Lumity Hearing Aids - Are they sold STANDARD with a receiver that connects to Roger Direct IN or any other Roger product

I can’t get a straight answer from Phonak - so please help me out.

ACTUALLY I have received mail from Phonak telling me that my Lumity 90 hearing aids don’t come with a receiver necessary to function with my Roger Direct IN. They say I have to buy one to add on to my Lumity 90s.

I find that hard to believe since they are supposedly the latest and greatest Phonak has to offer - and my previous old and lowly Audeo Marvel 50s came equipped with a receiver. to work with Roger Direct IN.

I really want to and need to know if Lumity 90s come standard with a receiver that works with Roger Products because I’ve been trying for weeks to connect my Lumity to Roger Direct IN and been unsuccessful. But theres conflicting information from Phonak.

If connecting my Lumity 90s to Roger Direct IN is impossible UNLESS I BUY A RECEIVER TO ADD ON - then I can quit wasting my time trying to do the impossible, or if they do I may hopefully find out why my Lumitys and my Roger Direct IN won’t connect


That information looks wrong. There must be some confusion/mix up somewhere.

The Roger On IN is compatible with the Lumitys. You would not need to purchase separate receivers.

The Roger On IN does an install (usually carried out by the HCP) of the receivers transmitting them from the device to the Lumitys (or other compatible Phonak aids - Marvel/Paradise). I have checked 2 websites here in the UK that sell Roger equipment and they both list the Lumitys as being compatible with Roger Direct (the wireless solution not requiring physical receivers to receive transmission).

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I just surfed up to Phonak’s website and see that the RogerDirect and Roger and Directional Streaming features ARE (repeat: ARE) available for all Lumity Life aids: L30, L50, L70 and L90. Check the Feature List here.

You’ll have to scroll way down to see them on the list.

So, what this tells me is that our Lumity Life aids - of any model! - are capable of being paired + connected to the Roger device. What’s frustrating and confusing for all of us Lumity Life users is HOW TO DO THAT. It’s not like the TV Connector. You can’t just plug the Roger into the TV and the wall socket and then stand close by and pair + connect.

It shouldn’t be rocket science, but somehow it IS.


The Paradise and luminity do NOT come with Roger Receiver Licenses in them ( VA aids seem to have them in them) so, you will have to transfer the Reciever from you Marvel aids back into the “IN” and then transfer them to the Luminity’s


The wording is confusing on purpose, coming straight from Phonak’s website

Roger Direct™

This functionality installs the receivers inside your hearing devices and allows any Roger microphone to stream directly to the ears without the hassle of connecting external devices.

source: Hearing Aid Microphone - Roger On | Phonak
[near the bottom “Connectivity and compatibility”]

By “receivers”, they mean a software license, they’re trying to make it look like a physical feature that couldn’t come with HAs from the boot.

[Older models used physical receivers attached to HAs, and now they’re pushing the narrative that adding software license is basically the same]

Roger On iN, has the “receivers”/software licenses in itself [thats what the iN suffix means] and it needs to install them in HAs. The video from poster above explains how to do it.

None of Phonak’s Hearing Aids come with Roger receivers [software], although, obviously, they could.
[Phonak won’t do it for several, mostly money related reasons].
(Edit. I’ve just learned that hearing aids sold to VA by them have receiver software installed from the start, which shows that it can be done) Yes, it’s absurd.


I just posted my attempts at this thread to get my backup Phonak Lumity Life aids paired + connected to the Roger V2 device. I have a loaner unit and plan to BUY the Roger V2, but want to learn as much as I can about it before plunking down the dough.

I had the Phonak rep “install” the legitimate license (call it what you will!) to my first pair of Lumity Life aids. That was successful, and I’ve been streaming TV and taking this to restaurants the past 2 weeks as I trial the Roger V2.

However, because Phonak refuses to make battery-operated aids anymore, I need TWO pairs of their rechargeable aids to get beyond 17 hours of daily use. Believe me, I can burn through those hours real quick if I’m up at 3am to catch a dawn flight cross country, then stay up with family or friends till past midnight in a different time zone. Same goes for international trips when I’d fly 20 hours to get to the destination, then stagger through Customs with aids IN so I’d hear the 3rd degree dished at me.

I’m bummed that the Roger V2 is simply not straightforward like Phonak’s now ancient TV Connector. Thing is, they gave away the store by allowing any number of Phonak aids to be paired + connected to that streamer.

Flash forward to 2023, and the Roger V2 does more than just stream TV. It’s transportable and connects to other Roger mics as well as the TV or any other electronic like laptop or phone - there are cables in the kit for a hard-wired connection if BT doesn’t work.

So now, Phonak wants to charge a BIG FEE to get the Roger V2 stick to work with more than ONE PAIR of aids. I need to have both pairs of Lumity Life aids completely interchangeable with cell phone, TV or other devices I use daily. I can’t function if the Roger V2 is only on ONE pair of aids. I use both pairs of aids interchangeably every other day, so one pair is never “mothballed” as a backup.

I guess I’ll have to wait till I get in to see my audi in a couple weeks to sort this all out. I will definitely come back to post the final PRICE on that second set of legitimate licenses needed for my second pair of aids.


