Distorted hearing but normal hearing tests results

Good evening everyone!
i am having distorted hearing regardless of volume, consonants like S,F,SH,T,GH sound very brasy,sharp .Drum sounds in a song seems very loud overpowering the whole song. I went to 8 doctors did all the possible tests including MRI and they say everything seems fine. My hearing is far from fine though. Everything is distorted and keeps changing every few weeks to even worse. it’s been like this for the past year. I also can’t hear “V” at all when watching TV or listening to music . i am not listening to earbuds.i also have tinnitus in a hissing form or high pitch permanently.Does anyone have any idea or a similar experience? i am on the verge of sucidie becausr all doctors can’t help me with anything in my country. Let me know.
Thank you and much appreciated!

Welcome to the forum.
Your description sounds like you are losing your mid to upper frequency hearing. Like many with a ski slope hearing loss. Your tinnitus falls in line with this too. The tinnitus can drive you crazy if you let it. I found a loud ceiling fan or some other constant noise at night when I slept to help with tinnitus.
Do you have an audiogram of your hearing loss? Could you share it with us?

Here is an audiogram the most recent one out of 1 year. it stays the same but my hearing became more and more distorted. The only thing it shows is little low frequency loss so it kinda shows them something is really happening and im not crazy but still no help.
Thank you for the informations i will look into it. Much appreciated !

I did not expect your hearing loss to be this mild with your first post.
We do have members with hearing problems with audiograms that do not show much loss. It is odd.
Maybe one of the pros or an informed member will post something that might help you.

Tinnitus is different for everyone. I always liked noise to distract from the tinnitus. Some people noise makes their tinnitus worse. You have to figure that out. Hearing aids help tinnitus with some people too.
Hang in there.

i also had ABR and TEOAES done everything shows fine but my hearing is extremly distorted. it’s sad audiometry in general doesn’t have any tests for distortions . some doctor mentioned i might be a very rare case of hidden hearing loss. it’s really difficult because i can’t seem to get help. Thank you for your time ! wish you all the best!

I assume they looked inside?? I’ve had what I called “ripped speaker cone” distortion that was cleared up when I went in for a cleaning.

Something has just come up on my Facebook about someone else who has ‘speech distortion’.

She’s been told no amount of tweaking of hearing aids will help her.

ENT diagnosed it as ‘speech distortion’.


yes they looked inside and said the ears are very clean and nothing is wrong with the structure. went to the best doctors and they are all confused…

i believe i also suffer from speech distortion indeed. The fact that the audiogram doesn’t show anything wrong means they can’t give me any hearing aids too. what a strange thing. Thanks for the info!

There are people who do suffer from Obscure Auditory Dysfunction. Misphonia can occur in various weird ways.

You have a little bit of a reverse slope loss (slightly asymmetric) and tinnitus. Are there any other symptoms like Nausea or a feeling of fullness?


I welcome you to this wonderful forum. Please do not harm yourself, someone will find a resolution for you and all things will get better. Just hang in there.


I have distortion in my left ear.
I also wear hearing aids. The aids do not help with the distortion.
What the left aids does is make the distortion louder.
I will notice the distortion either when I speak my own voice are if someone is speaking on my left side.
I have been told I have nerve damage.
It sucks but you do get used to it.
It just takes time.
You may not have the same problem as me.

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Might be prone to suspect the onset of Meniers if you have fullness of ear and nausea as Um Bongo asks? Distortion is one of the symptoms I had with Meniers, along with vertigo, nausea, fullness of ear, balance problems, variable hearing and some visual distortion, but it effects some folk differently…


Another possibility is from medications. There are many medications that can have an effect on hearing anatomy.

i did not take any kind of medications for years i have been a very healthy person. Thank you for letting me know!

no other symptoms besides the distortions feeling very good otherwise. Doctors are just confused by my situation. Thank you!

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Thank you so much! You are very strong and positive it’s inspiring. Helps me a lot!

Thank you for all the infos! No other symptoms at all no nausea vertigo etc. just the distortions. I am very grateful!

Please remember lastc… No matter how bad you feel, there is always folks whom are in twice as bad a situation as yours! When I am feeling down, I look back at my life and perhaps recall some very courageous and joyful people I worked with, many stick out but 2 in particular were an absolute joy to work with, both were profoundly Deaf and Blind, I was one of there “Communicator/Guides” I signed on the palms of their hands, using “Deaf/Blind Manual” a form of Sign Language for Deaf/Blind people, these 2 folks were absolutely full of life, full of fun and totally inspirational, they both were an absolute pleasure to work with and I for one was very proud and humbled to be given the opportunity to work with them… Don’t be too hard on yourself, you will adapt to whatever is thrown your way, try to be grateful for the little pleasures you have and live with any unfortunate health issues as best you can… Cheers Kev.


When you’re doing your tests, do you get pure tones or are they distorted?

For example, for my low frequency there’s no loudness where I can hear the tone, it’s always prrr. Which actually could happen from neighbour cells in cochlea (irrc around 2000hz) getting something while target cells are dead.
1000hz and above I hear normal tones.

On test they always say ‘whatever you hear, just report’, but I find that wrong. Hearing prrrr or hearing beeep isn’t the same ability.

So, question is, if you hear prrr vs pure tones, where on the spectrum it happens?