Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



You don’t need a smartphone. I don’t have any additional info about your hearing, but most any hearing aid could work. Just about all current hearing aids offer some sort of streaming and some kind of smartphone app. Phonak and Oticon have the least sophisticated apps, Resound and Widex the most sophisticated. Signia and Starkey are likely somewhere in the middle, although I have very little info on Starkey.


Thank you,that is great news ha maybe I should try the Phonak from Costco,everyrone seems to make a really big deal over these apps and hearing aids,I feel left out!


Use Bluetooth. The phone gives this instruction if not an iPhone.


The Kirkland Signature 8.0 HA has the XPhone feature like in the Rexton. You just need to attach a magnet to your land line phone, or flip phone, speaker and it triggers the Xphone mode. The XPhone mode transfers the incoming call speech to both ears using the hearing aid wireless technology.


Maybe this is what you’re saying, but my understanding of the xphone is that you hear it through the aid your holding phone to and that aid transmits the same sound to the other ear. And I’m not sure I’ve got this right.


That is my understanding. What I am not sure about is if you have to dedicate a program to it. There is one there as a canned default in the software, but I had assumed that was what you use if you don’t want to use the magnet method, and just turn it on with a program change.


I don’t know…


Are there any Android users who regret getting this over the brio 3?

I had the option between the two but ended up getting this one due to the price difference.


I started out with an old Android phone, but it was so old it would not run the Connexx Smart Direct app. The more limited (Smart Remote?) app would run, but is kind of limited in what it can do. I then got a hand me down iPhone from my son and am using it without a SIM card or any phone service. Since I have a VOIP (Ooma) land line phone I can call out with the Ooma app to anywhere in Canada, as long as I have WiFi internet. The iPhone app certainly has more capability than the Android. The iPhone even has some limited capability to communicate and stream with the KS8 without installing the Connexx app. I only have the basic $4 Ooma service, so I may have to spring for the extra $6 a month for the Ooma Premier which will let me receive calls as well as initiate them, and also unlimited free service includes all of the US and Canada.


I think @Don has Brio 2s or 3s and loves them. He uses with a Compilot 2 and streams to Android phone as well as other devices.


I really wanted to return my Brio 3’s and get the Marvel, for both the direct connection and for the later chip, Autosense 3, etc. The connection to only one device was a showstopper for me. The Brio 3’s really do work well so I don’t know if I’m really missing anything. I have the Compilot 2 Bluetooth device and I really need its connectivity.

So my summary, the Marvel is probably a better hearing aid. The Audeo b90, Brio 3 with a Compilot 2 is a better Bluetooth hearing aid with multiple concurrent connections.


I guess I should ask if anyone has an Android phone AND the Kirkland signature 8.0 and if they still like it


As I said, I had that combination. If you have a recent enough Android that you can run the Smart Direct app, it should work fine. The only thing it lacks over the iPhone combination is the ability to direct stream from the phone. If I had a more recent Android and no iPhone available, I would use it.


I picked up my ks8s today, and though it says my phone is supported (Pixel), Connexx Smart Direct was only picking up the Left HA. After trying multiple times, my Audi just had me install Connexx Smart Remote instead and that connected fine.

What’s the difference between the two apps?


I have the sig 8’s with an Iphone 5c. I find that I have to go back and re-initialize Blue Tooth on the phone to get the 2nd HA to connect. And if the battery is even close to low, that HA will cut out.
I have 2 applications, one is “Smart Direct” which gives me control over modes and a microphone direction control feature, battery status check, etc…

I have something else installed which I launch with 3 taps on my phone button, but I can’t see the name of the app. I think that may be Smart Remote. That comes up and recognizes the HA’s as Rexton KS 8.0 with a battery indicator, allows me to change Mic volume/HA, Gives me preset control. AND Live Listen so one can place the phone someplace and have the sound captured at the phone and sent to the HA. To be honest I don’t use that in my circumstances, but I do use the fact that I can listen to the news from my phone direct to my HA. I can also hear the cell phone direct to my HA’s which is a real treat. Hope this helps, Allen


Smart Direct offers more features. Take a look at both on the Google Play Store for a direct comparison. Smart Direct relies on a bluetooth connection. Smart Remote uses high frequency tones (about 12khz) to send messages to the hearing aids. It’s one way communication. Phone can send commands to hearing aids, but hearing aids don’t communicate back to phone. There’s also a Smart Connect app that works with the optional Smart Connect device.


I didn’t use the Smart Remote long, but I think it basically is just a remote control to change programs. It does not name the programs, but just lists them by number, so you have to know what number is which. The Smart Direct is much more functional, although one could argue that the features are just bells and whistles. It names the programs, and adds three more programs in addition to the 6 that the fitter can program; Cafe, Cinema & Theater, and Group Conversation. It lets you change a few minor things like the HA tone volume, and the power on delay. It also has a Sound Exposure function that graphs your sound exposure during the day. Cute, but probably not all that useful… It controls microphone focus in the Automatic program, but I believe Smart Remote does that too. The best description of what the Smart Direct does, comes from Signia. Most of the features, but I don’t think all, are available on the Connexx Smart Direct app for Rexton/KS8.

Signia myControl App

The feature I like the best comes with the use of an iPhone, and does not even seem to need an app. It automatically routes iPhone music and incoming phone audio to the HA’s using bluetooth.


I believe the quick 3 tap function is built into iPhone (built for iOS), and does not depend on an app. It brings up a screen that looks something like this.

You can also get to this iOS function on your iPhone by using Settings, General, Accessibility, MFi Hearing Devices, and finally the Name of your hearing aids, to see options…


The Smart Remote app does let you change the numbers to whatever you’d like to label them as.


I was having a hard time doing that with the Smart Direct, but the secret seems to be to press the Go button after you edit the name, and then Done…