Distorted hearing but normal hearing tests results

Right? it would make sense and it does! i hear every tone perfect by that i mean no distortion and clear and when i could not hear anything i just said i hear nothing. Distortions are always there in speach it sounds robotic almost or like a very old radio best way i can explain it. regardless of volume or if its a man or woman who speaks . i also noticed drums come forward very much in the past weeks covering voices. i would say music also lost it s "roundness"sounding very dull yet no DPOAE TEOAE anything shows nothing wrong. its difficult because i dont know what is happening.i found some articless about “clarity loss” on web which is also similar to me i would listen to music only at few days apart just to see what else got worse. every few weeks something bad happens building up…do you hear everything distorted when watching tv or hearing music because of frequency loss? thank you for all! wish you the best!

Hm, interesting that you hear clear tones but still experiencing distortion when listening… I mean, weird, not just interesting.

I hear distortion all the time when streaming, but it’s not noticeable with regular listening, at least it doesn’t poke my brain enough for me to notice it.
Of course, through the aids. Plus, I argue that aids themselves add some distortion since I hear it in good ear just a bit different (I wear two 4HAs).

One theory was that that’s bc of poor bt on my phone, but since it’s here with tv connector and mics, it’s definitely in the aids.

But you don’t wear aids and hear it… But not with pure tones. Or at least, not at the ones they’re testing.

Maybe worth looking into those tests for audiophiles, where you can check your hearing for much more frequencies?

I forgot nicknames of audio folks here in forum, maybe they have some idea what’s happening, sound wise.

Hi lastc
Is it something like your ear or hearing closes for some subseconds on loud sounds?
I notice this by myself, for instance if I put 2 plates together, I miss a short part of the conversation I have at that moment. Same with loud tones, no matter what frequency.

that is really interesting i will pay attention if that happens. its just distortions for me. my ears have become an old radio like and no other symptoms at all. louder sounds dont create any sensitivity or any change in hearing.distortions remain the same no matter the change in volume. I would guess you are also having difficulties talking to someone in a place with background noise? i was amazed few days ago i could hear what some people were talking from far yet its really distorted…it also started affecting my speech lately. i wonder if people with audiograms that do show hearing loss have these distortions or is just missing parts and frequencies.Thank you for sharing with me !

Have you seen a neurologist?

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Yes! i also had ABR test done that showed everything fine…i found quite a few people with my symptoms on forums but nobody knows what’s going on