Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)


Been awhile since I played with Smart Remote app, but I think it depends on how it is initially set up. If you use the UPC code from the paperwork Costco can provide, it should come with names, and I don’t think they’re changeable. If you skip the UPC code, you have to name them yourself, but lose some features (like batter meter)



Does anyone else’s ks8’s right side run out of battery juice faster than the left? This I my 4th battery change since getting them, and I always left each one run it’s full battery. So my right will run out, and then I let my left run out before I put in new batteries in both. My right ones always go out a half day earlier than my left.



I find myself, when my left battery runs out, switching it with the right to extend the battery life. Someone else posted something about it being the difference in the programming of the devices seeming to say that one HA that uses more energy would wear down faster. My hearing loss is pretty much the same in both ears.



My left ear is at a larger loss than my right so I would assume that the left would run out instead of my right which isn’t the case. For the most part I keep my HAs in auto program so not too many button presses on the HAs.

When your left goes out but you switch it over, does that mean the battery isn’t actually out?



My left ear receiver uses more power than my right. The first couple of changes was the left first. Then I was going in for a fitting adjustment so I replaced both at the same time, and since then the right has been going down first. Don’t know if there is a clear pattern. It may be that it is just battery to battery variability with the Kirkland (Rayovac) brand.



My left is worse as well but my right always runs out first. I have no idea why.



Perhaps there is a master HA and a slave HA? And contrary to the source definition of the terms, the master in this case does more work than the slave?

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Mine does the same as well. Also my left ear is worse then the right. The left left last 1 hr 1 1/2 hrs. longer then the right battery.



I’m wondering if it’s because the right HA houses the program controls this requires more power. Where as the left HA only operates volume



My right hearing aid seems to always run out first. It also has a higher level of amplification. Usually the left will go within an hour of the right. So when the right goes, I replace both of them at the same time.



I have KS7 and my left typically quits earlier and my right ear has the worst loss. I suspect there’s variability in power efficiency of individual hearing aids.



I received my new kirkland 8 has’s on dec 31 18. really excellent compared to my previous kirkland 6 ha’s as far as sound is concerned. So far they have been ibn for service twice, the first time they gave me completely new hearing aids as well as receivers, las time the right one died and ythey put a new receiver as well as one of the amplifiers was replaced. Two days after I got it back the receiver on the left one packed it in. I am going back after easter to get a refund. I am profoundly deaf and each time they go in for service they are away for 8 business days which equates to a fortnight in reality. I cannot live or function like this . I dont have confidence in the aids anymore, I dont trust them.

It’s weird because I am not rough with them, treat them with kid gloves and care. Is my experience unusual or is there a lot of folks with a similar experience. had them for 4 months and not had them for 6 weeks of that 4 months




Go for BTE version. It will make less problem



they are BTE:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:



Motion series? I have to Siemens signia from past 15 years one ite and one ric never had any problem. For repair just sending for mould cleaning once year.



They are RIC style. They don’t offer the BTE style in the KS8 but I think they do offer all the styles in the Rexton version. I tried the KS8 and had a couple of repairs early but seemed solid after that. I eventually returned and got the Costco Phonak Brio 3, which have been good, no issues.



I have the KS8’s and would like to say they have been perfect since I got them 2 months ago. They have not, but, at this point I’m not sure it is a fault with the HA’s, or the fitting, or I just am not going to get anything better with my hearing loss. For now it is a work in progress. They certainly have not outright failed.



There is a tv transmitter available. It works extremely well. One of your programs will be dedicated to the transmitter and you get excellent reception right to your ha’s. The ambient sound is muted somewhat and you can have the tv sound completely muted for the room. So if you wife prefers to listen to something else, she won’t have to deal with the tv volume.



Can you tell us more about this transmitter. How much? What’s it called? How to get it? etc…



It’s called tv transmitter. You get it at the Costco hearing center. They have to order it. I can’t find the receipt but seem to remember $140.