Cochlear Nucleus 8

N8 already available in the UK.

Comes with covers to pimp up. The N5/N6 had covers but the N7 didn’t.

This is being issued on the NHS.


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Fuck the US FDA. they are taking their time there! I want more info but i’m limited by FDA block on marketing of the product…

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So is Australia, the N8 still hasn’t got full approval for upgrades. They hope to have it cleared by the FDA by March 2023. Also no marketing allowed here either. So I’m waiting impatiently.

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Just went to my surgeon for authorization for when it becomes available for my up cochlear can’t send her the paperwork till the N8 is available and was told they are waiting any day and hope to be October this month after hearing this not so sure now and I could get N7 and exchange but guy even said if its more then 90 days I be stuck with N7 no way so will have to wait grrr

Zebras do you know what phones are compatible being you have it?


Unfortunately it’s not me. It’s someone who goes to my Deaf Centre. I can try and ask.


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Thank you! I am patiently waiting for new phone I read someone got a Samsung ultra and it wasn’t good and it shows it was compatible with the N7 although I didn’t see it on the list but guy at cochlear said its suppose to be so when I told hi I read someone with the N8 said no it dont work said all the more reason to wait and make sure why they make this so much harder

ugh, really wtf… i thought it was sooner than that…

They haven’t finished the firmware for the sound processor? Wow, yet they released it… I sure hope they don’t find any bug in the backend of n8.

I read something about people getting new implants will get the N8 this year while people getting processor updates will get the N8 next year.


The person who I met with the N8, has upgraded from the N5 but we are in the UK so might have different rules.

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Thats why I better wait till US releases it

Being I have trouble with Kanso 1 falling off too easy wear a hair clip under hair helps alot plus I have the strongest magnet which my audiologist does not like and do wear a soft pad so my audiologist and surgeon will put in for this and push for me to get as soon as its available so am hoping I don’t wait till 2023

That’s in Australia…

Some advertising showed up on Facebook for the N8. Link to the website doesn’t work at the time of posting though. :thinking:

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they took it down … :frowning:

Its exciting to at least see it was so excited to open link damm :frowning: but it’s definitely quite a bit smaller then the N5 i have Kanso 1 my N5 broke a few years ago can’t wait for the N8 dont like kanso at all

Yea see they took it down really what’s the big deal here

US FDA doesn’t allow marketing the product until it gets PMA

Someone posted N8 is on you tube so I checked yep sure is don’t tell you much but it’s being advertised finally