How to Add Audiogram to Forum User Profile

Old forum, our audiograms if we included in our signatrue showed up in our posts. This doesn’t seem to happen here. Is this something that can be incorporated, or can you suggest another way to readily include audiograms?


Sure, right now you can click on your profile pic (the M) and see your audio from the old system. The formatting isn’t perfect, so you might need to click on the profile pic that opens up in that popup to get to your actual profile page, where you will see:


We are working on bringing over audiograms from our normal audiogram display on Hearing Tracker, which look like this:


Once we have those live, we’ll send out an announcement so you can update yours.


Just increased the limit. Hopefully that is fixed.

Please link to a post with an issue so we can take a look. Thanks!

It would be nice to do that as a thumbnail that can pop up. Lot less scrolling and waste.

I hope we will get an email when the audiogram feature can be enabled. I found the number grid folks used pretty useful, but of course an actual, visual audiogram is INSTANT recognition! I would definitely add mine here. Meanwhile, there is no way to put our old number grid up that I can detect?

Yep, and we’re going to be making those audiograms appear in the mini profile popup soon. Sorry that we haven’t launched this yet… but @pvc found the place where we’ll pull those from.

Thanks. Yeah, I figured that out too, and it sounds like it will eventually link to our signature.
Thanks again.

Thanks for those steps, but I don’t have any trouble getting to the blank chart. It’s just that wherever I click on the blank chart, nothing happens! I am unable to chart my numbers.

Click on the Enter your Audiogram link.

To that point I figured out that we can add markdown tables to those “about me” sections. While they don’t seem to display on the user card, they do display on the user profile:

This code generates the following table:

Right Ear|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB
Left Ear|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB|5dB
250Hz 500Hz 750Hz 1000Hz 1500Hz 2000Hz 3000Hz 4000Hz 6000Hz 8000Hz
Right Ear 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB
Left Ear 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB 5dB

Audiograms now display whenever you click on someone’s avatar. If you want to show your audiogram, please follow the helpful instructions provided by @pvc above.

To see that block allowing the entry of the audiogram you have to sign on to Hearingtracker itself not just the forum. When on that page with the blank graph go to the top of the page and log in using your forum credentials.

Mine is currently displaying to 4000 with 8000 clipped off. You need to expand the display box for the audiogram.

What browser and operating system are you using. This is what I’m seeing when I click on you:

Hmmmmm; I don’t have to logon to anything,

I see the same as @AbramBaileyAuD with Firefox on Windows 10

I’m using iPad Pro 9.6 with safari. I logged out and back in, problem remains. Same issue vertical or horizontal.

Undoubtedly you have logged on to Hearing Tracker before. Some of us never have. Doing the login when confronted with the blank graph solves the problem of no edit option.

Safari on MacBook laptop displays correctly.

Clicking on other people’s profile displays the whole graph. Trying to display my own, it remains clipped.