Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



I didn’t get that with mine either.


I have had the KS8 with telecoms for about 8 days now. I have them on about 16 hours per day. So far I am on the original batteries. One thing that I’ve noticed (using the Connexx Smart Remote), the battery usage feature was there but disappeared. Anyone have any suggestion?


Where can I but the Noahlink wireless programmer? Cost? Do I need a license?


I hope I am not asking questions that have already been answered.
I am using KS 8 RIC and Resound ENZO 3D BTE hearing aids, both on trial.

(1) For the ENZO I bought a PHONE CLIP+ and have been able to ‘pair’ it with four different Android devices, two phones (J3 and S8) and two tablets. Two phones cannot be paired at the same time but one phone and one tablet can. I can use the android phones to have phone conversation as with the iPod (or iPhone) connected directly to the HAids by BT. Very clear sound. Additionally, I think I can buy one of the Low Latency aptx TV transmitter/receivers discussed here, use toslink to connect it to my TV and pair it with the Phone clip +, thus avoiding the purchase of a dedicated ‘TV Transmitter’ (which is needed if one does not use the Phone Clip+). My audi mentioned the dedicated TV transmitter but may not have any experience with the ones we can buy from Amazon. Has anyone here used this combination for TV programs?

(2) Regarding the KS 8 I am looking for a device comparable to Phone Clip+ for ReSound or Connect Clip for Oticon. Is there one and if so, what is it called? The nearest thing I have seen is a picture of Smart Connect device on a Rexton Premium Models pamphlet but the picture shows iPhone or IPad. I will ask the audi at Costco but will like to be prepared before I see him. Also, can Rexton’s Smart Transmitter be used for direct streaming to the KS8 w/o an intermediate device? Alternatively, I can buy one of the cheaper TV transmitters from Amazon and use the intermediate (Phone Clip type) device for KS 8 or Rexton if available. Btw, the Phone clip does not work (or pair) with the KS8 HAids - I tried out of curiosity :slightly_frowning_face.


About Resound Phone Clip+, you can connect to two phones at one time, but on an active call on only one. You can pair to up to 8 devices. The only time I have used it with two phones is with my cell phone and office phone. I haven’t tried with two cell phones but it should work that way. They advertise it that way.

About the KS8 device, it is called the Rexton Smart Mic, and it is the same as the Signia Streamline Mic. It also works as a remote Mic so you can place it next to speakers or give it to someone else to speak into. It connects to only one device at a time.

The Rexton TV transmitter does transmit directly to the hearing aids. It does not go through the Smart Mic. Like the Resound, if you have the Bluetooth device and you get a call, the TV sound is muted until you complete the call.


Thanks Don. I meant ‘cannot be connected’ at the same time - as you said pairing is possible with up to 8 devices. I did try to ‘connect’ J3 and S8 at the same time, both with a cellphone, but failed.

Anyway, do you know the cost of Smart Mic? If I use it with the KS 8 , should I not be able to use one of the cheaper TV transmitters advertised at Amazon? I won’t need a Smart Transmitter then.


$199 I think. Maybe $179. I haven’t found a transmitter that is really fast enough with no lag. I use one on another device and it works fine, but for TV, the lips are going to be ahead of the sound. The TV transmitters work really well and are easy to start and stop. For me, the hearing aid TV transmitter is worth it.


Thanks for pointing out possible problems using a non-Rexton TV transmitter with the Smart Mic. Do you know the cost of a Smart Transmitter for KS 8?
Also do you know if one is likely to have the same lag problem using a Phone Clip+ and a non-ReSound TV transmitter?


I have a now discontinued BT TX that works well at lip sync. There are any number of them available. Look for ones advertised low latency. The one I had was around $25.


Sorry, what is BT TX?
And there are many Low Latency aptX transmitters (and some also with receivers) on offer at Amazon with varying star ratings. Which one are you using, with Smart MIC (I assume) and KS 8?


BT = Bluetooth
TX = Transmitter

The one I had is discontinued but I believe they have a newer model.


Thanks. I will look for one with high star rating. Is it worth having a Receiver as well? Maybe, not relevant for use with HAids.


You do have the BT accessory right? There isn’t an MFi version of this.


I am not sure what you mean by BT accessory? To avoid misunderstanding let me explain:

I am looking for a TV transmitter as an alternative to that for direct transmission to KS 8 or Enzo 3D using BT. These alternative low cost transmitters will work with intermediate devices (Phone clip+ and Smart Mic for my two HAs) but need not be MFI compatible. If they were, then we won’t need the intermediate devices. I hope my understanding is correct.


Look at Ken’s link and you’ll work it out.

BT = Bluetooth.

It’s a low cost way to stream to your hearing aids from your TV.


The Rexton TV transmitter is somewhere around $170-180.

Yes, same problem with any other manufacturers device.

Bluetooth transmitters today use aptx to get low-latency Bluetooth. But none of the hearing aid Bluetooth devices use aptx, so you get the delay. You will see ads for low-latency transmitters but in the fine print you have to have aptx on both sides.


To add to my comment, if you can stand a little latency where the lips and sound are just a little off, the Bluetooth transmitters are the cheapest way to go. I have one TV with that. It’s not ideal, but not too bad.

Also, some Tv’s have an adjustment for this that may adjust out all the delay.

Another option is to have one manufacturer TV transmitter and move it around where you need it. You would need a Toslink cable and a micro-usb power cord for every place you may want sound, then all you have to do is unplug the two things, move to the other room and plug those two wires back in.

Also, since the TV transmitter uses micro-usb for power, you can go mobile with one of those cell phone battery recharge things, like a Pocket-Juice.


Some people do not detect subtle desynchronization between video and audio. My wife, for instance. So you and I may say “not ideal” where some would say “no problem”.

Yes, it seems to me though that adjusting it for the BT device would mean desynchronizing for those folks who are not listening through it. Then again… if they are the type who don’t detect the desynchronization. :grinning:


For the ReSound a TV transmitter costs $275. Since I already have the Phone Clip + I will try to use the ‘best’ of the transmitters Amazon offers and see how it works for my Enzo 3D.

As I intend to use the KS 8 as a back up I will postpone the decision about buying a Smart Mic and Smart Transmitter 2.4.


I use this:

and this with my cushy over the ears headphones"

No lip sync problems and very comfortable.