Earmolds making popping noise when I chew

I got new hearing aids last month and I’m very pleased with them. These are Bolero Marvel behind the ears with canal ear molds. However I noticed that whenever I chew the ear molds seems to make popping sounds. It kind of sounds like they’re moving around in the ear thus creating a pop sound. Kind of like when your ear drums pop. Sometimes they even pop when I move my neck around. This also seem to happen more frequently later in the day, when the ear molds get wax buildup on them.

I told this to my audiologist but she didn’t seem to understand. I mentioned that perhaps it was because of the smaller vent that my ear molds have. So she ordered some new molds with the exact same size that my old ones had. I got these a week ago and I still have the same problem. It is odd since I never experienced this with my two older pairs.

I am more or less used to this now, but it is still a bit annoying. Is there anyone that have experienced something similar?

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Yeah, more venting could help with that situation, but more venting can also introduce feedback / the need to reduce amplification. I would ask your audiologist how much gain headroom is available (this should be clear based on the current feedback calibration measure vs your provided gain… if there’s ample headroom, you should be able to slightly increase vent size.


Another possibility is the mods are not perfect… did you take the molds with an open jaw? Also, is there anything to push against your antitragus, or is the mold completely in canal, etc?

Well, my audiologist already increased the vent on my new ear molds. They got the exact same size as my previous had.

I did actually consider that my ear molds might not be 100% perfect. I actually swallowed some saliva while waiting for the impression to harden. I instantly thought that I perhaps ruined the impression. I took them with my jaw closed, since my audiologist didn’t tell me otherwise. The mold is completely inside the canal.

Maybe I can redo the impression?

You could try the open jaw or potentially adding a concha lock to stop the mold from migrating out when you open your jaw

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I will look into that. Thank you!

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I actually went to Google to find a picture of a canal lock and Google sent me to that thread. There is a wealth of information in here :slight_smile:

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Honestly, there should be a “standard” here on what position someone’s jaw should be in when hearing aids molds are taken. Most Audi’s say nothing to patients about opening one’s jaw or mouth when forming molds in someone’s ear. Maybe the “juries still out” on proper jaw alignment, but you would think after what 45, 50, 60 years of making ear molds all audiologists would be on the same page as to how to properly perform the procedure.

I’ve also wondered if chewing gum after molding material in inserted in ear, might be of some benefit since the chewing action moves jaw back and forth. But most audiologist (current) still just tell patients sit still and in five minutes or so the ear will mold come out.

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I had this same situation with my ITE hearing aids. I would get a popping sound when talking or chewing.
I applied some ear gel to the HA and the popping stopped. Was told that the seal of the HA in my ear was breaking when chewing or talking causing the popping sound. Ended up redoing the shell with open jaw impression (which made them tighter) and made the canal portion a little longer. Kept the pressure vent the same as before. Solved the problem. Also is the mold being done with 3D scanning when being made? I think this is the norm now.

I asked my audi about open jaw, close jaw, and was told that there are different shape ear canals(i.e. straight, bending) and that there is no one fit all method of taking an ear impression. But agree that based on shape of ear canal what would be the optimum method of taking an er impression. When I had my ITE reshelled recently I took a close jaw and an open jaw impression and the software adjusted the impression scan to probable best fit. Fit was great.

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I’m not entirely sure if they’re made with 3D scanning, but it kind of looks like it, at least when I look at the canal inside the mold.

These are my third pair of hearing aids and I’ve always had my jaws closed when doing the impression. I had no issues whatsoever with my two first ones. It all started with these new ones, which is super odd.

Do you still have a older mold? If so does it fit well and if it does ask to see if they can use this to make a scan for the mold. Latest software should be able to do a scan of your older mold. Generally doing a new impression is usually the best way to do a mold to get the best fit.

I had pooping noise with an old ear mould. Getting the ear mould remade from a new impression did the trick. It was only in my right ear when I wore an aid in that ear. My left didn’t have that problem.

I do still have them and that’s actually a good idea, however I’m sure doing a completely new impression would be better. I will ask my audi about this on my next appointment.

Mine seem to pop in both ears. But it’s worse in my right ear. Did you do the impression with open or closed jaws?

Best wishes your way Swedishfish88 in resolving this issue.

I have had the same experience with the mold in my right ear. I’ve had three different molds made. One with mouth wide open, one with my mouth closed, and one with my mouth open half way while biting down on a spacer. All of these molds create a popping noise during jaw movement. The only way I can prevent it is to place pressure on the back of my ear (close to my head) when moving my jaw.

Fortunately my brain has gotten used to this unwanted popping and I no longer pay much attention to it.

In my experience with inner ear molds, the popping sound meant the mold was too big for my ear canal. I had several impressions done and the mold was remade several times. It was super frustrating to be honest. My advice? If you have the old mold and it worked well, have them send those original molds out and have new ones made to that EXACT SPECIFICATION.

I was told NOT to take the mold with my jaw open - that’s the thing I learned today!

This happens with my right mold.

The popping occurs when there is a bit of moisture between the mold and the skin of the canal. By removing and drying the mold as well as my external ear canal the popping stops. Apparently the seal between the mold and ear canal is not secure when there is moisture.

Yes, this is exactly what I think it is! They always seem to pop whenever they’re a bit moist! Then I also take them out and clean them and they stop popping.

The thing is though that they pop a lot. My old ones would pop once in a while, but these pops so very often. I actually think it’s the material of the ear mold. It seems more oily in a way. Like there’s always some kind of residue on them.

I also believe the summer heat and humidity makes it worse. And I hope that the dry winter will keep them more or less free of popping, haha.

My new ones popped at first when chewing food. Settled down after a few days and no popping now.