Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



As for microphone levels change, it could happen because of a program switching. There is a setting in Automatic programs/Fine tuning in Target programming software called Sensitivity. Adjusting it might help.


Interestingly enough, one of the first things my old audi did for Oticons BTEs I had at that time was to remove the wax guards permanently, saying that they just create problems.


Interesting, Nate. What headphones do you use? Thanks.


Ausdom with the Clip receiver mentioned above from Avantree.


Thanks for the info, Nate!


Just received my new hearing aids from Costco.
I was impressed by the comprehensive hearing test. My new aids are a big improvement over my Oticon Acto Pro for a lot less money. I highly recommend Costco for heraing aids


I’ve had these for 6 months now and am still very pleased with them. After two firmware updates, the battery life is still around 4 days. But I stream a lot. I mostly use them on the automatic setting. I use the cafe setting when we go out to dinner. It works reasonably well. The IOS integration works well. The upgrade to IOS 12 seems to have resolved many of the clicking issues.


I want to connect an walkie talkie with a 3.5mm jack sound output to the KS 8.0 hearing aid. I cannot figure out a working solution.

Anyone have any suggestions? It has to be 3.5mm output from the walkie talkie to somehow interface into the hearing aid via any connection…

I checked the smart mic accessorie and there doesn’t appear to be any 3.5mm interface to input any sound to be able to stream it into the headphone.

UPDATE— I found something that may work. It’s called an “earhook” It looks like it functions off of t coils. It’s basically earphones for the hearing aid. here is a link. YouTube

So now my question, do the kirkland 8.0 have t-coils?


Yes there is a telecoil available in the size 13 battery version .
You mentioned the Smart Mic. There’s also the Smart Transmitter 2.4 shown here that you can output your 3.5 adapting to rca into this box and out to the aids.


But is that feasible to carry on you and during an entire 8 hr work shift?

Also, the smart mic has no 3.5mm connections listed and i didn’t see one on the demo device?


You didn’t say what your intentions were :slight_smile:
This is the Smart Transmitter 2.4 not Smart Mic.


Thanks. I’m researching this now. Appreciate knowing what the Sig 8’s require to self program.


I just recently got KS8s and they only installed Automatic, Noise/Party, Cafe, Cinema & Theater and Group Conversation. I have tried the different programs and really do not hear a difference. Is the Television program that they installed for just tuning the hearing aids or does it connect to another device. I would love to find a way to better listen to the TV without blasting my wife out of the room.


I also have the KS8S. I have a telecoil program installed, and it works well with the Open Windows transmitter that is connected to my TV.


I program my own Starkey’s which I’ll replace with the KS8’s soon. I’ve used the software to give me different settings as well with very little difference in hearing. I’ve tried “in the car”, Restaurant, etc… If there is a difference it is so subtle that I can’t tell.


Can some one post everything that I would need to program the KS8 myself?

I need to know the cheapest hardware and software needed. And do I need access or special codes to activate the software?

My audiologist just isn’t getting it.


This is from the hearing tracker site. It’s a video comparison of the KS8 with the the Signia NX.

You’ll need to scroll down to find the video review.


Search for forum member PVC. Click on his avatar. Read info linked on how to program hearing aids.


I’ve been getting 5 full days, too. Use Connexx app on my S9 plus and stream music and videos directly from my iPad. If Samsung doesn’t up its game to offer cell calls directly thru my HA, my next phone will be an Apple.


I still have my old fashion flip top phone,I only see information on this site about hearing aids and Iphones! nothing about hearing aids and flip top phones,so my question is anyone out there who have hearing aids that still work great without you having to run out and buy a $400.00 iphone?