3 HA’s.
I can’t get the Noahlink to connect to my HA’s. I pick Detect in Genie 2 and the Noahlink light flashes green lights but says no devices detected. I tried restarting my HA and picked detect again. No connection.
Is there a Procedure I need to perform or something special I can do to connect my HA’s to the Noahlink and Genie program?

This is just a guess; #2 of 5 says; 2.- In your fitting software you will need to Select or Specify that Noahlink Wireless is to be used as your programming device. Your fitting software may be defaulting to a different programming device. So check this first.

ETA: Though, if you get blinking lights on NoahLink Wireless when you Detect that likely means that Noahlink Wireless is selected as your programming device. How are you turning your HAs off/then on? Try very-long down button press for about 6 or 8 seconds on both HAs until you see orange lights for off, and then another two very-long down button press for about 6 or 8 seconds until you see green lights.

Thanks for the help thus far. I’m having difficulty finding things…
I went to the Fitting Software Links page you provided. I only saw Genie 2021.1
Where do I get Genie 2022.1 ? Thanks

You can use the Genie Updater to bring it current. Genie Updater Tip; If you have problems with Genie Updater in your Windows Sys Tray being too slow or not updating, try restarting your computer. This may give Genie Updater a fresh perspective of what to do next instead of waiting.

Thanks I’m doing that now. I picked check for update. It did. Now I have a pick for Cancel download which means it is downloading but when I go to the top of my screen and open the download box, nothing is there. I restarted my computer, Dell desktop, Windows 10, and still nothing being downloaded. I opened Genie and it still say 2020.1 :frowning:

It’s not that kind of download. Genie Updater will handle it in his/or-her own way. Just watch the Genie status.

So what is your Genie Updater status? As I said, you may have to restart your computer at some point to nudge Genie Updater to the next step.

It Works !
I waited about 1/2 hour for download then restarted my computer. In Sys tray I commanded the update. It worked, I now have 2022.1 and I connected my HA to the Genie program.
I didn’t make any changes, I exited and picked save data to program. Now I should have my audiologists data stored in my computer.
Next I figure out how to adjust my HA with Genie.
Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

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Welcome to the forum, sure but don’t forget you’ll need the Noahlink wireless programming device as well for DIY projects.

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