Connexx 8.5.1


Generally, I don’t like to leave things running. Particularly things that go out to the internet all on their lonesome. If I’m in some programs all the time (like this here Firefox which I could also turn off) then fine.
But yes, I’m aware that there’s an updater program that can stay running. It has settings even then for checking but again I shut it off after a reboot. Why leave it running if it’s still not checking? No point in wasting the RAM and processing.
Thanks pvc.



My Rexton Connexx is also on, but Signia is 8.5



I am not sure how it decides what to upgrade, but I do not have the Rexton database, just the Signia one. Maybe it sees that. So, I do not see Rexton nor Kirkland HA’s. I wonder if more than one database can be supported in Connnexx.

I do know the updates were to support the Streamline MIC and to allow firmware updates using Noahlink Wireless. This was necessary because of the new rechargeable batteries with no contacts for wired connection.



Scroll down to the Connexx: paragraph in the lower section of;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]



I currently have strange behaviour of my Connect update manager.
It does not want to give me version 8.5.1 … it still says 8.5.0 would be up to date.
In the meantime i manually installed 8.5.1, but even though that really runs ok and reports to be 8.5.1
the update manager still says it would be 8.5.0 and would be up to date.

Anybody else with this behaviour?




That’s normal behavior. It is simply showing you which updates were installed. In my case the last installed update was (Update Manager 18.5.1). Click the image to see a larger version. You can also turn that on/off in the settings. btw> I added 8.5.1 to;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY].



Thanks for the clarification. This explains why the update manager still shows 8.5.0.
But I thought the update
manager would always give me the really latest
So, you currently won’t get 8.5.1 even though it’s
not really a new major version through updates?



You said you installed 8.5.1 via download, not with the update manager. That would make your Connexx version = 8.5.1 but you update manager would still point to whatever updates it loaded last. You need to decouple Connexx-Up-to-date and Update-Manager-Last-update.

In my case (Update Manager 18.5.1) was the last Update Manager event. But outside of the Update manager I installed Connexx8.5.1 so my Update Manager has no recollection about Connexx being updated. It only remembers updating itself.



Ok, i see. But what i wonder why one does not get 8.5.1 currently via the update-manager.

Is there any reason or would it just have needed a few more days to wait until 8.5.1 would
have been distributed via the update-manager?
Or are there always some versions the update-manager does not provide?



Where did it say you only had version 8.5?
Was it here at Connexx 8 / Help / Info about Connexx?




Yes, and in the info splash window on every startup of connexx.



Oh, then I dunno why it didn’t go get 8.5.1 for you?



My splash screen is the same as @pvc’s



Maybe the Update Manager is working as intended, here’s why;

It was a minor release. If I were a software manager I would not want to push a minor release out to the entire community. That way if the minor release happened to have a software bug, it could be contained and fixed before the entire community was affected.

So I think that the Update Manager is likely intentionally setup to not automatically download and install each minor release.



@pvc, when you are in Connexx 8 software and have made changes: when you click “save” is it saved locally on your hard drive or is it being saved in a central database at Connexx? Is this what would be visible when I go back to Costco? I did notice, even though I hadn’t entered an audiogram, it showed me the one I had done at Costco.



I know you addressed this to pvc, and maybe you don’t want to hear from me :slight_smile: , but when you save, it saves locally. As for your audiogram, maybe it saves in the aids as some do. I seem to recall that the KS7 did not.



Thanks for the response. I am starting to make a lot of changes. Do you know if when I try to restore, it gives me a choice of the original setting that I saved, or only the latest.



I made a different client for the original. Then I made a different client for all my fiddling. In each client, you have the list of sessions. It’s these sessions that you can go back and forth testing different things. Or back to another client and open its different sessions.



You would have to jump through hoops, including opening an account to save anything to the cloud.

The audiogram came from the settings saved inside your hearing aids. Some (not all) fitting software save a copy of the audiogram along with the hearing aids settings.



Ok, I’m getting braver. I made many program changes today and though the changes and the names are installed properly (I verified this by doing a new user where I read in the aids), the names somehow are not accepted by the Connexx app on my S8. I unpaired and repaired the aids, no help. It seems I have a choice of problems: when I do the re-pair of the aids the program names are correct but I am no longer able to individually control the volume. If I delete the Connexx app and reload it. My volume control comes back but now the program names are back to the original names, although the function of the programs are the new one (i.e. the changes I made today). I enven tried to edit the names but it didn’t permanently fix my problem.