KS9.0 Feature Set

I’m trying to decide if the $200 financial investment in a NOAHLINK wireless is worth it.
What features can I enable on my KS 9.0T’s that are currently disabled ?

None that I know of :thinking:

The KS9 aids are very similar to the Phonak Audeo M90 aids.
What features are you asking about?

That is the root of my question. What, if any, functionality can be added ?

Costco does have some de-featured hearing aid models. But the Kirkland Signature 9/KS9 is not de-featured. You already have all the features.

But if you did have one of Costco’s de-featured hearing aids, currently;

then you would not be able to obtain the missing features simply by purchasing a Noahlink Wireless hearing aid programming device. They are locked to a special Costco version of ReSounds fitting software. Many ppl before you have tried, none have succeeded.

Oh, I just checked the Costco website and the ReSound Vida is no longer offered. So it’s just the one ReSound Preza that is currently de-featured.

We’re not doing DIY to get some feature that our fitter refused to turn on / forgot. We’re doing DIY so that we can adjust those settings to our needs without making appointment with our fitter.

I mean, it can happen that you have fitter who for example refuses to set up tcoil program if you have tcoil aids, then yes, with DIY you can just do it yourself.
But it’s not that you can turn M30 into M90, or invent tcoil when there isn’t one already in the aids.
No hidden features out there.

In KS9 case, there were firmwares (by manufacturer) that enabled some things that weren’t available when KS9 was released, but you just had to go to your fitter and get the update. Yes, with programming sw you can do it at your home.
But it’s not that you can actually write own firmware and ‘hack’ the aids or something :slight_smile:

I mean, maybe it is possible (to reverse engineer everything), but that’s not what we’re doing here and why we buy noahlink wireless in the first place.

Maybe this helps to shed some light :slight_smile:

That is EXACTLY what I was looking for.
I’ll hold off for now. They are less than 3 days old and I am rather happy so far.