My laugh of the day ... Amazon UHD music's need for headphones with 40kHz range!

With my own limited hearing above 3kHz I had to laugh at this fantasy world of UHD from Amazon and the requirements. I guess I live in a very different world now for my own hearing. Sorry if this wasted your time, but made me laugh.

Data speeds of 1.5 Mbps or higher (such as LTE)

Supports 16 bit/44.1 kHz or higher (such as iPhone 4s and later)

Support a dynamic range of 20 kHz+ for HD (or 40 kHz+ for Ultra HD)


@Edma: What’s UHD? It takes me a bit to clue in to these things. To me, Amazon is a courier service!

@SpudGunner. As I professional musician, I am surprised that you have settled for the mere joys of live music performances when from the comfort of your easy chair you could be thrilled beyond compare with UHD. I mean why put up with others in the audience who might be jumping up to applaud and yell bravo when you could have UHD? Of course for Ultra High Definition which is so much better than mere HD (CD quality audio) in order to hear all the nuance of the original sound as the musician(s) intended and the audio engineer manipulated, you will need to have the right equipment so Ultra Premium hearing aids are an absolute must as well as headphones or audiophile speakers with flat response curves out to at least 40kHz otherwise you will probably miss out on the rarified overtone harmonics and temporal, spectral, pure tone, gold plated frequencies that only UHD can give to you!!!
Oh and for some you probably need a reverse aging diet that will give you the hearing of a 2 year old.

Not sure what will replace UHD, but I am sure it will be the very best thing since …


As an Amazon member I stream directly to my hearing aids and I find UHD ultra high definition to be superior to HD high definition and enjoy it immensely. Look at my audiogram and maybe you can explain to me what’s funny. I feel like I’m missing something here

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@Edma: You’re absolutely CORRECT! My concert spandex jumpsuits and big hair wigs are a thing of the past. But - for the e-pit-o’me of high end of music re-paduction, I break out my spare 12C V battry, my jumper cables, and my 8-track.

No need to disturb the neighbors with speaker columns. I just plug in my 8-track and let 'er rip!imageimage

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I feel like I’m the one that’s missing something! Can you really perceive those extra frequencies beyond 5-6k Hz?

I’m with you!

Yes, my spudgunning friend, the key word is “Perceive”
Sure we are all damaged above 3 to 8khz, but with a true HiDef source, we can and do perceive as our enlightened contributor edma states:

Even us old audiophiles with damaged hearing can tell a 128kb mp3 from a CD quality cut.
Add the extra overhead available with UHD, and you will feel the “Airiness”, if not the actual sound.

Take it from Da Flash!


When I listen to stuff I grew up with it sounds real good. New stuff forget. I can’t make out anything. It all sounds garbled. I used to have an 8 track in my car. Then some idiot ruined it all with casettes

That seems to contradict what you stated b4.

Cassettes are far superior to 8 tracks when it comes to frequency response, and dynamic range.

8 track = AM radio
Cassette = FM radio

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(I’m ashamed to admit that I miss the days of trying to pull in Red Sox games with my Sony Supersensitive transistor radio! FM was for listening to the Ray Coniff Singers and Zamfir.)


My 8 track remark was humor and had absolutely nothing to do with superior sound quality. 8 tracks became obsolete for obvious reasons. Ever hear of Sony beta Max . The whole point was cassettes we’re superior and I had invested on the wrong technology. My goodness. Give me a break. Ps.Sitting in a car in the early 70s wasn’t exactly a sound proof booth. Sound quality was secondary to volume


Welcome to the club. I traded my Studebaker for an Edsel. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine actually was a 63 Chevy belair. 3 speed manual on the steering wheel column. Big long seats