Costco Rexton Trax 42 (Product Information)

Update 12/14/2015:

Rexton Trax 42 is a family of RIC, BTE, and ITE instruments available from Costco with features similar to Rexton 80 4c and Siemens 7bx products.

RIC models:
• Trax 42 (312 battery, wireless, t-coil, 4 power levels)
• Trax 42 XM (13 battery, wireless, t-coil, 4 power levels)
• Trax 42 XS (10 battery, 3 power levels)

BTE models:
• Trax 42 MB (13 battery, wireless, t-coil, 60 gain)
• Trax 42 PB (13 battery, wireless, t-coil, 75 gain)

ITE models:
• Trax 42 CIC (10 battery, wireless)
• Trax 42 ITC (10 or 312 battery, wireless, t-coil, directional mics)
• Trax 42 HS/FS (312 or 13 battery, wireless, t-coil, directional mics)

• Premium QuadCore performance
• 42 channels, 20 gain handles, 6 programs
• Remote control apps for Apple iOS and Android

Wireless Features:
• QuadCore Audio Exchange
• Directional iLock and Mic-Pattern Adjustment
• Optional Smart Connect Bluetooth streamer


RIC 312 Datasheet:

Connexx Smart Connect for Apple iOS:

Connexx Smart Remote for Apple iOS:

Connexx Smart Connect for Android:

Connexx Smart Remote for Android:

I have these, fist set i have had, Tried the ks6 first, like these , truer sound for me.

I’m 2 days into a trial with these right now. So far, so good! Smart Connect accessory works well. I think I need to tweak my settings, but I need to try them at first, I think.


can anybody please comment on the binaural beamforming tech in this aid? how does the speech in noise performance compare to other aids?

everybody should be trialing multiple brands. I would recommend the phonak brio line as they have the rival stereozoom tech that’s not adaptive so it can only deal with sounds in front of the user.

what is the price for this aid?

Costco site now has this aid on it.

original post that regarding this aid

I’m extremely curious about speech in noise performance too. I had the Phonak Brio (R312) from Costco for about 2 months, but returned this weekend because speech in noise performance was much lower than with the Siemens Binax Pure 5Bx that I had trialed first (before the Phonak Brios). I loved the Siemens aids – I have good hearing, but extremely poor/disabling auditory processing abilities, so speech in noise is important to me, and not really satisfactory on the Phonak Brios (to me, it seemed like the Phonak aids added in lots of noise, so that I heard more, but overall signal quality was not necessarily a lot better).

The price for the new Rexton Trax 42 aids was exactly the same as the Phonak Brio (at my Costco, at least) - $1349 per aid ($2598 total).

I have my initial fitting for the Rexton Trax 42 in a few days, so am keeping fingers crossed for that!

I still need to tweak a little at my first follow up, but so far so good with these Trax 42. They seem to help in the car. I’ve only had them a few days and I have very little experience with advanced aids like these (my last pair were Phonak entry level HA’s). So, I have very little experience in terms of comparing to other aids with strong Speech in Noise tech.

All I can say so far is that the sound quality on these aids is excellent and so far they have performed very well in all situations I have been in. I will keep you posted if I have any issues.



I’ve ordered these and they will be here June 7. My issue is moderate to severe high frequency, which I assume is the most common condition.

Are these aids suitable for my condition?

I really never had any discussion as there were only a couple choices with no recommendations. I chose Trx 42 because they were the newest and iphone compatible and rechargeable.

I had hearing aids many years ago but they basically just amplified all sound. Useless as I could hear someone rustling a newspaper two blocks away but could not make out a word anyone was saying. Hoping these are better as I notice I’m starting to isolate and withdraw because its useless for me to be in a group conversation. I’m 59.

Hmmmm. One issue already. Thanks to this forum I have now discovered the Bluetooth requires the necklace thing. Kinda PO’d as the gal at Costco told me the aids were Bluetooth already. Another $275 for the Bluetooth.

If they are like mine they ARE Bluetooth ready. You just can’t use it without the adapter. I don’t believe you were lied to.

I definitely was not lied to but the lady was obviously not very knowledgeable about the product. I’m ok with that.

I have since set up another appointment to discuss my choice.

I’m now thinking I should go with the Kirkland signature 6.0. They are Bluetooth compatible right away and about $1300 less than the trax 42.

