My PhonaK app hits new low!

I blew $6K on my P-90’s less than a year ago, with the hope that Sonova would soon update their notoriously bad My Phonak software to match the capabilities of their Paradise line. WRONG! The latest iPhone and it’s operating system seems to have made Sonova’s software useless. The last few days has seen me struggling to get and keep any kind of Bluetooth connection, culminating in the horrible New Year’s day discovery that the app could no longer even find my aids! I spent most of the holiday trying an endless number of re-starts, re-boots, and other workarounds, to get functionality to return to my devices. To no avail! The crowning glory? I finally resorted to deleting the app and re-installing from the app store. The re-install seems to have left me with no app at all! There is no icon on my phone, so I have no way of knowing if the software installed or not. If I go into the app store it shows I have installed it, and offers a link to open it. It does open the program, which apparently exists “somewhere,” but is largely non-functional when it does, and can’t even find my aids. I am now the proud owner of a $6K pair of HA’s which only have basic volume control, just like my cheap Eargo’s which preceded them. A heads-up for any who are looking for info on these forums to help with a purchase choice. Before you pull the switch on this brand do yourself a favor and look at the hundreds of one and two-star reviews on the app store. Sonova is full of promises, but either doesn’t care about it’s customers, or is unwilling to hire competent software developers to produce the software interface that is required to utilize the full functionality of their expensive hardware. Modern aids require a functional external software interface to utilize the numerable functions built into the hardware. Sonova has literally only done half the job. I am starting to research again to find another, more functional and reliable brand. The most painful lesson here was that paying top dollar for upper-tier hearing aids is no guarantee of quality and functionality. I hope to save some of you from the expensive mistake I made.


I have Android Samsung. Sounds like a phone problem to me. Why not call your phone company and complain.

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Maybe the phone company will call Sonova and complain that their software hasn’t kept up with the constant operating system changes typical of modern phones. Maybe they will complain that Sonova’s My Phonak software was ALWAYS sub-par and just seems to become worse over time.

No problems here, with Paradise or Marvels, and iPhone 12 Pro, since the recent app update a couple of weeks back, no dropped connections whatsoever, My Phonak, pairs faster, connects quicker, and seems to operate faultlessly, a far better experience than previous versions of the app…… I also think it may be your phone? Good luck on a solution, cheers Kev :wink:


Are you on ios 15? The new version now allows you to remove the icon while leaving the app. From the home screen keep swiping left until you get what looks like a long list of icons. Then swipe down and you’ll get all your apps alphabetically. Go to the app and long press and it’ll allow you to add icon to home screen.


Sorry, but certainly sounds like a phone software problem and not the HAs. If it was the app then the board and youtube would be full of users complaining that they couldn’t connect to the aids.

I’m not iPhone, I am using android tablets and phones. No connectivity problems at all. And the app is fine, I have no problems with it. Very customizable.

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Don’t spend $6,000 plus on Phonak P90s when Costco KS-10 are exact same for $1,399 plus three year warrant and six months return full refund. There app works great.

Two Cents


I am presently trailing the P90 RT, I’m on an 11 pro, iOS 15.2, have modified and saved several programs that have increased performance for me in certain situations and other than the fact that the app connects a bit slowly, I have had and am having zero troubles with it. I like it.

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I’ve had one stroke of luck. Searched the web and found out about the reset option in settings, that allows you to refresh the apps on the home page. Totally rearranges the app icons on every page, but in my case it also made the My Phonak icon return. Haven’t had a chance to deal with connectivity again yet, but will see if things become more stable and reliable. Before deleting the app on Jan 1st i had lost all ability to connect my aids to the app. Apple may certainly have a hand in this, but I haven’t had an IOS update for some time, so unable to account for the failures. Hoping for more success since the aids themselves are quite capable.


Try updating the IOS My thought…the Phonak App may be written for the updated IOS. I’ve had no problem, and i’m using the updated app with the most recent IOS

If I go through the pages of apps on my iPhone the last one is labelled App Library

If I touch the screen at the top where the search glass and App Library title is I get a list–and it’s much easier to see all the apps I have in that list.

Hope that helps.

A wonderful member here suggested I get a Phonak Remote Control for my Paradise Hearing Aids. I did.
I’m very grateful.


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I agree, the KS10s look great for the money. Tough to beat. Had I been more educated during my initial sitting I would probably have gone that route.
The app looks to be the same app as the MyPhonak app, just branded. All the screens are the same. Pretty cool features.

I bought Pixel 6 and the same thing it’s the phone not the hearing aids I went back to my Pixel 4 XL and I sent the Pixel 6 back and they’re still having problems and did not correct it since December

Had to re-download and install the app twice before it functioned. Still having difficulty getting my aids to connect to devices, even after forgetting and attempting to re-connect multiple times.

@castaway With the greatest respect, I think you may have been a bit hasty in casting the blame on Phonak/Sonova. Since the latest upgrade, the app does everything I want it to do and you’ll find other threads on here with similar positive comments. My suggestion would be to get professional help with installation and configuration from your audiologist.

I have Phonak Paradise P90-RT’s and an iPhone SE(1) running iOS 15.2. But I’m also using an iPad, iWatch, CarPlay, TV connector and occasionally BT speakers. The HA’s will refuse to connect with one or the other device almost all of the time. I found that they seem to “prefer” certain devices (iPhone, CarPlay, TV connector) and refuse to connect to others (MyPhonak app, iPad). Of these, the MyPhonak app was the worst and I finally gave up on it until it can be re-written. I can force connections to the forbidden devices but it’s just not worth the effort in most cases. It usually involves forgetting connections to devices other than the desired one and if that doesn’t work, re-installing or reconfiguring the targeted device as well. Probably doesn’t help you, but I feel your pain.


I agree that it sounds like a phone problem even though the app is much to be desired. If it’s any consulation, past practice means that the paradise aids will soon become obsolete as far as the myphonak app is concerned. And will only allow you to do very basic things with the app

Yes, that pretty much describes it! Bluetooth is notoriously wonky, and my aids have recently become even more resistant to connecting. I don’t let Apple off the hook here, but it isn’t just IOS. I used to connect easily to a Bluetooth dongle on my desktop computer, Can rarely connect at all now. There’s something else going on here.

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I own a Samsung 21. It takes a few seconds to connect but then I’m good to go. But I usually only use it to stream music where you can adjust the quality of the sound

Had the same problem with both platforms, Marvel and Paridise. Spent many many hours trying to resolve with Phonak, Cell Carrier and Apple Support. Carrier reports no issue with network however, both Phonak and Apple report that they are aware of the problem and hoping for a solution. The problem seems to be related to the modified Bluetooth chips appearing in the Apple Phone after the Iphone 8 series. Both Phonak and Apple acknowledge that the system works on some phones with some of the new Iphone Series above 8 and 8 Plus and doesn’t work on others of the same series. Their suspicion was it had something to do with the Version of IOS installed on the phone. The fix was supposed to come with IOS 15 but I am not sure it did.

The good news is there is another Ap in the appstore for the phonak paradise platform and it has resolved all of my issues with the Paradise Platform (my P90’s). The name of the app is Easy Line Remote. It is Identical to the myPhonak Software but without the issues. It has worked flawlessly on my P90’s for months now while MyPhonak app crapped out after 10 min every time.
Let me know how you make out.
Good Luck.



So does the EasyLine App actually work with the P90 as most people are aware of it only working with the KS10? Will be good if it does.