DIY - How to Self Program the Phonak Audéo B

There are different methods of programming the Phonak Audéo B depending on the model. On Page 5 in the this link (Phonak Audéo B Product information) the following methods are specified;

  1. Audéo B-312 Wireless via iCube II or Wired via mini pro/Hi Pro
  2. Audéo B-312T Wireles via iCube II or Wired via mini pro/Hi Pro
  3. Audéo B-13 Wireless via iCube II or Wired via mini pro/Hi Pro
  4. Audéo B-10 Wireless via iCube II
  5. Audéo B-R Wireless via iCube II
  6. Audéo B-Direct Wireless via Noahlink Wireless

For both methods (wired and wireless programming) you will need version 5.0 or higher of Phonak Target fitting software. Note that you cannot use the Target Update feature to get to version 5.0. You must start with downloading version 5.0 or higher. Note that Phonak allows wireless Firmware updates to some hearing aids via iCube II.

Wired Programming:
Phonak/Unitron HAs use different cables (CS44a, not the standard CS44 cables) because Phonak/Unitron has pins 3&4 switched for some obscure reason. Or you could use the standard CS44 cable with a DIY converter. Note that Phonak documentation may say “CS44 - (Phonak version)” which simply means CS44A cables with pins 3&4 reversed. This is a mini Pro;

Wireless Programming via iCube II:

Wireless Programming via Noahlink Wireless:

The Noahlink Wireless device is connected to your computer via USB;


I wonder why Phonak stopped the Update feature from updating to the new Target 5?

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You can download the Phonak Target 5.2 software online. If you look for the DIY forum, you will find the link.

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I’ve got Target 5 already. I just wondered if anyone knew why Phonak stopped the update feature from updating to Target 5?

What we need to find out? Phonak allows wireless Firmware updates to some hearing aids via iCube II. We need to find out if wireless Firmware updates can also be done with Noahlink Wireless?

It’s not a question of stopping upgrades. Target 5 is a new/different platform. There is no upgrade. It is a totally new and different platform, so an update from the old soon-to-be obsolete stuff to the new platform is not feasible.

Sorry about the belated response.

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How do you adjust the compression ratio (CR) in Target ? It’s always grayed out.

See if this helps; compression ratio (CR) in Target

Thanks. I’ve noticed that when I use the suggested resolve issue feature it suggests reducing compression. I can click fix problem and it changes the CR, but I have no way of doing it manually.
Also all of the programs have slightly different CRs,which is understandable. I just want to manually adjust. I thought there was an advanced option or a menu I was missing.

I played with the software some more and better understand how it changes the CR when adjusting the various gain levels

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Hi All, I have just purchased a second hand set of Phonak Audeo B-R. Do I need the iCube 2 to programme these or can it be done wireless? regards Chris

See DIY - How To Self Program the Phonak Audéo B-R.

Thanks for this posting. I have been flailing, intermittently with self programming my Aude’o B50-Direct HAs for a while. I have the iCube and the iCube II. I see that a NoahLink Wireless is required for the b50-Direct. Is the iCube the same as the NoahLink? Thanks again.