Costco KS9 connection to Windows 10 computer

Do I need to TV streamer to connect to a Windows 10 computer via bluetooth or is it as simple as pairing the device? I have not had success yet. Also, how much extra drain will I see on the batteries? Thanks.

You don’t need TV connector. I had this issue recently. I could pair with the computer’s bluetooth, but it wouldn’t stream. I got a Insignia BT dongle from Best Buy and it worked like a charm. Phonak recommended a Sennheiser BT dongle, but the cheaper Insignia one worked fine. Battery life is not great with the KS9. I get 3-4 days with medium receivers.

Thanks @MDB. I have the software update on the KS 9’s and my computer can see the device, but streaming has not happened yet. So I plug Insignia BT device into the headphone port on the computer and that is all it takes?

The Insignia BT device is a USB dongle. Just plugs into any USB-A port. I picked a front one since I figured the antenna would better “see” the hearing aids. It’s possible your computers bluetooth might work. You need to pair to the Right hearing aid, not one of the LE ones. If you go with the Insignia BT dongle, you’ll need to disable the Computer’s bluetooth.

After pairing check your sound mixer settings if your sound card actually sends it to the headset, for me under Linux i have to switch to unplugged headphones (instead of speakers) and then choose bt headset. So if they’re paired, look at such sound setup, maybe you’re just few clicks away :slight_smile:


If you want to stream video from the PC and listen with your aids, you will likely encounter considerable latency with the sound. If you only want music, that should be OK. The latency won’t bother you. I have Marvels, and they pair with some Bluetooth devices just fine, and others, not at all. I recommend the Phonak TV Connector. It is pretty pricey, but works like a charm. I get 2 1/2 days of battery life out of size 13 batteries when doing a good bit of streaming.

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I’m able to connect and stream. Well, if playing YouTube is considered streaming…

I sdo find some latency.

I also find that the next time I want to hook to the computer, it must be re-paired.

@John_Green. That is exactly the additional info that I needed. I tried the ideas suggested by @MDB & @Blacky and was able to get connected both at home and at work. I found the sound to be very choppy, so it will not work for me doing online teaching if I hear every few words from the students. I am sure a BT streamer will fix it. The expected battery life is good to know. Thanks everyone for the help.

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Be nice to know, specifically, what flavor of Bluetooth is required. This recommended “dongle” or otherwise hit and miss is exasperating.

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Both the Bluetooth in the computer and the Insignia BT Dongle are BT4. Why one works and one doesn’t I have no idea. Phonak recommended a Sennheiser BT dongle but those are harder to come by and more expensive.

As a former drummer I find latency to be a deal killer if I’m watching a video and listening to sound.

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According to Oticon Tech Support and various on-line sites specializing in bluetooth audio, the Bluetooth implementations of many Bluetooth chipsets/drivers are buggy and/or incomplete, especially in desktop computers. The audio sites also complain about widely varying latency issues that may depend on the chipset and driver. With a MacBook Pro (2016 with Bluetooth 4.2) I can use an Oticon ConnectClip (Bluetooth 4.2) with my OPN S 1 hearing aids without issue. However, with an iMac Pro (Bluetooth 5.0) I have to use a Bluetooth dongle in order for things to work. I have a Sennheiser BTD 800 USB dongle (Bluetooth 4.0) that came with the ConnectClip - that “just works” unlike the built-in Bluetooth chipset/driver.

Ensuring that you have the most recent driver from the Bluetooth chipset manufacturer (and not necessarily the one provided by Windows) may help (or not).


Latency would drive me nuts. I now know that both of my recent, high-end Windows 10 computers do not cut it. Getting the right dongle to add to the mix is my next experiment. I appreciate all the suggestions.

I don’t notice any latency with the dongle or built in bluetooth in my chromebook.

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