The process for transferring the receivers from one set of aids back into the Roger IN device and then transferring the receivers into a different set of aids has been posted here many times. Once you understand the process it is not difficult but does take about 5 minutes. After doing it a few times it becomes about as complex as changing batteries used to be.


Ok! I get it - the secret is the SEQUENCE. I should’ve xferred the license from my first pair of Lumity Life aids back to the Roger IN, and then from the Roger IN to my second pair of Lumity Life aids.

Feh. That would not be a daily workable solution for me with two pairs of RECHARGEABLE aids. I wear my first pair of Lumity Life aids (silver in color, and named Silver Lumity) on ODD days of the month; my second pair of Lumity Life aids (champagne in color, and named Champagne Lumity) on EVEN days of the month.

I am probably the only alien here who actually rotates in my original and “backup” pair of aids EVERY OTHER DAY. I just don’t want to mothball the identical other pair of Lumity Life aids. If I have a day longer than 16 hrs, I need to swap in the other pair immediately. That’s why I was looking for complete interchangeability with my TWO pairs of Lumity Life aids.

The latest from my audi is that Phonak is going to set me up with TWO Roger V2 kits. Only ONE pair of aids will be (legitimately) licensed to ONE Roger kit. I could rip my hair out with frustration at the redundancy or just accept it for what it is. I NEED two pairs of aids and I NEED them both to be completely interchangeable in terms of: settings, features, dedicated program lineup, connectivity with cell phone, laptop and now the Roger device (which will likely replace my squirrelly old TV Connector going forward).

I really appreciate and value ALL the hands-on advice, experience, tips and tricks from everyone here. :smile:


To be honest @1Bluejay , doing these transfers is full of risks of losing the licences into the ether, so I wouldn’t do it often.

@kcsummerkc , for the purpose of you understanding what’s happening, in this instance I’d refer to “Licence” and “Receiver” as the same thing.

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WELL SAID! Since I’m not a DIYer at all, I’d be very nervous about fumble-fingering the xfer and then blasting my legitimate license into outer space.

Turns out my app’t tomorrow with audi has been postponed a couple weeks. At that time, a Phonak rep will give me the final solution: TWO Roger V2 sticks, each one dedicated to a SINGLE pair of Phonak Lumity Life aids.

Since I swap my two rechargeable aids out every other day (never mothballing one) I will just have to get the license on them, and hopefully need just ONE charging base plugged in to our hi-fi system at home.

Each day, I’ll wake up, put in the aids for the day (odd day, even day), then grab the Roger stick for that day and plop it into the charging base, then check to see that my cell phone is connected for calls for that pair of aids on that day and … well gosh, if I get all that right without putting my skirt on backwards, it’ll be a very fine day. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Someone remind me why we need LE Audio again?


I understand that you would need receiver/licenses for both sets of hearing aids, but I do not understand why you would need two Roger on devices. Am I wrong? Could you buy the licenses and install it in the 2nd pair of aids, then pair that set to the same Roger on as the first set?

To put an end to Phonak’s shenanigans? :smiley:

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I’m clueless as a pipe-smoking nun! I guess I’ll have to wait till the 13th and ask the Phonak rep myself. It does seem absurd that ONE stick is only good for TWO licenses on ONE pair of aids.

Like I get it! Phonak wants the MONEY. But I’d rather pay the license fee and get a single Roger kit than go through all this rigamarole just so they get paid for FOUR licenses. :money_mouth_face:


That’s it. Just slipped my mind.

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As quoted above you only need licences on both aids and one roger ON.
It’s how you do it that creates inconvenience.
If you buy an IN device you do it yourself.
If you buy receivers you need the audi to transfer in and out (for repair).
A used IN device may be your best option eg table mike, select or ON.
You can do your research and decide on the best combination-see the thread on select vs ON.Roger On v. 2 compared to Roger Select (microphones) - #20 by Moore8


One. Roger In on. Two roger x. Transfer licenses from in on to set number 1. Audi will need to transfer from rog e r. X. To. set number 2. Roger x can be bought used on e bay. 2 roger x needed… one for each ear.

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Here is a link to Phonaks official guide how to install / uninstall receivers with Roger IN microphones


LOL!!! Bless you for posting the LINK here! Now I can see where that PIN hole is under the clip (on back side of Roger V2 stick). Geez, I wasn’t even looking there!

Well, I heard back from my audi, and she says Phonak plans to set me up with TWO Roger sticks - one for each pair of Lumity Life aids. I must be the only alien here on Planet Earth who wears BOTH pairs of rechargeable aids every other day - so neither pair is ever “mothballed”. That is why it might not make sense for me to uninstall, xfer, re-install, and REPEAT every single night. I use the Roger stick to stream TV now.

Well, in any case, I’m keeping these instructions handy in case I ever go this route. And I think it goes without saying this method of uninstall, xfer, re-install, and REPEAT would be half the price? I’ll find out when I get in to have the deed done on 10/13. :slight_smile:


Thank you but what I was referring to was the statement of Phonak that Lumity requires an add on receiver which is hard to believe because my less advanced Marvel 50s was complete out of the box.