Ear molds have an odor — how to clean?

I’ve got dry ear wax and have mini RTE hearing aids. Last year I switched to small molds that got into my canal.

The molds have developed a smell from my ear wax. As gross as this sounds, it’s a little pungent when I take them out so worried about it.

I’ve used a non alcohol cleaner on them but hasn’t helped. Any suggestions?

Is this something I go to my audiologist to clean? Or is this expected and I should periodically get them remade?

@bobbydigital16: Do you use a brush to physically scrub any detritus out of the vent hole? Are these silicone or acrylic moulds, BTW? Do you have an infection that could be causing the poignant odour?

Do you put them in a dehumidifier every night?

Give a good cleaning and put them in the dryer like mentioned and use audy wipes to clean the wax and oills off good luck.

Also some dehumidifiers come with a uv lamp that helps disinfect

I put them on my oticon charger which is open. See attached photo.

So no, they aren’t in a dehumidifier every night. I live in Seattle and it’s not particular hot and humid (just rainy) but it’s not like I’m sweating like crazy day to day.

I do clean them including brushing them, and in the vent.

They are an acrylic mold as far as I know.

I do not have an infection.

I think this is just the smell of my ear wax actually I have just never noticed it before.

Anyone have recommended wipes and how to handle dehumification for rechargeables? I found this on a google search but I hate extra devices and contraptions. Seems so large.


Update: I found on oticon’s site they recommend this PerfectDry Lux product which seems promising as it’s only a 45 min cycle:


If it is rainy they there is humidity. There are dryers that is called a dryer jar. It is available at Amazon and other places. It fits over the charger and blows air onto the aids. It nice in that it doesn’t require heat that can hurt the life of rechargeable batteries in your aids. To clean a vet requires a special tool made of place to be placed into it and gently through the hole. If yours has a wax guard it requires great care not to damage the guard. You should then replace it after you clean it. If you have questions also consult you tube sights like Dr Cliffs. He has very good and helpful videos to answer questions. I also clean my with Audi Whips which get rid of the wax and oil on the molds and can reduce or eliminate the order. Good luck.

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My ex-brother-in-law could clear the people out of a large living room if he took off his shoes when he got home from work. Doctor said it was just a harmless bacterium related to the kinds used in cheese-making.

Perhaps this is all that’s happening with you… Some sort of drops that will change the pH in your ear canals might help (Burow’s solution).

[Maybe that’s where the insult “cheesehead” originated?]

My Audi just gave mee some cleaning tabs you put in water and soak the ear molds in. They are from Sonava. She recommended them for cleaning off wax stains from the molds. I don’t remember what they are called, I will check tomorrow and update.


The tabs are called C&C Clean-Tab from Sonova.


The humidity that causes problems to aids are found naturally in your ear. It’s a warm dark moist area the aids are in. Not the humidity of where you live. Although that can be an additional factor. Like if you live in the Amazon rainforest. Remember, your body is 60% water