Can anyone tell me why I would choose the Trax 42 over the 6.0? I would sure appreciate some guidance.


What you need to do is trial the other aid and decide for yourself. Both have modern features. It becomes a matter of personal taste.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to cancel my trax order and go with the 6.0.

My audiologist had said I don’t need the remote for the trax if I had an iphone so I should just get the battery charger. Which I did. Now the $275 option came into play.

I asked (over the phone with the receptionist) if I could try the trax, then the 6.0 and if I liked the trax better, could I go back to the trax. The lady said they don’t allow me to switch back. Doesn’t make any sense to me. Whats the point of trialing if you can’t switch back?

Now they said I need to go back Friday and have an apt to discuss equipment options. Which I should have a week ago during my initial appt.

I’m starting to think my Costco staff is a bit suspect.

Costco called me back. Apparently they had just had their training the day before my apt and were unsure of the product. We got all that straightened out. They also said because I was being upfront they would let me trial the trax and then the ks6 then go back to the trax if necessary.

You don’t list a region so this may not work. How far to another Costco? Being at least comfortable with the audi seems a must.

Hi mjd2k. I work for Costco and let me assure you that Costco would allow you to return and repurchase the same model. If your location tells you differently they are making up their own rules and just ask to speak with their regional manager.

Before making up your mind you should demo the hearing aids in the store. Walk around with the KS6 and then do they same walk with the Trax.

Also if you are not comfortable with who you are seeing ask if there is another person at that location you can see. Most locations have more than one hearing aid specialist.

mjd2k, you’ve indicated your old aid just amplified all sounds. you understand that many are writing the same things about the ks6 aids? they are stating that the aids do not help as much in noisy situations. which is another way of writing that the aids are amplifying all sounds.

The “Auto Directional iLock” technology is revolutionary technology that can help with this. it uses all 4 microphones (2 per aid) together to hear sounds coming from any direction via streaming sounds fully between aids.

ks6 does not have this. only other aids that has anything similar is the siemens (rexton is the economy line for siemens) binax and phonak venture line. the phonak brio as the previous version of this technology but it’s only forward facing.

make sure you are getting the trax 42.

you understand that cool ks6 may not require a device that hangs around your neck but you still have to hold the iphone to your mouth in speaker mode? the reason why other companies are not going direct bluetooth is because it drains the battery faster and they need something that has a good microphone so you don’t have to hold the phone in speaker mode. plus the ks6 uses apple’s proprietary bluetooth that will not stream with anything other than apple’s NEWER devices. other companies probably do not want to pay that apple tax. So those uncool devices that hangs from your neck is to save on battery and provide good microphones for actual hands free calls.

Doubledown must be a rexton or seimens’ rep! :wink:

I’ve had the Trax 42 for about 4 days now. So far, I like. Very clear, high fidelity sound after my primary fit. A little tweaking to do, but that is what the follow up a week Friday is for. The Smart Connect neck loop is a nice little device so far. Lots of battery life, streams phone calls and music from my iPhone; as well as acting as a remote control for the HA’s.

Using tulip domes, which are a little more closed than I’m used to…so feel the occlusion sometimes. I’m thinking I’ll have to invest in custom molds before this trial is done.

Given the newer tech in this model, I’m likely to stick with these, rather than get something that has been around for months and is going to be replaced by a newer version in a few weeks (Phonak Brios??). Besides, I’ve had Phonak for 5 years. Time to give someone else a shot.


Thanks for the replies everyone!

  • I have talked with an audiologist again and they were not overly excited about it but they agreed to let me trial the ks6 if I want. So that’s nice
  • they apparently do not have demos In our costco. I’m going to maybe complain about that on Friday when I go back in for a hardware meeting, which I should have had the first appt.
  • in fairness to our Costco, they just had the training on the trax last week
  • thanks for your info. I’m in agreement with you on the benefits. I didn’t know people were complaining about the ks6 sound so that’s new valuable info.
  • do want newer tech and I get the bluetooth battery issues. Also the directional feature is important. I’m outside a lot so wind reduction is also important to me.
  • thanks for your PM. I concur with your thoughts

Is the Rexton “Auto Directional iLock” the same as Siemens binax technology with respect to binuaral capabilities?

yes, this is why the board is going crazy for this aid.