Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



From what I can tell, the hand tool is very similar except that Signia just uses a straight tool whereas Oticon makes a “U” out of it. Technically the KS8s are referred to as RICs (Receiver in Canal) BTEs don’t have any electronics in the ear and can thus avoid the need for a wax filter. Sound is transmitted through a tube from the hearing aid to the custom mold. It is possible for the tube to get plugged with wax, but I think this is much less common.


I agree, these are RIC models like Oticon OPN. I am not sure if the OPN 1 I tried for about 6 weeks had a wax guard like these KS 8 models. Probably not.

Oticon has a powerful MFI BTE model. Does Costco offer a similar BTE model, though not part of KS 8?


Costco has MFI BTEs: Bernafon Zerena and Resound Forte. Price is in the $2600-$2800 range for a pair. The Bernafon Zerena RICs should have a similar wax filter to the Oticon OPNs.


The OPN has a wax guard, although I’m not sure if it’s like the KS8 or not because I don’t have the KS8.


If I can move a sound from a frequency where I have a 90 decibel loss to a frequency where in have a 70 decibel loss, then I may be able to hear it. Also, I have dead regions so besides the 90-100 decibel loss regions they test, I have some adjacent regions that are gone. So moving those sounds somewhere else and hearing them is amazing.


Yes, you are correct. I just checked the brochure and they call it wax filter (and also prowax minifit filter), and have an U-shaped replacement tool with one empty prong/pin to pull it out and the other to insert one. This seems to be a much easier tool to operate than the odd tool that came with KS 8.

When my OPN provider gave me the two hearing aids, lots of battery and two copies of the users manual I asked for spare domes as replacements. He said that he will take care of it when necessary. He did not mention about the wax filters or show me the replacement tool (unlike the h.a. specialist at Costco). Even when one of the double domes for the 100 dB OPN receiver stopped working he said he forgot to mention the need to wipe it with alcohol soaked pads after each use - again did not mention the wax filters. This is very strange and inept. It cost him a client but me a lot of time, effort and anxiety when I was coping with the KS 8 situation and making inquiries at this forum. I now wonder if the under performance of the OPN 1 (a RIE model, to be technically correct) was due to partial blockage of the wax filters.

Anyway, because of the tiny wax guards and ‘bad’ replacement tool that came with it KS 8 is definitely not acceptable to me even if it is a good hearing aid. I will explore the two MFI BTE models MDB mentioned: Bernafon Zerena and Resound Forte. Since they cost almost the same I wonder which one is better overall and has a more powerful receiver to provide support for the profound loss on my left ear. Any comments?


All wax guards are similar and replace in the identical manner. Only the tools differ and it is hard to say one is better.


Can you provide any pictures of the tool or wax filter from the KS8. Sounds much more complicated than it should be.


I will try, but this may not be relevant as I am keen to avoid wax guard of any kind because of my excessive ear wax problem. Even with a ‘better’ tool like that of Oticon or Resound I will need to do the changing every few days, which I will accept only if there is no alternative.

I thought the BTE models you mentioned (with the receivers housed behind the ear) will not need wax guards. All I may be required to do is to clean the dome or mold with alcohol soaked pad after every use and clear the vent hole using the thin wire that comes with the Aids.


I think you’re accurate regarding the BTE models.


BTE addresses was differently. One uses a piece of monofilament or wire probe to clear the tube/mold. Tubes are also regularly replaced which gives you a clean restart.


I had a packet of wax guards once. They were so boring that I traded them for an old yellow dog, and then I shot the dog!

Sorry animal lovers, I was just TRYNA make a point about (yet another) obtuse discussion in this thread (with tens of thousands of views) that many rely on for relevant information about Kirkland Signature 8 hearing aids.

Do us and future readers a favor. Start a separate thread for this incessant discussion about wax guards.


I apologize and conclude by saying in my view “Kirkland Signature 8 BTE (RIE) models are not suitable for people with excessive ear wax problem particularly because of the poorly designed removal tool that comes with the aids”.

Hope this was relevant for readers of this forum.



Here’s an Amazon product page: Siemens miniReceiver Wax Guard (10 pack) # 10597971 by Siemens: Health & Personal Care

They’re very similar to the Cerustop “sticks” that I was using with my Phonak Audéo V90s, but they come in a plastic baggie rather than a hard plastic container. I’ve used a pair only once with my newish KS8s, and didn’t find it difficult—but I was familiar with the idea.


Without wishing to prolong this discussion on wax filter the tool I have been given is quite different. I took a picture on my Samsung smart phone, copied it to my desktop but cannot drag and drop it - it says this is not a .jpg file when it is.


You mentioned earlier that you’re using the HP receiver. These take the HF4 Pro wax guard. Use the threaded end of the removal tool to extract the old filter. Use the other end of the tool to pick up and insert a new one. See this video for a demonstration:


Thanks, but I am afraid Costco did not provide this tool with the wax guards.
Can some one please tell me how to upload a picture from my computer to a message here. I can upload as an attachment to email with no problem. It seems not many readers of the forum use Costco BTE with HP-receivers.


Finally got it :smiley:


That tool is from the old Siemens Disposable Wax Protection System. Your HP receivers should be using HF4 Pro as depicted in the video above. I’m not sure if you received the wrong wax guards or if the receivers were ordered with the wrong option. You definitely need to go back to your Costco fitter.


I am glad that I was not complaining without reasons.

Unfortunately this was not an inadvertent mistake by Costco - the fitter guy opened the small plastic box containing the wax guards and this tool and told me how to use it - in theory. I may mention what you suggest when I see him on the 22nd but I do not wish to spend any more time on this KS 8.