Losing hearing aids when removing face mask

Because I have to work in public retail, I wear a face mask all work day. I have lost a HA, now, for the 3rd time. I’m lucky, I have always backtracked and found it either in the Store or in the parking lot.

I have and use the ear lock thinggy.

I was thinking of gluing or taping something to the body and then hooking up a neck strap, kinda like sun-glass holders, so that if one pops out I have a much better chance of finding it.

Does anyone know of any commercial item like this? I did the Google thing and can not seem to locate an item.

Later, Lucky (so far) George

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I lost mine last night and a vehicle got it before I found it… expensive… HA wearers who have not experienced the mask pleasure yet - watch those aids -take them off, put the mask on and maybe leave them off - mask on/HA off.

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Check this link, they come in sizes and corded of not, sounds like you could you the cord.


If you or anyone you know knows how to knit or crochet, check out this link on Ravelry. It’s a knitting and crochet site–no fee or wait to join and look at stuff–but you might have to join to view the link. I think this is going to work well for me:


Here’s an example:IMG_8859_medium2

You just put the thing on the back of your head and hook the mask’s elastic or ties around the buttons. You can adjust the size you make to fit how long the ties are on your mask.


One thing I do if I am in a situation where the hearing aid vould be easily lost is I tie a piece of fish line between the receiver wires and if one falls out the other one keeps you from losing it. Its not sure fire, but chances are that you won’t have both them fall out.


That is a super idea!!

I attached long ribbons to my mask so I can tie behind my head. When removing mask I loosen the bottom tie; wash hands then put one under the mask to hold the aid while I remove mask.

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Oticon makes something they call a SafeLine Hearing Aid Retention Cord. I’ve only seen it mentioned - it looks like it fastens to both hearing aids and then clips to the collar of a shirt in back.


I have no idea how well it works or if other manufacturers make something similar.


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I read this yesterday and it’s still sitting on my mind. You KNOW you wear a hearing aid, so why not simply be cautious removing other items on or around your ear? Secondly, how can this end up being a surprise? Don’t you feel and hear immediately when you lose an aid? Lastly, when I toss an aid (usually from removing sunglasses one handed), it still is sticking in my ear via the mold, it would seem that it would take a pretty violent jerk to fling the entire aid into space where it is subsequently smashed by one of the 3 airplanes still flying today.


Not sure I agree with the statement - you know you are wearing HA’s - yes, but do you consciously remember? I would argue not if they are worn all the time (as they should be) -they become an extension of your body and you are also doing something that you aren’t accustomed to doing -putting a mask on - I unfortunately have stepped into the shower (only twice) with the HA’s but after the second time, committed to muscle memory a routine to remove them and check my ears before stepping into the shower. I am not the most graceful person in the world and maybe this is an exception but I think we are all just trying to create awareness. I would encourage you all to try this with a home made mask, BTE aids and glasses the first time and see if you can do it with ease.


Jeff, I read you, and I am happy you have a better experience than I.

I am very away of my HA and my problems. But, my right ear is the lessor of the problem and if it flips out I do not miss the lack of sound that quickly as you may.

In my work space, I have to pull my mask on and off several times an hour and I do pay attention, however, from time to time, I do lose it as it flips off. The mold or cone and that lock thinggy is not enough to hold it or flag me that it has popped out.

Add to that, sun glasses. I use straight backed and not ear looped frame format to avoid as much behind the ear confusion that I can, but, still a HA can and will flip.

I wish life was simple, but, it is not in all cases.

Currently I am trying to tie fishing line and finding that I need to learn how to knot better.


This is a great idea and simple. The behind the ear masks don’t fit everyone like expected and your idea of a ribbon or string would fit everyone.


Hey if you were glasses then just buy a silicone loop or even glasses retainers but u loop the tube with ur glasses :slight_smile:

I wear glasses since im 7 yo and i still forget to take them off when swimming!!!

I have worn hearing aids now for ~50 years, from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. Not once have I ever forgotten I am wearing them. Never.

I can see if you have better hearing than I do, it could go unnoticed. I go pretty much dead quiet without it, instantly noticeable.


I’ve read people get toupee tape and cut it to size, adhere case to skin. I’d imagine any skin adhesive meant to keep an article of clothing on too will work. (Women sometime to use it with formal wear that slides to prevent accidental exposure),


The hand-made “mask-mates” “ear-savers” are sprouting like crazy on Etsy:


My wife made me mask that I can use. That was a task too, seeing I am someone that cannot stand anything over both my nose and mouth. I believe it has to do with 2 things. One I always have sinus/allergies and two I am Claustrophobia.

I nearly lost a hearing aid in a parking lot when putting on a mask before entering a grocery store so I completely understand the issue.

When I got my hearing aids I was concerned one might fall off while riding my bicycle in which case the chance of finding it would be almost zero. My audiologist gave me this little item to attach to my hearing aids so if one or both fell off my head it would still be clipped to my collar. A simple, cheap and effective solution.


Wow, that is a great idea! And I just looked, the Otoclip comes in colors too. Colors on the alligator clip only, or colors on the entire cord. Plus there are options for people who only wear one aid. Hearing Aid Retainers

Tube twists may help in FINDING a HA that has fallen off. Hayleigh's Cherished Charms -       TUBE TWISTS - all new - PATENT PENDING        SILICONE TUBE TWISTS!!!!   


Hey, Great link. Looks like something I will be trying.