Costco Canada KS9 & Brio 4 - Roger?

That sounds like a good way to do it. If you go through a place that deals with schools you probably got the type-2 receivers that enable all the roger stuff.

I’ve just been reading through the Roger Select In user manual, and noticed that it’s base station can be connected to suitably compatible TV via TosLink or analog cable effectively making it a TV Connector and eliminating the need to have a dedicated TV connector device. Does anyone have experience of this? I’m really considering the Select In for the main reasons listed above, that you don’t need to buy 2 of the Roger X’s and the Installer in order to activate the Roger Direct in the aids that it can be done directly from the Select In.

It works, but several facts:

Select has micro usb, which is known to be of pathetic quality for bunch of plugging in (micro usb per se), so keep that in mind. Especially if you need select daily for meetings plus evenings for streaming. Also, don’t know if select will be charged while docked, not sure, didn’t pay attention, maybe it says in the manual? Since it uses microusb for sound transfer, and select has only one port, usb one.

Yes, you have to charge it, however, I find less anxious when I’m using able than with docks, since I can clearly see the hole when cable charging, but that’s just me,

Second, HAs have roger program for all roger mics and their usage vs 2 streaming ones (music and speech) which it utilises whenever streaming something (bt media or tv connector).
If you have need for different setup (be it gain, noise cancelling, ha mic setup) when you use mic vs when you stream, I’d definitely encourage using tv connector for streaming, so that your mic program stays for mic situations.

So, be aware, test and see what suits you.

I have both. Tv connector has own volume on itself, always on, usb powered through tv, HAs on manual. So I switch when i want to listen, works like a charm.
Select has own case and is ready to go. Eg chance of forgetting to bring it with me is lower than if I’d use it as tv connector as well. Again, me and my convenience.

According to the manual, and keep in mind I’m referring to the Select IN, not plain Select, the docking station has an optical connection to the TV… so audio is not via USB. The dock get plugged into power via the USB, so I can only assume it charges… would make sense.

OK, I’m further confused. Isn’t the Select iN device effectively a table mic? Why would you need to purchase one?

The Table Mic appears to be oriented more towards business use, with some additional features such as being able to link several together for increased coverage, like at a large conference table with lots of people vs. the Select being aimed more at a smaller personal group setting such as a dinner table. I’m sure the price point for the Table Mic reflects this additional functionality too… from what I’ve seen Roger is certainly expensive!

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Table Mic copes with a lot more people where’s the Select can cope with 6 people at most (in terms of Mics etc).

@tysoncooper99 @Zebras

I am talking about dock itself all the time. I have select iN, remember :slight_smile:

Select itself only has micro usb as input, no other holes.

If you put it in dock, you effectively don’t see if you’re hitting it right or not, that’s why I prefer charging it with ordinary cable. Not to mention that usb part stands alone in the air, in the middle of that dock. My first thoughts were - ok, abandon this, looks too fragile. I didn’t test the fragility though :joy:

In order to use dock as a way to connect to tv connector, yes dock has tos link connection but select itself only has micro usb, and connection between dock and select is done via that micro usb.

Also, I’d say that select can cope with whichever amount of people can you cram around one table and they don’t speak at the same time. Focusing on just one discussion out of several isn’t that great as it may look from advertising (eg I’ll hear myself all the time, it will just be quieter). Which isn’t weird, since sound goes everywhere.
But select tries, whereas if I understood correctly, table mic doesn’t, eg it’s just expected that people speak in turns. But you can network bunch of table mics, whilst select nope (if you want them to stay in table mode).

Of course… I didn’t think of that!

BTW… anyone know the approximate USD new retail price of the Roger Select IN? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

It can vary tremendously. I’ve seen from as low as $1100 to $2000 or so. Buying a non iN Select and 2 Roger X receivers NEW is likely a minimum of $1600. Used you could likely get under $1000.

Select does work OK as a TV connector - I don’t use it that way but I did test it out and it was OK. I’m pretty sure all the Roger stuff - that has a charging base - pen & clip-on mic- works the same way and they all can double as a TV connector. I paid $1250 for the Select IN but have seen it for less. Beware of used ones, they might not still have the receivers.

Hi all, I’m reviving this thread because it’s only very recently that I was able to travel and see my father in person to finally get his HA’s set up with the Select In microphone. I found a new one on eBay purporting to have both licenses/receivers. This was last December. It sat in the box until now. My father has the Kirkland Brio 4 ITE model HAs… which are Phonak Direct capable. BUT… I cannot get them to pair with the Select In. I’m wondering if I bought a “too good to be true” deal, and in fact the licenses had already been taken from it?

When I press the tiny little install button with the tool provided, the little LED on the bottom flashes Green 2 times… which according to the instructions means there are 2 receivers. However, I’m wondering if I’m interpreting this incorrectly… a s in it mean the 2 receivers have already been transferred … rather than 2 AVAILABLE to be transferred? See attached … from the datasheet that was in the box… a short press of the install button shows one of 3 situations, and my Select In blinks green 2x… the top option:

Is it the Phonak Brio 4 ITE 10 battery? I believe that is not wireless so the Roger won’t work?

Just researched on Google. I think the Brio 4 aids needs a firmware update before RogerDirect will work from looking at threads on this forum.

Hmmm, they were purchased a few months after that date, so I would think they would already have the latest firmware. Also, my Dad already lost one, which has been replaced so it would be even newer. He does use Bluetooth with his mobile, and the myPhonak app, so if that is indicative of the latest firmware then these should be good to go.

I would be pretty surprised if an ITE were Roger iN compatible. I’ve been mistaken before, but if indeed you have Brio 4 ITE (and not BTE) I’d confirm that they indeed are Roger compatible.

Hi, definitely ITE… and I’m 99% sure they are the Brio 4 I-312 model (need to ask my Dad)… which is supposed to have everything.

Agreed if it’s Brio 4 I-312 it should work. Confirming that they have up to date firmware is decent idea. I agree with your interpretation of the 2 green lights to mean the receivers really were included.

Don’t the licenses have to be transferred to the aids?

Exactly :wink: But that is what appears to not be working… but it could be I’m doing something wrong. Not sure what though.