Hearing aid dryer needed?

I went to costco and picked up my KS9’s yesterday. The fitter recommended I put them into a dryer at night. I have no wax and virtually no sweat/moisture issues. Do I really need one?

I said at one time I used a silica gel dryer, and she said those were not any good. She wanted me to buy theirs (I think $100 but may be wrong on the cost). If you need one at all, does it have to be an electric one?

(PS no insult intended but I’m not interested in knowing that you use one - rather for my specific situation).

Do you work out? Do you ever get caught in rain? No one else knows your situation. Only you can make the decision.

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I have the PerfectDry Lux from Costco for $40.00.



Same here re PerfectDry Lux from Costco.


I would say it is a good idea. Water sweat wax and oil are part of the body. It is a good idea to dry hearing aids out. Electronics do not like moisture. If you want to help prevent damage it is important to dry them out. I did and my last pair of hearing aids lasted 10 years. It makes it easier to clean them as well. The dried materials brush off easier. You should ask the hearing aid maker what they recommend. I recently changed to a air dryer without heat and a UV light. It was recommended to use with my rechargeable hearing aids. It also allows charging while they are drying. They also have ones that are not electric. You can find them on Amazon. Hope this helps you out. Good luck and have a great day.

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Where do you find the PerfectDry Lux from Costco? I’ve searched for it on Costco.com and can’t find it except on Amazon and other places.

However, I called Starkey tech support yesterday to ask if that particular dryer with a temp of 113F/45C was OK for their Livio Edge AI custom ITE hearing aids and was told they don’t recommend anything with heat.

Then he told me their desiccant pack in the custom HA charger was sufficient to dry out the HA’s under normal usage. So, I asked him what desiccant pack in the charger because there isn’t a holder for one in the custom HA charger–only in the regular HA charger. He checked and told me that I could just place a pack loose in the charger. I was already doing that because I noticed this problem when researching the HA’s for my trial and asked for some packs from my VA audiologist. It’s not a big deal because the pack fits loose in the charger. However, since the desiccant pack isn’t on the VA “authorized” list of things to order for custom HA’s, I guess I’ll have to argue with DALC when I need more desiccant pack supplies.

The Starkey tech also told me that I could place the HA’s in one of those jars with the drying beads to dry them out if I wanted. So, I asked when I was suppose to charge my HA’s if they spend the night in a jar and weren’t ready to go in the morning when I got up–oops… I guess this is where replaceable battery HA’s come in handy, but I prefer rechargeable HA’s.

Anyway, I’ll see what kind of comments this post gets me and may get the dryer anyway. So, how would I get it from Costco?

I bought mine in the store when I got my hearing aids. I cannot find it on the website to order. Seems you have to go into a Costco store.


I got 11 years out of my last hearing aids and they still work fine. I put them in the Hal-Hen dessicant jar every night. My audiologist says that moisture is the worst enemy of hearing aids and mine lasted so well because of my habit. I think the desiccant jar is all you need.


Moisture is the death knell for hearing aids. Think of them as mini computers. You don’t want any moisture messing with the guts of the thing.

I use the Perfect Dry Lux, $40, bought it at CostCo I use it regularly. I spent a lot of money on my KS9’s, I don’t want something to happen that I can address this easily.

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I have been using a Hal-Hen dessicant jar for years. Economical and easy, no batteries or plugin. Just place your HAs in the jar overnight.


I completely understand desiccant jars. They aren’t electric, don’t need to be plugged in. and work great for hearing aids with replaceable batteries. The problem is if you have rechargeable hearing aids and you leave them in such a jar overnight, when do you get to charge the hearing aids? So, those over-night desiccant jars don’t work for rechargeable hearing aids…

Since there has been discussion of the Perfect Lux dryer, I bought one too at Costco about 3 years ago. And I seem to remember the $40 price.

I have long had a minor problem – it is usually hard to get the dryer started. I press and press on the button before it will start. Sometimes it seems to help if I open & close the lid, pressing the button immediately as the lid closes.

I took it back but then per Murphy’s Law, it worked perfectly.

— Fred

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I just boughtPhillips hearlink and will be fitted for them on the 4th. I got the rechargeable and a dryer that they recommended was a flow med dry cap UV. The charger fits over the charger so you can charge as it dries them. I purchased it off of amazon. May work for you.

I got the the pro version of the Flow med I hope you like as much as I do. Good luck.

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In the description for the dryer, it is spec’d as 100-247 V, 50-60 Hz. That is not the way mine was, rather 5 V DC. It is connected to 5 V by a USB connector. Luckily, I had a spare Apple wall connector and a suitable USB cable connector. No big deal, but I have noticed several other devices or gadgets not supplied with a cable connector and requiring a hookup as I described.

I don’t have a perspiration problem either. But my aids always end up with moisture.

Do you live in a place where you get humidity?
What if you get caught in the rain?
What if you accidentally get in the shower with them on?
What if they accidentally fall into a sink of water?

None of us would deliberately do any of the above. But Sadly accidents do happen.

If you want to preserve the longevity if your new aids it’s advisable to have a dry box. The electric one are best though.

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If your looking for a dryer that chargers as you dry. You may want to try the flow med air drying system. They make a few types the point is it allows charging as you dry. They fit over the charger while it is open in starkey case. Different cases work differently. It works great on both my chargers. I have both types of starkey hearing aids. Costco you need to stop by the store. That is how my friend got there lux. Also I am blind and use brail to read so if I missed some of your message it wasn’t because I didn’t read it. It didn’t get a translation into Braille or speech. It is a problem with this forum software and my software they don’t play nice with one another so to speak. I am learning that as I go. Have a great day and hope this helps you.

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Thanks for this recommendation. I hadn’t run across this drying system in my searches.

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How long does your drying cycle last, for those who are using those with fans?
For some reason I’ve thought it takes whole night, but now I think that I might misunderstood it, and that cycle is shorter, it’s just that you all just leave it inside?

For those using Hal Hen, I just looked this up, never heard of the stuff. There is a “mini dry aid”, a “super dry aid” and a “mini super dry aid.” Does anyone know what the difference is (looks like super dry aid is for higher humidity) and which to buy? I’ve had aids for several years now and have never used a drying aid, but maybe I should! Thanks!