Move over MFi, has ASHA stepped up in Android 13 and BT 5.2?

I bought a Google Pixel 7 phone a while back. It’s running Android 13 and Bluetooth 5.2 is built into the phone. Starkey Evolv 2400 RIC R is my first HA, and I’ve had them almost three months now.

I used to have a Samsung S21 5G, Android 12, Bluetooth 5.0 and was it was unremarkable.

I can’t be sure, but I think when I talk on the phone, the microphones on my HAs are being used. During a call, I can switch between, normal (hold the phone to my ear), speaker, and Hearing Aids. My wife says there is distinctly a different sound (of my voice) received at her end for each of the 3 options. Not good or bad, just distinctly different.

Here is the ask, how can I determine which microphone (input) is in use?

Leave the phone in another room? If the only mics within range are on your HAs…



Personally I would like to have more options. But I will hold off judgment until Android has proven to be as good or better than MFi

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@cvkemp: Personally, Chuck (@cvkemp ), I don’t ever envision myself owning one of them Asteroid phones … Apple products are just too trouble-free.


My wife has used the Samsung Note phones for about 10 years, she is now on her third in the series because we went with 5G here where we live. To be honest I can see myself going back to Samsung Note if my aids really were stable with android.

@cvkemp: Right, but then Samsung is a well-established brand, sorta in the same class as Apple.

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Right, that’s one of the circumstances where I started to wonder could it be.

I’m hoping someone will know how to determine which inputs are being used by the phone. Maybe there is an app with audio meters for the various inputs.

Put Gorilla tape over the phone mics (temporarily)? Maybe put a cotton ball underneath it?

ASHA does not have “Hands Free Calling”
You are using the Phone’s mic to transmit.
You also need to answer the call with the phone, not tapping the HA.

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Chuck, the only stable BT connection from an android device to our Oticons is still the CClip!
Just this AM, as I was going for a walk, I forgot to enable the CClip, and my phone used ASHA to stream to my Mores.
Constant dropouts, and loss of signal to either HA occurred, until I activated the Clip.
With the Clip, instant stability!

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I am not having any issues with my More1 aids with my iPhone 13 and my connect clip will no longer pair to my aids since I got them back from repair.

Hmmmm, sound like you need to repair (Pun) them!
I’m sure you followed the Clip quick start guide, right?

I have done a full reset of the connect clip and it didn’t help.

I tried an Audible Ark 2400 RIC R.
They’re version of the Evolv.
I used the aids mics when talking on the phone.
I never answered any calls using the aids but I thought I read in the literature that you can answer the call with a tap to the aids.
I have a pixel 6a.

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Short Answer : no,

Long Answer: google hasn’t changed a thing in ASHA… LE Audio is the only way forward with their Common Audio Profile (CAP)

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I started out with the same Audibel aids. One reason that I moved to Phonak Paradise was the appalling sound quality of streaming music and phone calls with my Pixel 6 Pro.

I’m now on Phonak Lumity and the Bluetooth 4.2 audio is equivalent to normal earbuds with great bass and I’ve had no complaints about call quality either.

As @ssa replied: No!
If you read my post #8 it’s also explained.
Only iPhones do hands free direct to and from the HA’s.
Only iPhone has tap to answer.

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Got you
I’m finished with Audible.
The aids were fine.
Ten audiologist in five years.
I’ll be amazed if the audiologist I’m with now will be there in six months.

Wow, now that’s a lot, so these all left for other clinics, or you gave up on them?

They all left.
I actually found out why two weeks ago.
They hire people out of school.
Several had babies.
One married a doctor who got transferred.
One who I really liked went into pediatric audiology.
The one I’m seeing now graduates in May next year.
She is the one who had me try the Ark aids.
Eventually I’ll get new aids.
I’m going to try and find an established practice when I do.