How can you be sure your audiologist is knowledgeable?

I just wonder…when you go to a general HA clinic to have your new HA adjusted, how can you be shure you got the optimal setup? I mean, the audiologists have to be able to support all the different products and their appropriate SW and so on.
I happen to know that these SW setups programs have several hearing profiles for different type of hearing impairment and purposes. But I have never been informed or asked to try out any of this. I suspect most leave with the “standard” auto-setup based on your audiogram. It’s easy and quick and in many cases of course perfectly ok.
But my experience is that when I went to the audiologists at the HA products main office, in my case Signia, the were willing to discuss and had the knowledge to tweak the programming to optimize it for my purpose. After all they should know their own products.

I there some general truth in this?

Even going to an expert on the aids you wear, that expert relies on you the patient to explain your needs and what you hear a long with the environments you have to deal with


You do the same thing and have the same issues when you go to a general car mechanic. That’s life.

Hearing is an extremely complex physiological and psychological process.

Is it surprising that devices and methods for treating “broken hearing” are similarly complex?

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My take is that the real “expert” is somebody that will work with you to meet your needs, but not cave to your every whim and ask you to give things some time. I think an excellent fitting experience more likely has more to do with fitter’s personality than intelligence or knowledge level. Somebody who is willing to work with you and not afraid to ask for help can accomplish a lot.


FWIW, I think this is exactly right. Fitting a complex, modern hearing aid optimally is a slow dance between you and your audiologist/specialist fitter.


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You’re right about that of course.
But if it’s down to personality and time more than knowledge, then perhaps I myself would be the perfect fitter. In my profession I’m certainly familiar with SW/HW work. Would be really interesting to set up this privately, if it was possible to buy the necessary equipment.

I was fitted with aids last year by one audiologist, had me spare aids checked by a second, and a third fitted my replacement aid.

I trust my first audiologist as she got the aids fitted, programmed, and sends me additional spares when asked. She also provided the TV Connector. The last audiologist was not familiar with the TV Connector and was unable to assist in getting the new aid recognised by the App. I trust the first.

The best was the audiologist who checked my hearing for the reserve aids. He had the advantage that I was in his premises and I was in a sound booth for the test. It was the usual press the button when you hear the tone. Unusually, and the first time in over 30 years, he did a second test with me seeing when the tone was generated.

During blind tests I have often pressed the button when I thought I heard the tone. With a seeing test it removes that imaginary press. I think it was the best test to date.

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Interesting! Maybe a good idea when you think about it.

This is not standard practice. It eliminates the presses that you made when there clearly wasn’t a sound. It won’t eliminate presses when you think you might hear something aided by seeing the fitter push the button. There are other techniques to assure better reliability, such as a double tone instead of a single tone.

Yes - of course it’s possible. Just check out the Self-Fitting category of this Forum. Lots of members self-program with excellent results, judging from their posts.

Eight audiologist in 3-1/2 years. Hard to build a relationship.
Last one, the one I see now is the best of them. Problem is i do not know how long she will be there.
I have RSHL.
She is the first one to acknowledge it.
She knows now to make the adjustments to allow for it.

Well, Dr. Cliff Olson, the famous audiologist YouTuber, has started a “Best Practice Pro Network” which comprises audiologists who agree to his standards.

Does anyone have any experience with audiologists from his network?