Mute on Phonak Audeo Paradise P90

Phonak Paradise P90 users: does the mute function just turn off the hearing aid mics, or does it also turn on the noise cancelling? If it doesn’t, is that (mics off, noise cancelling on) something that can be done in a custom program? Thanks in advance,

Yes, the mute function turns off the mics.

In all programs except calls it turns off the hearing aid mics.
Noise cancelling can be adjusted in the app when aid is in autosense, but not for streaming and custom programs and mic programs.

There is, at this time, no ‘noise cancelling’ in hearing aids in the same way it exists in noise cancelling headphones.


If the microphones are off, what sound is there to which you want noise canceling applied?

Things like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, helicopters.

Noise canceling usually works by sampling the sound, reversing the phase of the electrical signals and feeding the reversed signals back so as to cancel the unwanted sounds. The microphones have to be on for this to happen.


On airplanes the ambient noise is so loud, that it makes it hard to hear the bluetooth audio from my laptop. If I mute the microphones, will that cut the ambient noise but not the bluetooth audio?

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I believe the mute function on the aids literally mutes them.

While streaming you can adjust ambient/streaming sound if the aids are set up that way in the Target software by using the volume toggle switch on the aids.

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You have 3 options to choose from, your fitter can set these using his software (Target):
When streaming:

  1. Default: your aid’s volume button (up/down) are used to mix the loudness. More of ambient sound or more of streaming source sound. Up -> Streaming is louder. Down -> ambient sound is louder.
    I found this not satisfiyng, since the ambient sound cannot be switched off completly. And if I want to mute the mics it causes to increase the loudness of the streaming sound.
  2. Disable the mics when streaming. (in Target-SW: Fine tuning, Autosense, streaming program options). This cuts the ambient sound completely off, up/down buttons change the loudness of the streaming source
  3. Long press button down to mute/unmute ambient sound. (in Target-SW: Device Options)
    Muted: This cuts the ambient sound completely off, up/down buttons change the loudness of the streaming source.
    Unmuted: up/down buttons change the loudness of both ambient and streaming simuntaneously

For phone calls with your mobile the HA’s microphones are always ON. But again, you here no ambient noise.

And no, this has nothing to do with noise cancelling. It only mixes the microphones signal to the output signal as it is set in the options. If you have an open dome fitting, the effect will be less. Since the ambient noise bypasses the HA.

Edit: I double checked it in Target, and made some ammendments.

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