Costco ReSound Cala (Product Information)

I just went it to Costco this past Thursday and had my hearing tested. I had been having problems hearing for a while and have never had hearing aids although my son had bought me a pair of hearing amplifiers that I wore until they fell out of my pocket one day and I ran over them with the car. :frowning: They worked ok I guess but I had a lot of wind noise and squealing at times. They sufficed shall I say. Anyway, I ordered the Cala 8 RIC and I should get them next Wednesday. I had my hearing tested by the VA about two years ago trying to get them to give me hearing aids with no joy. Anyway, I hope they work as they are supposed to as my grand kids try to talk to me and I have to look to my wife to tell me what they are saying. Very frustrating all around. I will report back after I get them and give them a go. As I have never had “Real” Hearing aids before, I really have no reference to compare one with another.

Just ordered Cala 8 RIC after also trying the KS7. My first HA. Looking forward to getting them. So is my wife…

Congratulations -. If this is your first HA there will be a learning curve to work on. Your wife will most likely be loud being she has most likely been talking louder for you to hear her. I am on my fourth set of HA’s and I go through this each time.

Just had a hearing test at Costco and ordered the Resound Cala 8s, RIC. I got the ones with the size 13 battery because of the t-coil. The RIC, as opposed to the BTE with the tubes is smaller size, even with the size 13 battery. (They also come with the 312 size, but no t-coil from what I understand). The other important thing is that the rocker switch on the RIC can be used for both volume control and to change programs. On the model with the tubes it can only have one or the other. Just thought I’d post that for those who are new to this. Not sure how much I’ll use the t-coil, but it is quite possible I will and I don’t want to be sorry I didn’t get it.

I walked around the store with the demo pair and it was light years better than the old Resound demos I’ve been using for a few months. Wow! I could hear little kids’ speech distinctly with their high-pitched soft voices and they were a ways off, which I hadn’t heard at all with the other aids. I should be able to hear my grandkids on the phone now, which is wonderful! I could hear the wheels on the shopping carts :wink: too. I quickly got used to the shopping carts and had some conversations with the people passing out samples and it was a joy. Amazing! After I get mine, I’ll post more.

I was just fitted a few hours ago with Cala 8’s. I’m a first timer so don’t have anything to compare to but even though I don’t want to have to have aids, I can tell these things are going to help.

When will Resound provide a Quality Android App, with Bluetooth for this product, for other than Apple or Samsung phones, without making people pay an extra $200+ for a Clip or other product??

Jerry, the good news is that the phone clip comes with the hearing aids at no additional cost. There’s an app for the phone clip, though I haven’t tried it.

Update on the phone clip +. I received it yesterday and have been testing/using it since. Sound quality on the phone is better while using it, plus I don’t have to hold the iPhone to use as a microphone. Also, when not using the phone, it can be used as a remote to change programs, raise or lower volume, mute. Nice how it clips right to clothing or to a cord to wear around your neck. I’m glad I got it instead of the remote. I have an I-phone 5S and it paired with the clip without any problems. Very enthused about this! The phone was one of my biggest challenges. This will make life somewhat easier. Thanks to KenP, where he posted in another thread about it being a good accessory!

Also, there are two apps, the Resound Control app for the phone clip and the Resound Smart app. The Smart app appears to have more functionality with the HA’s and also works with the phone clip. I don’t want to try the Control app since everything appears to be working well without a hitch.

I had the Costco Rexton Quintra HA for a year and a half. I was basically happy but I had difficulties in restaurants, live theater and other public areas. After going back to the Costco audiologist, he told me a simple fact that resonated with me. He said, the Costco hearing aid is an entry level device compared with the HA sold by outside audiologist. He recommended anothemaudiologist and I have demoed the Resound LiNX² for a couple of weeks and I can tell the difference.

In other words, if the Costco entry level device is good for you, congratulations, you can save money.

On the other hand, if you have more complex needs or you can afford it, buy the top model. Hearing well is an important component of the quality of life and I have decided to spend more on the best device.

I only wanted iPhone ready devices with T-coil circuits and TV streamers. I ruled out the Oticon Opn because it had no T-coil circuit and I ruled out the Starkey Halo 2 because it had no compatible transmitter.

Finally, I pulled the trigger and bought the Resound LiNX² 9 and a couple of TV Streamer 2 transmitters. Quality of life is very important to me even at my age of 70.

I wanted to ask you knowledgeable people this question: I just bought Costco’s Resound Cala 8 and I’m having some major problems with 1. the programming, 2. the uncomfortable receiver/domes. You see, I was wearing the cute Oticon Delta 600 w/a very small ear mold for 8 years, which I got from a job that had great benefits. Do you think the computer chip in the Cala is superior to the old Oticons? Btw, I have a flat hearing loss all the frequencies, in the 60’s pretty much, and no doctor has been able to pinpoint the cause. Thanks

If very small custom molds helped with the Oticons then they would help again. Oticon Deltas were great aids, but with the continuous improvement in microprocessors, 8 years is a long time.

hilary, I wear the smallest domes. The other ones really hurt my ears, so I asked for smaller ones and ended up with the smallest. The computer chip in the cala 8 is the latest computer chip made by Resound from what I understand.

I got a pair of Cala 8s today, after over a year wearing Phonak Brios. I debated the Brio2 or Cala 8, and what finally swayed me was already having the TV Streamer 2s and Phone Clip +, versus having to get a ComPilot II and new TV Links with the Brio 2s.

So far I’m liking them. Streaming is definitely improved over the Kirkland KS6. I switched back to the KS6 for a week waiting for my Calas to arrive, and decided I slightly prefer the ReSound sound over my Phonaks.

