For Sale: Noahlink Wireless $95 includes US shipping

If you’re reading this it’s still available… :slight_smile:

The unit has been tested and connected to the programming software but otherwise never used. It is in the original factory box, like new, and ready to send out.

$95 including US shipping, PayPal accepted. Please PM with any questions and I promise to get back to you.


Phonak Target fitting software DIY Self Programming Self-Fitting Noah Link

Hi Jim,

Yes, I can hold for you until tomorrow morning. I’m not inclined to ship outside the US as I’ve never done that before and it appears somewhat complex, but may be willing to give it a go. I’m in the 83854 zip code, so you can calculate shipping from that.

Let me know!

Thanks very much. I will get in touch with my buddy and let you know ASAP.

Hi, Stevyn,

I’m not going to be able to arrange for a US address, after all, so I’m going to have to pass on your Noahlink Wireless. Thanks for holding the unit to let me try.

No point to your trying to ship, either: apparently, the Canadian sales tax and broker fees can be significant on this kind of equipment. My friend is an EE with lots of experience importing electronic stuff …

Best regards

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No problem, Jim; thanks for letting me know.

Still available, folks!

This shouldn’t be this difficult. I found a minimum price of about $22 for USPS from that zip code to mine in central BC. Probably not much different to Atlantic Canada.
The NW I bought through ebay wanted $30 shipping.

Stevyn: USPS has been sending packages worldwide for a couple few years now. You go in to a post office and say you want to send this thing to the address you give them. They measure it, weigh it, figure out the price. Before you pay, you text the buyer with the price plus the product and they send you the payment (probably Paypal received in USD). You get the payment and then pay and they show postage paid on the package and away it goes.

If you’re not a business and the recipient is not a business then the border will barely care and send it on through to Canada Post to send it on to the destination. The border and Canada Post also likely won’t care about charging taxes.

If one or both are a business then there might be a postal brokerage. A number of years ago I paid a whole $5.

For my fellow Canadians: do not ever use UPS. Even FedEx might charge a brokerage. USPS all the way.

Maybe value=FREE is a red flag to customs agents and makes them think that you are a dirty rotten cheater tryna cheat on VAT taxes??

Looks like I can no longer edit this listing. After six months of trying to sell on HearingTracker I’ve given up and decided to keep the Noahlink. Ya never know…

Stevyn, I have sent you a PM about the Noahlink.

It’s easier to sell in eBay less fees.