How to Add Audiogram to Forum User Profile


“The bone stuff” is complicated. We could display it, but I assume many people wouldn’t know how to enter or read the information anyway. I am thinking if you have a conductive hearing loss the easiest thing to do would just be note that in your bio blurb. By the way, your “user card” popup thing looks good @z10user2!


There are still some audiograms that are cut off.


Dang Zebras! Dump that Apple thang! :slight_smile:


Not all audiograms are set to view via iPhone. This audiogram was off my screen.


Thank you VERY much!


Your Word Recognition scores are displayed beneath your audiogram. Can you tell me how to add those?


Since you know how to do the audiogram entry…click on Manual Entry bottom left of that audiogram window. Click Edit on the right of the row with your audiogram and scroll down and enter the numbers.


Thanks. I found it, but now I’m not sure how to enter the data. I just don’t know enough about how to interpret it, I guess.

My audiologist just wrote the results in freehand, and they look like this:

@70 60% @70 60%
@75 70% @75 60%
@80 80% @80 80%
@85 100% @85 80%

So I have four results for each ear. However, in the profile Manual Entry section, under " Optional: Add Word Recognition Score" I have:

Left Ear Results Right Ear Results
Score 0-100% Score 0-100%
Level Decibel level in HL Level Decibel level in HL

It looks like I can enter just one result for each ear. If that’s the case, which one of the four do I use? The 70, 75, 80, or 85 dB result?

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imo> It’s not an exact science and I would use the @75 or @80.


I’d probably pick the 80 or 85 db one. It doesn’t matter. Both convey that with enough gain, your brain makes good sense of the sounds.


This was addressed in post #61.