Costco Kirkland Signature 10.0 (Product Information)

I’ve never use a iN device with M or P Aids so can’t be sure but with the added Roger receivers that people attach to older Aids, they say that battery is reduced by roughly half.

I’ve just looked it up and a Roger X draws about 3.2mA so that may be the same for RogerDirect Aids as well but can’t be sure.

I’m guessing that an audiologist could likely place an order for a Roger On iN Not sure when it would show up though. Their webpage now says Available Summer 2021. Be prepared for sticker shock.

I did hear @MDB, the Roger On will be priced around $350? But somehow, I don’t think so! Phonak are not known for being benevolent with their ALD’s, so I won’t be surprised if that sticker reads around $1k…… hopefully I am wrong, $350 is manageable, but $1k is a bit of a stretch. I have one on pre-order, to try out as a loner, once they appear on the market, how it performs, and ultimately, how much it costs, will determine if I buy or not…. I will update, once I get hold of it. Cheers Kev :wink:


I’m guessing sticker $1500-$2000 USD with a good deal being about $1300.

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Yeah @MDB, that would not surprise me in the slightest, your guesstimate might be closer to the markup, and if so, unless it has the wow factor, then they can keep it :rofl: :upside_down_face: :joy: Cheers Kev :wink:

Read about BT LE Audio. It offers one-to-many broadcasting including from your own phone to others. Also a venue can have numerous one-to-many streams, e.g., an airport streaming announcements in different languages. Just like classic BT, the standard should be universally implemented but it will take time for it to be widely available. Since the cost of installation is far less than t-coil and it is far more versatile, it should make t-coil obsolete but old habits die hard. The big catch is will HA OEM’s continue to make proprietary accesories or will they make accessories interoperable by adopting BT LE Audio for those as well???

BT LE Audio should go bigtime because of wearables, e.g., Apple AirPods, but we HA wearers will amply share in the derived benefits.

Set this up as a manual program. That way you will know the aids are in that program. I personally liked using the buttons on the aids to,make adjustments rather than the phone app. Much easier IMHO.

Wow, no thanks. Likely my best approach is used on ebay, probably for the Select iN. Some people on this site seem to feel that you can’t do good business on ebay. I have not found this to be true. I’ve done a lot of business on ebay and see it as like anything else - good and bad players, caveat emptor.

Note: Just a guess. EBay is fine if you know what you’re doing (both knowing the product you’re buying and evaluating the seller)

Yes. I don’t like using the app to change programs, very inconvenient.

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People don’t necessarily realize it, but ebay has a strong bias in favor of buyers. In my experience sellers don’t tend to get away with much if an unhappy buyer puts in a complaint.


Sounds like HA battery drain will be an issue of some unknown amount, no matter what, if I go to a restaurant, spend a couple of hours there, and hope for my HA batteries to last the rest of the day. I can deal with this if the device allows me to hear better while I’m in restaurant.

In looking at the various Roger threads, I see that you have a lot of actual, hands-on experience with the various Roger devices. My choices in iN devices are the Select and the Pen. The Pen is less money by a bit, but this is secondary to getting what will work best for me in my environment. When we are in a restaurant it’s almost with never more than six people at the table, in opposing rows or in a circle. Often it is with four people and sometimes just myself and one other. Almost never a large group. I see that you are in England, so you have a lot of pub-type environments that I can recall as being pretty raucous (and fun!!). This is what we have here in the States - not pubs, per se, rather intentional noisiness due to hard, reverberating floors/ceiings/walls. I hate it, but it’s getting to be impossible to find quiet restaurants that are amenable to conversation. Do you have a preference for the Pen versus the Select in these sorts of situations, with the number of people I spend time with? I also want to use the device that I get as a TV streamer, so any differences factor-in, but this is secondary to the basic problem.

Especially if you went for the more expensive Select, since the Roger devices have a finite battery lifespan, getting a Phonak TV streamer, too, for ~$100, might be a good investment.


I have a Roger Select and a Roger Pen. The Select is good for around 6 people and then I link the Pen to the Select and have 1 x person wear it.

Putting the Pen on the table, it won’t work when linked to the Select. Phonak have done that so you have to buy the Table Mic.

BUT having 1 x person wear the Pen at the same time as using the Select on the table, will work.


So I ordered the Roger Select iN. I have install instructions. Tell me, did you have to have anything done with your HAs in order to make them ready, or are they ready w/o involvement from a fitter? If I need something turned on by a fitter I’d better make an appointment now, as things are really backed-up at my Costco HA department.

FWIW - Got my Noahlink yesterday. Tinnitus Masking was enabled in Target 7.1. I turned it on for a few minutes to make sure, played with the settings. I didn’t try to save it, though

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I really don’t understand why Roger devices are this complicated. You would think it would be as easy as the TV Connector, but all of this Receiver Licenses and extra steps seems completely unnecessary

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Assuming the Roger Select iN has both receivers, you should be able to get working on your own. Costco won’t touch it.

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I didn’t think Costco supported Roger either.
But was not sure since the KS10 aids came out.

Just looked at the Costco Hearing Center website. No mention of Roger devices.
It can be done but not by Costco at this time.

Thanks. I bought a unit with two licenses so there should be no problem.