How to determine which receiver strength to select?

I have OPN S 1 rechargeables. I think I have 85 receivers. How do I know if I should have stronger receivers? Just don’t think I’m hearing as well as I should - too much background noise and some feedback in right ear. I have domes with very small vents. TIA

I would advise you to order individual earmolds with 0.8 mm vents. 100dB or 105dB receivers would suit you

If you don’t hear well, go back to your fitter for new test and readjustment. They will see if you need bigger receiver.

Stronger receivers with the same settings won’t give louder output automatically.


Return to your audiologist and share your concerns. The feedback in your right ear suggests you’re already getting more gain than the dome can handle. More powerful receivers are not always the answer. I do quite well with 65 receivers which most on the forum have told me are not powerful enough.


I have OPNS1 recharageable hearing aids the 100db and 105db receivers only use custom ear molds from what I have been told. I have the 100db receivers and I have custom acrylic ear molds which are the only type that you can get with this power receivers.

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I have OPN S 1 with 85 receivers and bass domes with 2 small vents - they work well for me but the 60 receivers I originally had did not. However, my loss is not as great as yours. Looking at the technical data sheet for the S1 with 85 db receivers, it appears to me that they are able to cover a loss of up to 85 db for most frequencies and a bit more above 4 KHz with mold, bass, and power domes. So to novice hearing aid user, it looks like a more powerful receiver might be useful, especially for your left hearing aid.

My receivers have 85 printed on them in orange - you should be able to verify which power level you have. A magnifier may be useful :slight_smile:

My receiver only has a M printed on them. Don’t know what that is equivalent to. I have Signia Pure

Thanks… I can’t see any “85” on mine… even with magnifier :wink: I’m going by the shape which seems to match 85 shape I saw on website. It does have a “2” on it, but believe that has to do with length of something… I think I have the bass domes with 2 small vents… audiologist did change domes a week ago when I went in… she said domes were the same size, but vents were smaller …

Not sure about your receivers but Oticon receivers each have a different shape that you can determine which receiver you have. I have just realized that with my new OPNS aids.

I believe on the opposite side as the 2 the gain size of the receiver should be found.

Thanks… I’ll get out the magnifier and try to see but I do believe they are 85 , due to the shape…

The more powerful the receiver is the bigger it will be.
This is a limitation for many with small ear canals.


My receivers would not work for someone with small canals.

Thanks… I just had test in early June . Audiologist made adjustments to both aids… RIght aid was adjusted for lower frequencies and left one for upper freqs… she said feedback in right aid is probably due to adjustment for lower frequencies… she kind of implied that I might either have to “live” with the feedback or have the right aid adjusted back to what it was … I might choose that option, since , besides the feedback in the right aid, certain background noises are just TOO loud now (A/C, small air cleaner,etc) …

This could be the biggest problem causing feedback.
The rule of thumb about hearing loss getting into the 40 dB range in the lower frequencies needing ear molds. Ear molds should stop your feedback issues. Maybe power domes (double domes) would also work if you don’t want molds.

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With the 85 receivers for both my OPN 1 and OPN S 1 aids, there is a number 2 on one of the four flat surfaces of the body of the receiver near where the wire enters the receiver. On the opposite plate surface of my receivers, there is an orange area where then numbers are clear so not as easy to read as the black number 2 on the opposite surface. I don’t know if attempting to include a photo will work but I’ll try:

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Thanks much… I finally did see the 85 on the orange part…

Thanks much! This is very helpful… I’m not sure how much molds cost, but I’ll ask and I’ll also ask about double domes…Audiologist never mentioned molds - I went to her 3 years ago and that’s when I got my first hearing aids… Appreciate the help!

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anyone know what kind of dome this is? Can’t find anything…it has two holes… a smaller one at the tip and a larger one towards the bottom … I found this is all my hearing aid stuff… must have been one I tried previously? It’s marked as the “right” one, but can’t quite figure out how to put it on… just wondering if this would help until I can get in to see audiologist

I think I saw something similar under starkey livio domes options. But don’t hold me onto that.