As I’m typing this, I’m streaming XM Radio through the XM iPhone app directly to the aids, and it sounds pretty good. Streaming with the Phone Clip + sounds even better than just directly from the phone to the aids.

Hi the Costco aid is certainly NOT Entry level. It is usually 1 level behind the Branded product. He could also have told you that the Costco KS6 is the Linx1 product without the tinnitus function (and much cheaper), or the Cala 8 is the Resound branded version of a very similar aid. Or just to cap it all the KS7 is the Rexton Trax 42, one of the best at half the price of the Resound Branded Linx2. Slightly behind the latest tech, but certainly not entry level.
With all of the top aids, the main sound differences you will experience will be in the audio set up and the user available functions. I have trialled several aids and have a report if anyone wants to email me direct.

Just be aware that not all people need the full level of functionality. Iphone connectivity etc. Nice to have, but not absolutely necessary for everyone. My Verso’s (3 models behind the Linx2) with phone clip actually produces a better sound than the tinny weak sound of the Linx2 on open domes, when connected direct to the phone. It’s not the aids fault it’s the bass leaking out of the open dome. Plus in my opinion the phone clip connection (possible due to connection bit rate) is superior to direct connect, from the phone. I cannot confirm the bit rate, but the sound and connection stability, is far superior.
Yes if you want all bells, toys, whistles and programming yourself, (and have the budget) then go for the top most branded variant that you can afford. Once you have determined that it is suitable for your loss. But do buy more expensive just because it has functions (such as tinnitus function), unless you have tinnitus. It’s a waste of money for someone that does not suffer tinnitus and will never use the function.
I agree with your statement about quality of life, and i too purchased my aids based on hearing loss with as much functionality (as was possible at the time). However not all people can afford the much higher priced branded aids. Aids should always be bought primarily for their ability to improve sound and speech recognition, and then on functionality.

The Costco model is targeted to match / appeal to the largest majority of users, most of whom do not require tinnitus masking or direct connect for phone calls. Check how many people still hold the IPhone to their ear to answer a call, direct connect to IPhone still needs the phones mic. I would recommend matching the hearing loss first, then go for as many usable functions / accessories that you can afford. Always research, trial and trial again. Do not be afraid to ask questions. It can be a very expensive mistake when it goes wrong.

Just to show i am not biased (i do not work for Costco), I actually wear Resound Verso used with phone clip on Iphone 5S. They are 2 models behind the Linx2. I turned down the Costco option because i wanted to programme myself. Which is not possible with the Costco K branded aids. I will certainly be looking at the KS7 (Trax42) as i have trailed this and other many aids. For me, the KS7 (trax42) is better suited to my hearing loss (and sound preference) than the Linx2, and i am prepared to lose the direct connectivity.
However this will only be once my Versos give up. Even the improvement of the Linx2 and Trax does not justify me spending another £5000 per pair. Yes that is £5000 Sterling Not $. But that is just my opinion.

Longtime lurker, finally taking the plunge to purchase from Costco. I took the KS7 out to dinner with my family and was impressed with what I had been missing, then a week later took the Resound Cala out to the same restaurant with the same family members. The Resound seemed to be much crisper with less of a “hallway” sound. I also like the iPhone connection for use on my many frequent work conference calls.

So, question…the COSTCO staff tells me that I have the option of two models. The 861 and the 862. 861 is a smaller unit and uses the 312 battery. The 862 is slightly larger and uses the size 13 battery. The 862 also includes t-coils. Prices are the same for either model.

I’m not sure that I would use the t-coil option, but I’m not familiar with their use at theatres and other places in which it might be handy. The larger battery might be nice, but is it worth the extra size of the unit?

Lastly, does my experience in comparing the KS7 vs. the Cala sound similar to what others have experienced?

             L       R

250 20 15
500 20 20
1k 25 25
1.5k 30 30
2k 35 30
3k 40 35
4k 50 45
6k 45 50
8k 30 40

I have the Cala, and went with the 312 battery version. I prefer the smaller size behind my ear. While some others have used t-coils, I have never found a benefit from them. I can’t comment on the KS7, but can say that the Calas are an improvement over the Brio I was wearing, and the KS6. The KS 6 is the ReSound predecessor to the Cala, and the Brio is the Phonak Q90 platform. While I liked the Brio and had only a single automatic program, I could only hear well in front of me.

With the Cala, I can hear well all around me again, and it’s a “fuller” sound. I have All-Around, Restaurant, Outside and Music as programs, but rarely switch from All-Around.

Jay_man2 - thanks for the information. I also felt like the smaller aid fit/felt better. Do you pair it with an iPhone? How long do your batteries usually last? On one hand, I’m concerned about battery cost, just about the hassle of constant changing.

So far the batteries for me last from 4 to 7 days. If I stream a lot, 4 days. With little to no streaming, 7 days. It’s no real hassle to replace them.

I am in the same boat as Iowagriz. I am current KS 4 user (I think that’s it, they are Rexton, about 3.5 years old) and last summer I tried the KS 6 (resound) and the Trax (rexton). I thought the trax sounded better but the pendant was a pain to use and I could never figure out how to configure everything with my iphone/car bluethooth, etc. so I punted. I am now trying the Cala and I don’t know what resound did but to me these sound way better that the KS 6’s did and they are very easy to use. I am basically debating on whether to go with the 13 or the 312 size and wondering if anybody has any thoughts on that. Also not sure about how to stream TV. I have a smart TV with bluetooth. Would the phone clip allow me to stream directly to my h/a’s or do I even need it to do it. Not really sure about how the Cala’s work with bluetooth. This forum is great btw.

It is very hard to compare two devices a year apart.