COSTCO K9 initial fitting

Going to pick up My K9 hearing aids today. I’m not a technology guy and after the test I ask about programs and such and the fitter said I should only need the Automatic program. I’ve had the K5 aids since 2014 and really had a hard time finding a fitter that seemed to know, what I would say was competent. Any suggestions on what I can do to help this process go better. I’ve done a lot of reading on here but just need some basic advice. Thanks you any advice you can give.

Hi calinva27,

A few points below, I’m sure others will add advice:

  1. Make sure you are having Real Ear Measurement (REM). This makes sure you are getting correct amplification coming from your hearing aid. A standard Costco fitting should do this.

  2. Despite what they have said about the Automatic program, if you really want something individual - like a music or quiet program, insist upon it. The Phonak Target, or other set up program should do this by default, so it’s no skin off their nose.

  3. At the very least the hearing aids should sound better, if not much better than aids from 7 years ago. If they do not, then alarm bells should ring.

  4. After the fitting, do a quick check around the Costco warehouse to check ambient sounds etc Make sure it is comfortable and nothing is over loud.

  5. Do not expect to have everything sorted in your first fit. If you are not happy, book a 2nd fit and go back and have adjustments done.

  6. Your hearing aids should not whistle, even on your first fit.

This thread is overwhelming but the initial post from Rasmus is exactly what you need to understand.

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I got my KS9’s on the 15th of January, I’m going back on the 29th for a follow up appointment just because I need to make some adjustments I can’t make myself since I don’t have a Noahlink. Few things to note.

Audiologist / Hearing Instrument Specialist should always be doing REM. They have an Aurical Freefit, HIT Box, and Otoscope around their desks for a reason.

The “Automatic” program is great for most situations, but in the event that it isn’t, you can customize your hearing aids in certain situations and save those settings. When you go back to the Costco on your next fitting, you can explain to them what changes you’ve been making and they can adjust the automatic programming / create a specific custom program that would be tweaked just a little bit more than what you have created.

In terms of finding a fitter, and especially in Costco’s case, it really depends from store to store. As far as I know, the KS9’s are sold as unlocked devices, meaning if you are not satisfied with the quality of care at Costco, you can look around at audiologists in your area. Do bear in mind though, some may out right refuse to help you if you do not buy product from them.

Thank you for the info, heading in now.

When you start wearing them, take notes - anything good or bad, note the situation, what you heard, what you were supposed to hear, what environmental sounds messed it up, what was the environment, with whom you were speaking (known or unknown person), from which directions came which sounds, the more details, the better. Try to notice if there are specific vocals in speech you didn’t catch, or other sounds that sound weird.

Reason to notice good stuff is to be aware if after adjustments for the correcting of the bad you’ll report, previously good go worse, then you’ll know exactly what changed and not rely on memory or feeling. Because, chances are they’re false :joy:

Fitting is a collaborative work of you and your fitter. His task is to decipher your complaints, your job is to be as precise as possible and test in many situations, but also, don’t forget to train your brain intentionally - like with audiobooks and such, where you’re focused on listening and comprehension. And not just focus on testing aids in everyday situations. That also is a training, but direct streaming is a game changer if you didn’t have it before, and every month you intentionally train, you’ll notice general improvements how your brain is getting better with them. Wear them 8+ hours a day, stream from your phone, tv (ideally, using tv connector), and push that brain to squeeze the most out of them. They’re great aids :slight_smile:

And obligatory c/p:

If you haven’t already, I suggest getting some basics through these two sources

best practices summarised by dr cliff

And they have article about listening in noise, also recommended to read.

Both sources have youtube channel if you like that media instead.

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I would like to thank all of you that responded to my post. The information that was given not only helped in my initial fitting but will also help in my follow up appointment in 2 weeks. So far to say I’m happy with the new K9’s would be an understatement. Having gone 7 years before getting these and working within a fairly narrow budget I’m satisfied that I got more than my money’s worth.


That’s great news.
Don’t forget that you have 6 months to make your final decision.
The soon to arrive KS10 hearing aids might be worth trading to.

I’m happy you had a great fitting experience! If you have any questions about the KS9 or using the Easy Line Remote App or the MyPhonak app, feel free to ask!

Original version of those, here in Germany is (still) sold for around 2500-2700 eur a piece.
If I’m not mistaken, you got your pair for 1500 usd, right? :smiley:
I can’t think of any other aid that gives that much bang for a buck :smiley:

In the United States, all Costco hearing aids are locked and can only be programmed by Costco. This may be different in other countries. However, you can go to another Costco. Like in real life, the audio technicians are not all equal. I use the Senior audio tech at a Costco that I drive an additional 15 miles to get to, past the one closest to me. Also, the word is, that Costco will be offering online programming to their customers this year due to COVID-19.

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No this is not true at all, please use the search button from right here on hearingtracker or uncle Google before posting comments like this.


I believe the only Costco HA’s that are locked are the Resounds.

Hate to burst your bubble, not not all of them are locked. The KS9’s were sold to me unlocked, we’ve also had confirmation from several others in the US / Canada who have confirmed this as well. I verified this with a friend of mine who has their clinic. They were able to connect with Phonak Target and make adjustments. They redid my REM and changed a few settings so I just go to them from now on.

In my experience, 3 audiologist, with current Resound software could not access my Costco Resounds. They commented that they would probably be locked and they were. However, this may not be true of all Costco hearing aids but it’s seems to be that audiologist outside of Costco feel that they generally are locked. Also, have been told this by the Costco audio technician. So there may be a way to access them but it is not common knowledge to all audiologist.

Costco’s Resound and Phillips hearing aids are locked. Rexton and Phonak are not.

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