Costco Kirkland Signature 6.0

Update 4/8/2015:

• Made for iPhone (MFi) hearing aid with direct audio streaming
• 17 channels, 9 gain handles, 4 flexible programs, 3 streaming programs
• Audiological features similar to ReSound LiNX 9
• Receiver-in-ear (RIE) form factor with 312 battery
• Price: $1799.99/pair
• 5 additional colors: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple


Introduction video:

User Guide and FAQs:

Kirkland Signature Choice for Apple iOS:

Kirkland Signature Choice for Android:


is there any official confirmation that the KS6 is based off the LINX?

Wondering when the details will appear. Still showing KS5 info.

Seems pretty obvious from the Apple relationship that it has to be a version of the Linx. But, we still have to wait for the details of what is or isn’t implemented in the KS6.

Yeh but it doesn’t talk about frequency compression which is what I require

Well we still have to wait for details and pricing. Bits of info are slipping out. 13 size batteries makes one think it is the Model 77. Typically, most of the standard features are there. You can only hope what you need will be on the list of what’s included. It also has been said that there will be two models available and who know just what that entails.

That looks sweet, ordering a pair soon.

Model 77?? Can’t find anything about that on the resound website

Go to the professional tab and find the dispenser brochure for the Linx. Costco blurb mentioned it would be the #13 battery and that would mean the 77 or 88 (HP) series. Streaming puts the #312 at their ragged power edge.

One of the Phonak reportedly will sell for $1349. Could that be why Connect was so willing to sell V90’s as a price match?

That Costco “Breaking News” article is from over a year ago! The Brio they are talking about is based on the older Phonak Audeo Q90 technology minus a few features (Tinnitus management, EchoBlock, and CROS functionality).

Connect Hearing has been currently price matching Costco with the Phonak Audeo Q90 with the complete feature set for $2600 for the pair. Lately they’ve also been willing to upgrade to the latest Phonak Audeo V90 technology, not yet available at Costco, for $200-300 additional. Heck of a deal considering their package typically includes as many as two wireless accessories and batteries for three years at no charge that Costco charges extra for. Most of the other benefits are very similar to the Costco package as well.

I for one am very glad Costco has entered the market as it is driving the competition to charge more reasonable prices. This a good thing for all of us consumers!

I ordered KS5’s yesterday. Figured I would keep them if the KS6 was still not available after the trial period. Costco called me today and said they just got a letter stating the availability of the KS6 and did I want to change my order? I pick up the KS6’s next Thursday (4/9)! I should find out Tuesday what is included in the package. They did say that the price is a few hundred more.

The intro video provides info on the kit contents. The kit does not include the remote like the KS5 kit. So now I have to decide if I will buy the remote and phone clip or save the $ and buy an iphone instead… actually the remote seems redudant anyway if using the smartphone app.

I am new to both hearing aids and this forum [which is a goldmine of info BTW]. After going to an audi and being gobsmacked at the price of aids, [I really had no idea they were the price of a small car], I found out about Costco here and immediately setup a test. I would say the test at Costco was actually better and I was recommended the Bernofon Juna but held off and said my research showed that the KS6 was imminent, they had no idea this was the case [this was mid March]. However the ReSound annual report was pretty clear about the deal so I am glad I waited and if anyone has info about cost, model, features or opinions I am all ear…ok bad joke but really you guys are great

What timing! I have been wearing aids for over 15 years now (I’m 49). I was interested in getting a pair that stream via bluetooth, so I got a Costco membership and have an appointment today. I’ll see what I can find out and will report back. :slight_smile:


From a newbie …
Seems like there still are many issues with the I-Phone linkage to the Linx HAs (e.g., quality of sound during streaming/phone calls; dropping off; settings lost; etc.). Makes one wonder if they ever will be completely resolved in a satisfactory manner.
In terms of primary HA functions/features/quality is the KS6 significantly better than the KS5? That is, is it worth purchasing the KS6 even if the I-Phone linkage features don’t work properly? In that regard, can you disable the I-Phone linkage features entirely so that they can’t interfere with primary HA functions/features/quality?

From what I’ve read, distortion has been a problem with the phone direct units. May have to do with the limited antenna, bandpass filter and amplifiers – called the receiver’s front end. The ability to separate the signal from noise is selectivity. People have remarked that a WiFi setup (same 2.4G area) can cause distortion.

At this point the phone accessory seems the best choice still. Those who want to avoid the intermediate unit will be disappointed or disagree. In favor of the Resound Accessories they don’t require a neck cord and it is a rather small unit on a clip with the added feature of a built-in microphone. Size is similar to a box of matches. The phone clip allows you to leave the phone in your pocket and still make full use of it.

KS5 is a generation (processor) behind the KS6. So there is a difference. How that translates to your success in use is subjective. You are likely to see a difference in limiting noisy environment and better directionality. The later might be seen as better word recognition and the former helping to avoid the annoyances that we see – especially early on – in adjusting to loud clatter in restaurants and such. Fortunately, you get 90 day trials to decide for yourself.

I went to my local Costco today and had my hearing test. My store has an audi and a registered fitter. I had scheduled with the fitter since I had just seen my old audi a few weeks ago and was mostly interested in getting in sooner.

I really liked her and was pleased with the hearing test. She was not aware of the KS6’s coming out, so we ordered a set of KS5’s for me. I pick them up Monday. If the KS6 comes out I will probably try them, but these Oticon’s I’ve been wearing are just not the correct aids for me (no programs or changes I can make at all - they’re either on or off) and I’m anxious to get back to something with multiple programs. I’m going to pick up the phone clip to start, and will decide whether I want the TV streamer after I wear them a while.

I’m an Android guy, so the iPhone direct link isn’t a selling point for me (and it appears from the above posts it may have some issues). I am pretty excited to get these aids. I’ve been lusting after them for a while. :slight_smile:


So the 6.0 is $100 cheaper?? Holy cow!!

That makes it not coming with a remote not such a big deal, especially if the smart phone app takes care of the remote functions.

My Costco appointment is this Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing what they know/ what they have/ what they recommend me. I’m pretty sure I’m ordering the KS6.


I had heard that the unit will use a #13 battery. That should make it a 962, if the #13 is correct. Be nice if the app shows up soon.