How to Add Audiogram to Forum User Profile


Clicking on other people’s profile displays the whole graph. Trying to display my own, it remains clipped.


Having some issues replicating this on my testing machine. I might need to find a real iPad Pro to test it.


Same issue on my wife’s iPad Air running 10.3.2 mine runs 10.3.3.



Apparently that is the answer. Signing into Hearing Tracker, not the forums.If you have not signed up before, your Hearing Tracker profile (not forum profile) says
Member Profile
and the page address reads where the # is your unique ID
Even though it may look like it is not you, it is. From there you can enter your audiogram and it will show up on the forum side of the site.


I’m using Chrome on the iPhone and the audiograms are clipped off as well. I have the iPhone 7 plus on iOS 10.3.3.


I have Chrome on an iPad Air 2 running IOS 10.3.3 and the audiograms display correctly. On my iPhone 6 with Chrome they are clipped off.


Thanks for all the feedback everyone. We’ll be working on the display issues!


We haven’t fixed the clipping yet. That will be our next project. However, I wanted to share that the correct frequencies should now be displaying for the interoctave test pitches.


Just a quick update to let you know that you no longer have to guess whether someone will have an audiogram or not. Now anyone with an audiogram will be indicated with the small headphone icon on their avatar, like so:



Nope I don’t like it. I looked a little earlier and you had a little black headphone symbol. Well alright if you must. Now you have this gaudy gray background headphone symbol that tromps all over the little avatars.
I also don’t like that you have to click through to see the chart if not logged in. Oh well.

Edit: I changed my avatar anyway.


Sorry didn’t mean to block your “10” … Just made them a little smaller. The issue was with no background color you couldn’t see the icon on black avatars.


I could kinda live with the little black one with no background.


You don’t want to know how long I spent tweaking that icon to get it universally visible and not too big. Haha.


Further to the click through…maybe if not logged in all a reader sees is the avatar. Or an invitation to log in to see more.
Oh hey…how about showing little headphones ALL AROUND the avatar on the outside as though the avatar is a head. Get it? :slight_smile:


Haha, I do get it. Not sure I will tinker with it. By the way, we fixed the audiogram previews for logged out users just now. Thanks for letting me know.


Maybe add the flag setting to the pop up too.
And I am thinking it may very well be preferable to only see user information after logged in rather than always there to just everyone. An invite to create a userid and log in to be able to see user info should perhaps be all that is visible.


Will work on that. Also, removed the headphones from the popup avatar for now. So at least you can see your avatar in its full glory on demand :wink:


Well…y’know…I’m not thinking of just me.
(in response to you removing the headphones from the pop up)


Since you’re futzing with this stuff, what do you think of adding speech banana to audiogram? I have mixed feelings. Think it could be neat, but also might be too much clutter.