Costco Phonak Brio 2 (Product Information)

Update 3/17/2017:

Phonak Brio 2 is a family of RIC, BTE, and ITE instruments available from Costco with features similar to Phonak V90 products.

RIC Models:
• Brio 2 R-10 (10 battery, wireless, 2 power levels)
• Brio 2 R-312T (312 battery, wireless, t-coil, 3 power levels)
• Brio 2 R-13 (13 battery, wireless, t-coil, volume switch, 3 power levels)

BTE Models:
• Brio 2 B-312 (312 battery, wireless, t-coil, 60 gain)
• Brio 2 B-13 (13 battery, wireless, t-coil, volume switch, 70 gain)
• Brio 2 B-675 (675 battery, wireless, t-coil, volume switch, 80 gain)

ITE Models:
• Brio 2 I-N (10 battery, non-wireless, 1 power level)
• Brio 2 I-10 O (10 battery, limited wireless, volume switch, 3 power levels)
• Brio 2 I-10 (10 battery, wireless, directional mics, t-coil, volume switch, 3 power levels)
• Brio 2 I-312 (312 battery, wireless, directional mics, t-coil, volume switch, 4 power levels)
• Brio 2 I-13 (13 battery, wireless, directional mics, t-coil, volume switch, 4 power levels)

• AutoSense OS premium
• 20 channels, 20 gain handles, 5 manual programs
• UltraZoom premium, SNR-Boost, NoiseBlock, WindBlock, EchoBlock, SoundRelax, FlexControl, SoundRecover
• Price: $1299.99/ea. (RIC/BTE); $1399.99/ea. (ITE)

Wireless Features:
• Binaural VoiceStream Technology (Speech in loud noise, Speech in 360°, Speech in wind, DuoPhone)

Wireless Accessories:
• ComPilot II, ComPilot Air II, DECT II, EasyCall II, PilotOne II, RemoteMic, TVLink II


RemoteControl App for Apple iOS:

RemoteControl App for Android:

V90 Feature Name (Brio 2 Feature Name):
• AutoSense OS (Automatic)
• Calm Situation (Quiet)
• Speech in Noise (Noise)
• Comfort in Noise (Comfort)
• Speech in Loud Noise (Loud Noise)
• Speech in Car (Car)
• Comfort in Echo (Echo)
• Speech in Wind (Wind)
• StereoZoom (Narrow speech focus)
• Speech in 360° (Speech direct)
• UltraZoom (Directional microphone)
• DuoPhone (DuoTel)
• SoundRecover (HiFrequency protect)
• Real Ear Sound (Real ear effect)
• WhistleBlock (Feedback manager)
• NoiseBlock (Noise manager)
• WindBlock (Wind manager)
• EchoBlock (Echo manager)
• SoundRelax (Impulse manager)
• QuickSync (Binaural sync)
• auto Acclimatization (Adaptation control)

Will Costco let me try this brand/model out for 6 months similar to what I am doing with Resound Cala now?

I pick mine up this Friday, and yes they have the 180 day trial period.

Actually, I’m not sure if my HA’s are the Brio or the Brio 2’s. I will definitely ask Friday at my fitting, and if not the 2’s, I will ask when they will be available.

rasmus, thanks for the info / specs!

In plain English, can anyone explain what the improvement over the Brio the Brio 2s might provide?

I wear Brios, and from what I can tell the biggest improvement is being able to hear behind you better as a result of the “Speech in 360.”

Brio 2 contains a newer processing chip that’s twice as fast and uses up to 30 percent less power than the one in Brio. This allows the automatic program to more accurately classify the environment and respond to changing conditions. Brio 2 also has an updated wireless controller which offers faster and more stable connections to a new line of wireless accessories. There are software improvements in the loud noise and music programs, as well as additional programs for speech-in-car and reverberant situations. Finally, the physical casing is made of a new fiberglass composite material for added strength.

Thanks rasmus. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Much appreciated.

I switched form Phonak Q90 to V90, which I understand to be the same as Brio and Brio 2. In addition to the longer battery life (1-2 days longer), I find the new V better in all areas, not dramatically, but more seamless switch between programs and better overall sound quality. I had some static sound issues with one of my aids when I had the Qs that I never could get rid of. Have had nothing of the sort with the Vs.

I am still in my Brio trial. After reading the info here, I called and talked to my guy at Costco. He ordered a set of the Brio 2s and I’ll get them on Tuesday. He said they should be a nice upgrade. I also got the one that uses the 13 battery.

How does the trial swap deal work? What would happen if I swapped the Cala’s in for the Brio, but I did not like the Brio better than the Cala’s? Also will the audi use the same custom earmolds? I know I would loose the money I paid for the Resound TV streamer and I would have to buy the Phonak version.

It all depends what is still in the trial period. Product can be returned during that period.

So if it’s a return, then would it also be a new purchase and the trial period starts over?

I’m looking forward to what you think, Ray3. I’m in the same boat (1/2 way through my trial period with my Brios).

I’m particularly looking for better music performance - especially for acoustic guitars, banjos, etc Folk/Bluegrass type music .

Also, some additional flexibility re: controlling the HAs. I’ve never been able to get the iPhone app working with my Brios and I’d like more options from the buttons on the HAs. Right now I have them set so the left button changes programs and the right one increases volume. I’d like to be able to change programs and adjust volume up or down without the need to use the Compilot.

It be a good idea to exchange the Brio for the Brio 2. Better battery life and better directionality utilizing an improved processor.

I was going to reply pretty much the same way KenP did. The 2s have better “stuff”. (how is that for a good technical explanation?).

On a more serious note, since you are still in your trial, you have a great opportunity to try them with your own ears and with no risk. Much better than a report from someone else. Plus the sooner you try them, the more trial you have.

Costco does a credit on the old ones and a sale on the new ones. My Costco guy told me they would hold on to my old ones until we see how the 2s work.

My Brios are the 312Ts and I took a took a chance and ordered the 2s that use the 13 battery. With the 30% less power usage combined with the bigger battery, I am hoping to get a nice increase in battery life (2-3 days). Plus, they have both a volume switch and program controls right on the units. My only concern is that the 2s are a bit larger. If too big, I 'lol just reorder in the 312T size.

Thanks for the update rasmus_braun. I got the Cala8 about a month ago but plan to try these, at least in the store to see if there’s any big difference for me. If there is, I may try them for a while. I do love the iPhone connectivity with the Cala8, it has been fairly seamless to get set up and the Phone Clip is really excellent. But the Phonaks were the other ones I wanted to try. It’s a lot of work to do all this, but worth the effort if one seems significantly better for my specific hearing. I’ve got another appointment set up for the beginning of November so it will give me a chance to maximize my use of the Cala8s until then.