Costco ReSound Cala (Product Information)

ReSound Cala is a family of RIC, BTE, ITE, and MIH instruments available from Costco with features similar to ReSound LiNX2 9 products. It replaces the ReSound Sola product line.

Cala is available in two technology levels: 8 and 6. Cala 8 has 17 channels and 9 gain handles, and certain wireless models have premium ear-to-ear communication features such as Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense and Binaural Environmental Optimizer II. Cala 6 has 17 channels and 7 gain handles. All wireless models support Made for iPhone (MFi) direct audio streaming.

Cala 8 includes the following models: 312 RIC, 13 RIC, Standard BTE, Power BTE, IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE Half/Full Shell, MIH-S, and MIH. Cala 6 excludes RICs, IIC, and MIHs.

The IIC, CIC, and MIH-S are non-wireless with omnidirectional microphone and size 10 battery. ITC and ITE HS/FS are wireless or non-wireless with directional mics and 312 or 13 battery. MIH is wireless or non-wireless with omni mic and 312 or 13 battery. BTEs are wireless with directional mics and 13 battery. RICs are wireless and directional.

The following models are available with a t-coil: 13 RIC, Standard BTE, Power BTE, ITC, ITE HS/FS, and MIH.



Connectivity Guide:

ReSound Smart for Apple iOS:

ReSound Smart for Android:

From GN Hearing:

On August 1, ReSound Cala was launched in the branded category of Costco’s hearing aid business. The new, exceptionally strong product offering allows GN Hearing to increase its share in the branded category where there is good potential for profitable growth in years to come. Also, the launch allows GN Hearing to further leverage the strong brand recognition of its main brand, ReSound. As a consequence of the increased focus on the new branded products at Costco, GN Hearing will not be the supplier of Kirkland Signature 7.0.

Are you aware of any significant differences between the Cala 8 962 model and the Linx 2 962 model? From what I have read on this forum there don’t appear to be any but was just curious.

Mike in Alabama

I think the Linx2 might have more channels. But the Cala has plenty. The Linx2 to has the tinnitus feature which Costco doesn’t want to support.

Looking at the industry, there is tension between the traditional clinics and price sellers. Manufacturers are playing both sides with names. Phonaks Brio is just such a product. Although, they haven’t updated to the more recent tech. It was a stronger seller when it was current.

If I were in the market right now for aids, I might want to makes sure I had the info for what the KS7 entails. If it is Rexton, it should provide an equal level aid at a very attractive price.

Having had my other audi decline having me try a set of Oticon Opn’s because she didn’t feel there was enough improvement in my word discrimination; I’m about to put all my eggs in the cala 8 basket. If there are no major differences between the Costco Cala 8 Model 962 and local audi’s Resound Linx 2 Model 962; I’m certainly leaning toward purchasing the cala 8’s along with a phone clip (as I am a Galaxy S7 android phone user) and possibly multi mic. From prices I have received I’d save over $3,700 on the hearing aids alone and add’l $ on phone clip and multi mic. New hearing aids alone won’t make all the improvement in understanding speech but hopefully the new HA’s plus the phone clip and multi mic will give me some additional tools to help me in difficult noisy environments.

Mike in AL

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One difference which may or may not be significant to you is Cala products (including Cala 862) have the Tinnitus Sound Generator with Nature Sounds feature removed.

I just ordered a pair of the BTE models and it cost $2,600+taxes. How would I know if I have the standard or power version? Also what is the difference?

The Power BTE is designed to fit more severe hearing losses and is capable of higher gain and output. Standard BTE can support an open fitting and thin tube.

OK - I have the power version.

Rasmus_braun - I’ve been to the website and can’t seem to find in any of their documentation that the level 8s has the Spatial Sense that the Linx2 9 has like you outline above. It is what I am most interested in. The Costco HAS remained vague when I queried if the Cala 8 was the same as the Linx2 9.

How do I tell if the model I pick up today (Cala 8 RIC) has the premium communication features such as Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense and Binaural Environmental Optimizer II? Is it something the HAS needs to turn on? Is it something I can test out while I’m there?

Thanks so much.

Relax a bit. Go with the flow. Every indication to dates says they have the major features you are looking for. Only after you wear them for a while will you be able to answer the questions you are raising.

I have an iPhone and I have nearly three-year-old HAs from Costco, and I really appreciate this discussion.

Just ordered a Cala 8 IIC. Should arrive in about a week. Will post a thread giving feedback.
The aud called Resound to get the differences between Linx2 IIC and Cala 8 IIC and the rep told her she was not allowed to provide that information.
The Cala branded website is extremely lacking in information compared to the main Resound (Linx2) website.
Just more evidence this industry is extremely shady.

Oh well, I’m just glad Resound is offering a Cala version for such a huge discount. I am sure it is risky from a political standpoint.
It’s a huge step in the right direction of breaking down the corrupt system.

Linx2 IIC is $3500 from normal dispensers; Cala 8 IIC is $1400.

We don’t have Costco centres in Belgium, so I can only dream of such prices. And I don’t understand why ReSound is not providing the information asked for.

I was put on the Linx2 961 Rie with custom molds end July to try out for a month. On the contract the price mentioned is 4.740 EUR (= 5.293 USD) including 5 years warranty, regular free checkings and free batteries. For the Phone Clip+ she charges 200 EUR (= 223 USD).

Up till last Friday I found the sound of the aids very natural, but she increased some speech frequences and the total volume and I doesn’t sound natural at all anymore, certainly not when being inside.

What does IIC stand for?

Invisible In the Canal. It (supposedly) fits deeper than the CIC (Completely In the Canal).

I’m interested in the MIH model, but would like to know if those who have worn it are pleased with it. I haven’t yet seen any discussion of this topic.


Nbb, if you are talking about the Cala, it is just starting to sell through Costco. I was in my center last week and they had just arrived and were sitting in unopened boxes.

Yes, I was talking about the Cala. Sorry for not specifying that.


Received my Cala IIC.

First impressions:

  • Much larger than my Starkey Soundlens IIC - Looks like a CIC, not IIC
  • Fits slightly outside canal opening, and extends deeper into the canal
  • Due to fit issues, I am experiencing numerous issues that I do not experience on my Soundlens
    • Wind noise, jaw noise, etc
  • Sound clarity is not as good as my Soundlens, but that could be settings related.

I am going to return it and have them try to remake it as a deeper fitting IIC.
I think if they can match my Soundlens IIC size, it would fix most of my issues.

If they cannot match the size, I will likely return it and spend the extra $2000 on another Soundlens IIC.

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edro, thanks for your post. I was planning on trying these and I too had the Soundlens IIC. I got them a while ago and they were in the shop a lot for repairs. Usually the shell cracked. I was hoping the Cala was as good or better. I’d love to hear how you made out so please post a follow-up. Thanks again.