How to Add Audiogram to Forum User Profile


The tiny headphone icon keeps morphing in front of my eyes. Sometimes I see white headphones on a grey background. Most times I see a grey palm tree inside a grey circle on a white background.

As if that optical illusion wasn’t enough, when it’s next to 1Bluejay’s Avatar it looks ready to hatch, Yikes. Capture

:laughing: Maybe I would have tried using an asterisk?


I’ll add it to the roadmap! I’m sure newbies are wondering what in the world you are talking about :smile:


I must admit, this tiny icon is very useful. Also, I like how its display is suppressed until you are inside of a thread/topic which is where you are most likely to become interested in knowing someone’s Audiogram information.


This is super slick! Any chance you can add word recognition scores?
Thanks tons!


Glad you like it! Yes, it’s on the roadmap marked as ASAP. I will probably add a single dB HL and % Correct for each ear, and just request that people input their best score if they were tested at multiple presentation levels.


Is it working for you now on your iOS devices? We updated some of the code and tested it on an iPhone. Working better for us.


Yes, works better now on my iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 11.0.3.


Yes, works on my iPad Pro which uses latest updates. It also works on an older iPad 3 running the older 9.3.5 operating system.


It works perfectly on my iPhone 6S running ios 11.0.3 and my old iPad which maxed out at ios 9.3.5.

Good job!


I have a problem. I checked the Audiogram that was transferred from the previous forum and find that it is very out of date. I tried to change some of the information but could not figure out how to make it stick. Is there any way to update these charts to reflect changes?


You need to go to the hearing tracker page and sign in. Then you will be presented with an “Update my hearing test” button (or something to that effect)


Manual entry is easier than dragging X’s and O’s, then don’t forget to save changes.
See Tip#2 in Hearing Tracker Tips, this category.


There still seems to be a bug when you view an audiogram.


Good feedback. Looks like the audiogram is stuck in that right column. Let me see about rendering it in a row below the other stuff. May take some time to get a fix.


My audiogram isn’t stuck to the right but I still can’t read it.


Well I took a look and it appears the problem is the left margin is indented the icon width. This moves everything to the right enough to truncate.

When I rotate the phone, the formatting changes. The icon is on a separate line and the next is below and left justified to the screen edge. In that instance, the audiogram displays full.

This was using a iPhone 5s.

The software seems to establish that the indention prevents resizing to display the graphic. In the other format, it determines it can resize to the screen.


Yes, Discourse changed things and broke our solution. We’re working on it. In other news, we’ve added the ability to include WRS in your audiogram, but have not yet enabled displaying it in the forum. Please feel free to add your WRS by clicking on either of these areas from your profile:

If you click on the “Update My Hearing Test” button, you will need to click on the “Manual Entry” link on the popup to get to the advanced audiogram editor. We should be displaying WRS by the end of the week, if not sooner.

Here’s where you add your WRS:

Grab the score and level from this part of your audiogram:



OK finally have this added @KenP

So please just add WRS as suggested above and then it should appear here. If not, try logging out and back into the forum. That’s it! :slight_smile:


@Zebras the mobile view should work better now too


Thank you @abram_bailey_aud. Your image showing where to find the WRS was helpful for us newbies. I still can’t figure out the bone stuff. I have a shamozzle of symbols all over the place. I can follow the main left and right fine but the overlayment of the bone stuff makes those symbols unreadable…for me :slight_smile: The <, >, [, ] symbols above and below whatever I don’t know what they’re trying to say.