Costco Phonak Brio 3 (Product Information)



Just purchased the new Brio 3 B13 BTE for $1379.99 each in Canada so $2759.98 for the set. I was going to get the Phonak Bolero B from Connect Hearing however regular price was $6590.00. From all my research, the new Brio 3 and Bolero B are almost identical - just a huge price difference.

At this juncture there are no “free” accessories with the Phonak HR. A year ago, the Comm Pilot was included with the Brio 2.

My first ever experience with hearing aids and I am quite impressed. I have been wearing them the entire day without issues.


Glad you’re finding them good. I love my Phonak HAs. :slight_smile:


I just ordered these today mine will be the Brio 3 13s RICs with custom mould Unfortunately I couldn’t demo in store either due to time issues or due to my loss as my HIS had to call phonak to check which ones would suit me either RICs or BTE as I was just on the cusp for both. They suggested Ric with custom mould and HP receiver to give me some wiggle room for any changes that may be needed. I chose the champagne colour as didn’t want beige I had intended to go for a blue but they don’t offer that choice :open_mouth: either way I’m happy I had good experiences with phonak in the past just it didn’t gel with my needs in school (radio aid compatibility issues) I will update on my first week of using these.


Is it true that the Phonak brio only have one size dome? that what the Costco guy tells me,my ears are small and when I was trying this pair on it did not fit my ear.


Sounds like some miscommunication. It could be that he tried their smallest dome and even it was too big, but they have multiple sized domes.


I found that to be a little strange myself,I have been trying the Bernafon,but they are giving me a sore ear,can’t seem to find a good fit for me,keep trying I guess.


Take a scissors and make a vertical cut in the side of the mold. If one doesn’t work, do a second on the opposite side. It relieves pressure.


These are loaners so I can’t cute,beside it’s pretty small and looks as if the dome is 2 pieces!when I took it out of my ear today the first part almost came loose.


I don’t know if this was answered or not as I might have missed it. The Brio3 is available with a BTE with 675 battery for profound losses. I’ve done a 2 week trial with them and have ordered them. I use them with a ear mold.


Huh! Looks like the Brio 3 version of the Phonak Audeo B Direct is available. It’s called the Brio 3-R-C (C is for connectivity and R is for RIC) That means Phonak is selling complete line of current generation through Costco, except for rechargeable. Sorry if somebody else had posted, but it’s news to me. I do see somebody had said Costco had said the direct streaming ones “were coming” but that seemed unconfirmed.


Surprising! This is Phonak’s latest technology.


Now all Phonak need to do is come out of the dark ages and offer a MFi version too then bring that to Costco and I would be very happy.


They have it’s called Brio 3-R-C.


It is not made made for iPhone. It will stream calls directly to one ear for most smart phones, but does not stream music.


There is a whole world of difference between Phonak’s direct connection and true made for iPhone aids.


Could you expand on the greater frequency range with the size 13 battery. I would have thought the 675 would be better.


It’s always been the case that the more powerful the hearing aids, the less frequency range they have.


A simple google search shows you. Look at the frequency range.