Going to try earmolds

Today I began my trek to perhaps try molds. Have not had a new audiogram. Have an excellent HA specialist at Costco. Called him this morning and he wants me to go for a flush to make sure the canals are clean. Easier said than done. CVS wants 99 or $139 for this. Not sure if Hearing has deteriorated too much but I am tired of asking people to repeat and tell them “say again.”

My daughter-in-law work at a Hearing Aid Clinic and she is going to ask one of the PAs how much they would charge for a cleaning. Thinking I will just get some peroxide and do it myself because I never have any visible wax at all when I remove them before I go to bed. She said it is a good idea anyway to have them cleaned periodically.

Reading the posts about molds and noticed there are two kinds, soft and hard shell. Problems with tubes pulling out. That is about all I know about moIds. told my Costco specialist this morning that when I press on the front of my ear in other words closing the canals I hear absolutely perfectly, (for me anyway.) This was enlightening to him cuz he said I am not profound and doesn’t recommend CI’s.

He is a real gem and am so pleased to have him as he seriously cares the best for me.

Any suggestions regarding molds and experiences folks have had would be so appreciated.

Blessed hearing for all, Anita

Appt is end of Aug.

You audiogram suggests to me you could definitely benefit from having moulds fitted….Good Luck…


Take you’re time. Don’t be afraid to wear your aids turned off just so you can adjust to the ear molds. Vented molds are more comfortable than novented. Non vented may be required for profound loss Molds that aren’t vented will give you a stuffed up feeling which will go away with time. Consider buying a product like miracell, on Amazon. It’s a lubricant ointment used lightly on molds. It helps the molds slide easily into your ears. Oh and any feedback means the molds probably don’t fit properly. With profound loss the molds need to be snug. Good luck

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Did they see wax in your ears before recommending a flush? Doctor told me it is harder to clean ear canals with people who produce softer wax

I make very little but there was a tiny hard piece of wax in one that the fitter removed with a little curette before doing the molds
My molds are soft ones with a vent hole. 100% better hearing
One was a little snug and could still feel pressure when chewing so they redid it

I wear hard acrylic ear molds and I find them extremely comfortable. When doing the impressions move your jaw like you are chewing and that will help make the ear molds much more comfortable.

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Audi always made sure my ears were clean before doing an impression. But with my loss the molds have to fit tight

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Thank you. Still working on getting the “wash.”

BTW, I have a little bony structure in my right ear that the mold would have to get around., It is easy to do with the domes.

Thank you for the tip.

Wow, happy for you and thanks for the reply.

Thanks Chuck. How long Have you worn the molds? Did you notice a big difference from before when you were with out?

Appreciate your tip. I am unable to bring up your audiogram. Do you have one? Also I thought you yourself were an HA specialist.

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Thanks Piper. You have been a supporter of mine for a long time. :partying_face:

I have always either worn ITE aids or the custom ear molds

Yes, I love my custom moulds.

Not everyone can take an ear flush. I certainly can’t. I had surgeries that changed the structure of my ears. A flush would go straight into my middle and inner ear./ So…be sure.

I go in for a procedure called a debridement with my ear specialist. He cleans out the wax with a tool, or small suction device. No pressurized water is involved.