Costco Phonak Brio 3 (Product Information)

Unfortunately you are right, not until Audeo B Direct is there a new chip (SWORD).

"The Audeo Belong Receiver In Canal hearing device range is the first Phonak hearing device range with a rechargeable option. This in itself is quite an amazing innovation and a new direction for them. However there is much more that is new in this range than just that, the Belong comes with an upgraded operating system, the latest version of Phonak’s SoundRecover2 and new microphones and programme buttons.
The range uses the existing Venture chipset…"
from—hearingaidknow dot com

I’m not sure when they say “upgraded operating system” what that means when they also say the Audeo B “uses the existing Venture chipset”

I wonder how important SoundRevover2 will be for me. It might be valuable since I have so much loss in the higher frequency range.

Maybe SoundRecover2 (because it’s adaptive) will make you hate it less, and therefore leave it activated as opposed to turning it off :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also the Audeo B has Telecoil in the 312 battery size. I’m not sure about the Kirkland 8.
Maybe not important to most people but I would consider that a plus.

the only this I dislike is that there is something newer…don’t jump all over me for saying that.

Although KS7 has telecoil, KS8 does not appear to.

There be some truth to that! Frequency lowering is often not tolerated. Sound Recover 2 is supposed to be better tolerated. Also, frequency lowering often takes a fair amount of tinkering to get right and I think what often happens is that it’s turned on, patient complains and fitter turns it off. See, it didn’t work. I’ve been playing with frequency lowering on my KS7s for close to a year now and still not sure I’ve got my settings optimized. Biggest difference I notice is that I hear more bird songs and I can hear our dog’s tags “tinkle” (No, I still can’t hear him “tinkle!”) when he approaches from behind.

You have similar loss to mine, so I pay attention to your findings.
I have a very large dog and I can hear him tinkle…get a bigger dog.
But my young grandkids have started talking in fake VERY low voices so that I can hear them.
They think it’s quite funny (Me too).

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I hate it when the manufacturers come out with a seemingly new platform which is anything but a new platform. Considerable effort is required to discover when/if/how they are doing this.

Oticon did something similar with the Alta/Nera/Ria, Alta1/Nera1/Ria1, Alta2/Nera2/Ria2 (1’s are the VA models with a tinnitus feature). Sure there a few changes here and there but it is basically the same technology.

This instance is clearly a case in point. Some Firmware/software changes (SoundRecover2) minor cosmetic changes (microphones and programme buttons you say) and Voila, a new Audéo B platform. This chaps my hide.

I have significant high frequency (treble/voice/consonants) hearing loss. Lower frequencies are basically OK.

Last year I tried the Kirkland Signature 7 hearing aids. I returned them to Costco because the sound was way too tinny and unnatural. About a month ago I purchased the Phonak Brio 2 hearing aids from Costco. The sound quality is much better than the Kirkland S7 but the Brio 2 has some weird quirks.

One thing is that I frequently can hear the noise of the hearing aid itself adjusting its position behind my ears or against my glasses. The Kirkland S7 didn’t do that. It sounds like the plastic case is loose if that’s possible.

Another weird thing is that it seems like the algorithms in the hearing aids will cause the hearing aids to make frequent and noticeable changes to the functioning microphone levels causing me to have to frequently readjust my focus and concentration to account for the volume changes in my ears. Hopefully that explanation makes some sense.

I was thinking of returning the Brio 2 hearing aids to try the Brio 3 hearing aids. Any thoughts?

I was also thinking of returning the Brio 2 hearing aids and trying the GT Resound hearing aids. Any thoughts?

As an aside, I have an Android phone.

Thank you for your assistance.

I’m not sure if this is the right term, program hunting comes to mind. Mine automatically switch programs when they determine things like noise. For example the blower fan in the vehicle, fans/equipment at work. Are there things like that in the background that might be causing yours to change?

I have not seen the Brio 3 SP -13 battery - or UP - 675 battery - introduced to Costco yet. It has recently been introduced to Phonak as the Naida B-SP or B-UP.h Normally there is a period of time between Phonak introducing to their dealers and releasing to Costco. I currently wear the Brio 2 -675 which uses the V platform. The Brio 3 uses the newer B platform and the Brio 3 units just introduced to Costco do not include the Costco future model of the Phonak Naida 90 B SP or UP. Could be several months.

So I have had these for about 3 to 4 weeks now. I can say that yes my hearing is much better and with regards to the Sound Recover 2, I can really tell the difference with it on in a restaurant setting. It really cuts “out” a lot of the background noise so that I can hear people that I am sitting with at the table.

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What are the differences in features beside more power between the recently released Costco Brio 3 b bte with the 13 battery and Brio 3 b btw with the 675 battery.

I’m not sure there are any. The 675 is larger of course and is an UltraPower aid designed for profound losses.

The Brio 3 13 has a better frequency range then the Brio 3 675.

Yes, but that goes hand in hand with less power.

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Thanks for clarifying.

Thanks for the reply. I am current wearing Phonak Naida Q 90 bte with 13 battery that was purchased almost 3 years ago. Before buying the Naida Q ha I trialed a Costco Brio bte 13 battery but returned because the Costco people could not adjust it properly. Had the same problem with the Phonak Naida units and when Costco came out with the V platform I trialed both the bte sp with the 13 battery and am getting ready to return the brio 2 up with the 675 battery for the same reason no one at Costco can adjust them properly. In fact the Naida Q gives me better speech understanding than either of the similar Costco V platform Brio 2 13 or 675. This does not make any sense to me. Will not trial either the Brio 3 with the B platform & 675 battery. My main problem with both the Phonak Q 13 battery and either the 13 or 675 Costco Brio 2 is that when initially turned on the volumn is way loud and required 2 or 3 turn down clicks. Then I can not understand my wife sitting 3 ft away from me. Both Phonak & Costco Audis say the problem is that my hearing has gotton worse. They do not have an answer for why the Phonak Naida Q with 13 battery gives me better speech understanding. The 675 Brio 2 does have additional features as I can hear higher frequencies tones etc the I can not not hear with the 13 battery Brio 2 bte. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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They should be able to program other Brios or Naidas to the same levels as your Naida Qs. There are a lot of variables though. Yes, it makes sense that the 675 Brio 2 gives you higher frequencies than the 13. The 675 is a NadiaV which has Sound Recover 2, whereas the 13 is a Bolero V which makes do with the older Sound Recover. The new Brio 3s have Sound Recover 2 in all models.

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strong texthi 80 year old tech tragic, Have had Phonak Brio R for 4 years ,Just lost one. Costco has offered Phonak Brio 3 for $1600 aus each., I like BTE and use compilot for phone and TV ink.
Would you recmmend?

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